Man of Might (Vitagraph, 15 Chapters)
William Duncan, Joe Ryan D: William Duncan
The devious Scarface kills Polly Ransome’s father for one of six parts of a flag which when assembled will reveal the location of a treasure.

The Lightning Raider (Astra/Pathé, 15 Chapters) DVD (Scene)
Pearl White, Warner Oland, Henry G. Sell D: George B. Seitz
The charming and slightly mad master thief known as the Lightning Raider engages in a cheerful but deadly competition with Wu Fang, leader of the Asian underground, over valuable antiquities. A unique serial in which both leading characters operate entirely outside the law.

The Terror of the Range (Astra/Pathé, 7 Chapters) George Larkin, Betty Compson D: Stuart Paton
A mysterious bandit wearing a wolf’s-head disguise terrorizes Western towns and is challenged by government agents.

The Master Mystery ✦✦✦ (Rolfe/Octagon, 15 Chapters) DVD / Book
Harry Houdini, Marguerite Marsh D: Burton King
Agent Quentin Locke investigates a patent withholding scam and ends up struggling to escape deathtraps set for him by the Automaton, an apparent living robot.

The Red Glove (Universal, 18 Chapters)
Marie Walcamp, Pat O’Malley D: J. P. McGowan
The Vulture and his gang storm the Blue Chip Ranch.

The Carter Case (Oliver, 15 Chapters)
Herbert Rawlinson, Marguerite Marsh D: D. McKenzie, W. Haddock
Scientific detective Craig Kennedy’s investigation of the death of the owner of a chemical plant and inventor of an invisibility formula leads him to a super-villain called Avion who wants to create silent engines and invisible planes.

The Tiger's Trail (Astra/Pathé, 15 Chapters)
Ruth Roland, George Larkin D: Robert Ellis, Paul Hurst
Bandit Bull Shotwell and the hideously disfigured “Tiger Face” and his cutthroat gang try to deprive Belle Boyd of a valuable mine she is to inherit. Selig zoo animals and Hindu mysticism were also worked into the story.

5-7 The Masked Rider ✦✦✦✦ (Shamrock/Arrow, 15 Chapters) DVD
Harry Myers, Ruth Stonehouse D: Aubrey Kennedy
The murder of a Texas ranch owner and subsequent torture of Pancho, master of a Mexican hacienda, inflame a border country conflict to deadly proportions. From the inferno emerges the mysterious, faceless avenger, the Masked Rider, the first major masked Western character of the movies. But whose side is he—or she—really on? Pancho’s daughter Juanita and his traitorous lieutenant Santas know. Shot entirely on location in San Antonio at the Shamrock studio and in Mexico. A strong cast included pioneering film director Ruth Stonehouse and original serial villain Paul Panzer. Boris Karloff’s first existing screen appearance is a bit part in Episode 2.

The Perils of Thunder Mountain (American Lifeograph, 15 Ch.)
Antonio Moreno, Carol Holloway D: Robert Bradbury, W. J. Burman
Two cousins inherit a gold mine and one tries to eliminate the other, resulting in battles in a snowy blizzard and the hero being tied to a log being fed to a blade in a sawmill.

Elmo, the Mighty (Elmo I) (Great Western, 18 Chapters) Elmo Lincoln, Grace Cunard D: Henry MacRae
Forest ranger Howard Armstrong and a battlefield nurse Lucille Gray are aided in their fight against a crooked timber syndicate by the mysterious black-cloaked motorcycle rider known as “The Phantom Menace of Mad Mountain.”

The Great Gamble (Western/Pathé, 15 Chapters)
Charles Hutchison, Anne Luther D: Joseph Golden
Stunt man Hutchison becomes embroiled in an identical-twin substitution scheme.

The Mystery of 13 (Burston, 15 Chapters)
Francis Ford, Rosemary Theby D: Francis Ford
Men in black hoods and numbered cloaks pursue the Central American treasure located by Phil Kelly and his murdered brother.

