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The Serial Squadron presents

15 Chapters
HD Blu-Ray

A new HD digital transfer in glorious black and white from a near-perfect original print

Lois Hall, John Merton
Directed by Spencer Bennet

Galahad (Reeves), wishing to be accepted at King Arthur's round table, and fellow knights fight a Saxon invasion led by Ulric (John Merton), and a would-be usurper, the Black Knight, who wants to depose Arthur and rule Camelot. Sorceress Morgan LeFay helps Galahad counter Merlin's magic and try to recover stolen Excalibur. Charles King as the warm-hearted Sir Bors aids Galahad throughout the story even when his loyalty is doubted by the King.

Includes plenty of swordplay, fist-fighting and magic as the Lady of the Lake, Morgan, and Merlin are all characters with powers of sorcery and lurk about the Enchanted Forest.

An ambitious 1949 serial shot on existing Columbia castle sets which was one of only two serials ever set in medieval times. Undoubtedly planned as a vehicle for Prince Valiant, that hero's friend was moved up to the lead role, possibly when Valiant was optioned as a feature film which appeared 6 years later.

This highly enjoyable serial, surprisingly low on the silly factor and high on action, is of highest interest to fans of George Reeves as it showcases the 35 year old actor in a lead role two years before he was cast as television's first Superman and appeared in the feature
Superman and the Mole Men as a tryout for the part.

state-of-the-art HD digital transfer -- Sharp as a tack!

Transfer Quality: Superb, from an original print. Very sharp. Check the video sample above which is necessarily reduced in quality for presentation on the web.

Contents: 15 two-reel episodes, 1280 x 720p HD, all on one 25gb region-free Blu-Ray disk. Playable in all Blu-Ray players.

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