Smashing Barriers (Vitagraph, 15 Chapters)
William Duncan, Edith Johnson D: William Duncan
Dan Stevens, taunted by his father, heads West and takes a job at a logging camp and helps protect pretty Helen Cole when a ruthless gang led by corrupt foreman "Wirenail" Hedges kidnaps her in the attempt to control the camp and related oil well.

The Midnight Man (Universal, 18 Chapters)
James Corbett, Kathleen O'Connor D: James W. Horne
Boxer Gentleman Jim Corbett in a high-society crime melodrama.

The Great Radium Mystery (Universal, 18 Chapters)
Cleo Madison, Robert Reeves, E. Sedgwick D: Robert Broadwell, Robert F. Hill
Desperate foreigners, including a corrupt Countess, with a large, seemingly unstoppable tank at their disposal attempt to steal a cache of radium and a young heiress's fortune. Government agents and Countess Nada try to stop them.

Lightning Bryce ✦✦✦ (National, 15 Chapters)
Jack Hoxie, Ann Little D: Paul C. Hurst
Before their deaths, two prospectors discover Indian gold, then write its location on twine they have wrapped around a knife. One prospector's daughter winds up with the string and the other prospector's son the knife. Powder Solvang wants both parts and is willing to pursue the owners from Los Angeles to New York to try and get them.

The Trail of the Octopus ✦✦✦+ (Hallmark, 15 Chapters) DVD
Ben Wilson, Neva Gerber D: Ben Wilson
Seven daggers, when inserted into a cliffside cave wall, will reveal the ancient magic talisman called The Devil’s Trademark. Detective Carter Holmes tries to prevent the valuable artifact from falling into the hands of Asian mastermind Wang Foo or the mysterious masked Monsieur X. A surreal concoction of images and special effects inspired by other popular occult-oriented and exotic adventure serials of the era.

Bound and Gagged (Astra/Pathé, 10 Chapters)
George B. Seitz, Marguerite Courtot D: George B. Seitz
Archie Barlow, a wealthy do-nothing, is dumped by his fiancée for an impoverished poet and decides to take a six month trip around the world. He finds a valuable document important to the captors of a South American princess, rescues her, and is pursued across the globe by her former captors.

The Black Secret (Seitz/Pathé, 15 Chapters)
Pearl White, Walter McGrail D: George B. Seitz
A U.S. code-breaker who suspects her superior is in league with the enemy teams up with a British escapee from a German concentration camp to recapture a military secret.

The Lurking Peril (Wistaria/Arrow/Unity, 15 Ch.)
George Britt, Ann Luther D: George Morgan
Donald Britt goes on the run from a deranged, impatient professor to whom he impetuously sold the rights to his "unusual" brain should he die. His sweetheart gets caught in the furious rush toward dissection.

The Fatal Fortune (SLK, 15 Chapters)
Helen Holmes, Jack Levering D: Donald McKenzie
There's treasure on Devil's Isle in the South Seas and a girl reporter goes to investigate, but needs the help of a WWI aviator to keep it from the clutches of the "Faceless Terror."

The Adventures of Ruth (Astra/Pathé, 15 Chapters)
Ruth Roland, Thomas Lingham D: George Marshall
Ruth Robin employs disguises and follows the instructions that accompany thirteen message keys to prevent LaFarge, the chief of the mysterious Order of Thirteen, and malevolent Countess Zirka, from beating her to the treasure that is her birthright.

The Lion Man (Universal, 18 Chapters)
Jack Perrin, Kathleen O'Connor D: Albert Russell, J. Wells
A man wearing a mountain lion mask and dark cowboy attire helps a reporter and a mining engineer thwart crooks who hope to take over the valuable property of the owner of a society circus.


The Lost City of the African Jungles (Warner Bros, 15 Chapters) DVD
George Chesebro, Juanita Hansen D: E. A. Martin
In Africa, an aviator and his Irish pal rescue a disguised young woman from a cruel slaver and his wild-animal deathtraps and she turns out to be the lost princess of a secret city. Feature version and Serial Squadron DVD entitled
The Jungle Princess.

The $1,000,000 Dollar Reward (Grossman, 15 Chapters)
Lilian Worth, Charles Middleton D: George Lessey
A gang of crooks plans to kidnap Betty Thorndyke, heir to the largest diamond mine in Africa, while a ruthless stockholder in the mine plots to do away with her to increase his own holdings.

The Invisible Hand (Vitagraph, 15 Chapters)
Antonio Moreno, Pauline Curley D: William Bowman
The Secret Service hires "analytical detective" John Sharpe and Violet "X" Ray to wipe out a dangerous band of gold shipment thieves led by a madman called The Iron Hand.

The Hawk's Trail (Burston, 15 Chapters)
King Baggot, Grace Darmond D: W. S. Van Dyke
Sheldon Steele, aka "The Hawk," a criminologist and master of disguise, attempts to save the estate of two sisters from master criminal Iron Dugan, who killed the girls’ father.

The Whirlwind (Allgood, 15 Chapters)
Charles Hutchison D: Joseph Golden
An expert motorcyclist rescues a woman from a bolting horse and a jealous crook wants to see him killed.

1-22 A Woman in Grey ✦✦✦ (Serico, 15 Chapters)
Arline Pretty, Henry G. Sell D: James Vincent
A complicated mystery involving the death of a housekeeper, a coded secret message and the revelation of true identities, with cliffhangers.

The Fatal Sign (Arrow, 14 Chapters)
Claire Anderson, Harry Carter D: Stuart Paton
Devil Inge, aka “The Rat,” and a dangerous gang of criminals persecute a family, but unwisely run up against a famous criminologist.

Elmo the Fearless (II) (Great Western, 18 Chapters)
Elmo Lincoln, Louise Lorraine D: J. P. McGowan
A mysterious lumberjack known as The Stranger and his dog must help Edith Stillwell and her father reach their gold mine before their father's crooked lawyer claims it for himself or they end up as victims of a shipboard mutiny.

Daredevil Jack (Astra/Pathé, 15 Chapters)
Jack Dempsey, Josie Sedgwick D: W. S. Van Dyke
Two bracelets, when joined, will reveal the location of a vast oil reserve discovered by Glory Billlings’ father. College athlete Jack Derry helps Glory, the owner of one bracelet, follow clues and battle schemers led by James Meeney, who has the other.

The Screaming Shadow (Hallmark, 15 Chapters)
Ben Wilson, Neva Gerber D: Duke Worne
Scientist John Rand battles a pair of criminals who graft monkey glands onto humans and force the ape-men to do their bidding.

Trailed By Three (Pathé, 15 Chapters)
Frances Mann, Wilfred Lytell D: Perry Vekroff
A missionary’s daughter accompanies an island chieftain to America to help him sell valuable pearls for enough money to save his people from a man attempting to subjugate them. “A jewel-chase that led over the seven seas and across a continent; desperate robbers invading the realm of high-society in New York, rough riding bandits on the plains, malevolent “Chinks” in Frisco’s Chinatown, savages in the South Sea islands and terrible Turks in Constantinople.”

The Silent Avenger (Vitagraph, 15 Chapters)
William Duncan, Edith Johnson D: William Duncan
“The man they could not beat” braves flames, knives, guns, and escapes numerous elaborate deathtraps designed to destroy him, cheating death over and over again.

The Moon Riders (Wharton/Universal, 18 Chapters)
Art Acord, Mildred Moore D: B. R. Eason, A. Russell
Cowboy Buck Ravelle has to contend with a band of outlaws and a lost, skull-masked Indian tribe to recover a fantastic treasure.

The Evil Eye (Ascher/Hallmark, 15 Chapters)
Benny Leonard, Ruth Dwyer, Leslie King D: Wally Van, J. G. Cooper
Bank messenger Frank Armstrong protects his employer from crooks led by the freakish Money Spider, who blinds all who cross him.

The Son of Tarzan (Tarzan I) (National, 15 Chapters)
Kamuela Searle, Manilla Martan D: Harry Revier, A. Floren
Tarzan’s enemy Ivan Paulovitch kidnaps Tarzan’s son and takes him to Africa, where he and Tarzan’s ape friend Akut escape and rescue Meriem, the adoptive daughter of an abusive sheikh. Leading man Kamuela Searle was seriously injured when shooting a scene in which he was tied to a pole being carried by an elephant, and replaced during shooting by another actor.

5-23 The Third Eye (Pathé, 15 Chapters)
Eileen Percy, Jack Mower, Warner Oland D: L. Gasnier, J. W. Horne
A criminal infatuated with Rita, a pretty actress attempts to frame her by faking his own murder in a movie studio, and motion picture film found by police appears to show the girl committing the crime. Certain dangerous men, to serve their own ends, seek to fasten the crime upon the girl, while her friend Dick does his best to save her.

The Vanishing Dagger (Universal, 18 Chapters) Eddie Polo, Thelma Percy D: Eddie Polo, Edward Kull
Hypnotist Prince Narr of Numidia vows revenge on the Latimer family when a girl’s father refuses permission for him to marry his daughter and he is subsequently presented with a jeweled dagger with which a murder is committed.

The Invisible Ray (Frohman, 15 Chapters)
Ruth Clifford, Jack Sherrill D: Harry Pollard “Mystery,” owner of one of two keys to a box containing a powerful meteorite fragment and secret of a fatal ray, faces death at the hands of the Crime Creators. The owner of the other key, Jack Stone, son of a professor who was friend to Mystery's father, takes on the criminals in the attempt to rescue her, and a female mystic and cloaked mystery man both also figure into the story.

The Branded Four (Select, 15 Chapters)
Ben Wilson, Neva Gerber D: Duke Worne
Four brands on four daughters of a wealthy eccentric materialize years after his death and are they keys to a fortune in gold ingots. Detective A.B.C. “Alphabet” Drake tries to prevent a villainous lawyer from getting the four women in the same place.

Pirate Gold (Pathé, 10 Chapters)
George B. Seitz, Marguerite Courtot D: George B. Seitz
Ivanhoe Tuttle, a forerunner of Walter Mitty, daydreams of pirates and knights but finds himself fighting real villains in a search for treasure.

The Dragon's Net (Universal, 12 Chapters)
Harlan Tucker, Marie Walcamp D: Henry MacRae
Adventurer Harlan Keeler goes to Tibet to try to recover a golden talisman which, when assembled with others, will reveal the secret of immortality.

8-29 Ruth of the Rockies (Ruth Roland/Pathé, 15 Chapters)
Ruth Roland, Herbert Heyes D: George Marshall
Ruth is chased from Manhattan to the Rocky Mountains by crooks who want her trunk full of diamonds.

The Mystery Mind (Supreme, 15 Chapters) DVD / Book
Violet MacMillan, J. Robert Pauline D: Will S. Davis, Fred Stittenham
Violet Bronson, psychic daughter of an explorer, is pursued relentlessly by a trio of crooks seeking clues to the location of the treasure of Atlantis they believe her father discovered. Her hypnotist fiancé tries to protect her from a terrifying array of freakish assassins, including a featureless man called “Phantom Face,” who are all subject to the control of the disembodied voice known as “The Mystery Mind.” The ambitious finale takes place in the temple of the Evil Eye in the South American jungle.

Bride 13 (Fox, 15 Chapters)
Marguerite Clayton, John O’Brien D: Richard Stanton
Pirates of Tripoli kidnap thirteen brides and hold them for ransom.

Vanishing Trails (Canyon, 15 Chapters)
Franklyn Farnum, Mary Anderson D: Leon de la Mothe
Durant, an outlaw, murders a millionaire to obtain his fortune, the secret to which is in a metal tube, and his daughter and “Silent Joe” must venture into the Land of Vanishing Trails to defeat the gang.

Hidden Dangers (Vitagraph, 15 Chapters) Book
Joe Ryan, Jean Paige D: William Bartram
Dr. Brutell, a Jekyll/Hyde-like character who, when possessed by spells, transforms from benevolent scientist to criminal, uses a variety of fantastic scientific and magical super-abilities he has developed, including the “double x-ray” to produce beams of electric power from his hands, walk through walls and commit crimes in conjunction with the hooded Black Circle gang. His frequent assaults on millionaire’s daughter Madeleine Stanton result in a wide variety of deathtraps and cliffhanging action scenes.

The Veiled Mystery (Vitagraph, 15 Chapters)
Pauline Curley, Antonio Moreno D: Frank Grandon
Ruth Sawyer and sweetheart Ralph fight her unscrupulous guardian who wants her fortune and a mysterious veiled figure intervenes.

The Phantom Foe (Pathé, 15 Chapters)
Juanita Hansen, Warner Oland, Wm. Bailey D: Bertram Millhauser
Janet Dale fears that her family’s curse has manifested itself in the form of a mysterious fur-cloaked figure called the Phantom Foe.

Thunderbolt Jack (Berwilla, 10 Chapters)
Jack Hoxie, Marin Sais D: Francis Ford, Murdock McQuarrie
Ruthless Bandit Bull Flint and his gang attempt to wrest the oil-rich Halliday ranch from its rightful owners and Jack Halliday and girlfriend Bess ride out West to fight them.


Fighting Fate (Vitagraph, 15 Chapters)
William Duncan, Edith Johnson D: William Duncan
Ken Lambert, a miner wrongly accused of murder, switches identities with another man and becomes involved in a hunt for treasure, and so does a villain called the Iron Mask.

1-23 Double Adventure (Pathé, 15 Chapters)
Charles Hutchison, Josie Sedgwick D: W. S. Van Dyke
Reporter Bob Cross follows the trail of a criminal called Painter Paul and ends up in jail for the murder of his lookalike’s millionaire father.

2-3 The Purple Riders (Vitagraph, 15 Chapters) Joe Ryan, Elinor Field D: William Bertram
Sheriff Dick Ranger attempts to clear his girlfriend’s brother of a murder charge and apprehend the outlaw gang leader called the Purple Shadow.

The Hope Diamond Mystery ✦✦✦ (Kleine/Kosmik, 15 Chapters) DVD
Grace Darmond, Boris Karloff D: Stuart Paton
The actors in this serial play dual roles and in 16th and 20th century characters based on real and historical figures battle to possess the cursed jewel. Boris Karloff’s character Dakar, the apparent reincarnation of the priest of the cult from which the jewel was stolen, tries to return it to its rightful home. Introduced by the real former Lady Frances Hope, ex-wife of the diamond’s real-life owner. Actor Harry Carter plays three roles; a villain who poses as underworld leader Nang Fu, and Arab chieftain Ghung.

The Avenging Arrow (Pathé, 15 Chapters)
Ruth Roland, Edward Hearn D: William Bowman, W. S. Van Dyke
Ralph Troy protects Anita Delgado who it is feared will be murdered on her twenty-first birthday.

The Diamond Queen (Universal, 18 Chapters)
George Chesebro, Eileen Sedgwick D: Edward Kull
The daughter of the inventor of a diamond-making machine, pursued by racketeers with her detective friend all the way to Africa , is crowned queen of a primitive tribe.

The White Horseman (Universal, 18 Chapters)
Art Acord, Eva Forrestor D: Albert Russell
Western action in an old Indian mine inside a mountain with a moving wall which is its secret entrance.

The Sky Ranger (Seitz/Pathé, 15 Chapters)
George B. Seitz, June Caprice D: George B. Seitz
Dr. Santro attempts to get Professor Elliot’s super-searchlight because he believes it to be a threat to his supersonic airplane.

The Blue Fox (Arrow, 15 Chapters)
Ann Little, J. Morris Foster D: Duke Worne
An Alaska-set cliffhanging adventure centering around the vengeful daughter of an Eskimo woman and a man killed by an Eskimo band and a treasure map inscribed on the skin of a blue fox.

The Great Reward (Burston, 15 Chapters)
Francis Ford, Ella Hall D: Francis Ford
The King of Lyria is attacked by traitors to his realm and loses his memory and an American adventurer who resembles him steps into his role to defend the country.

Do or Die (Universal, 18 Chapters)
Eddie Polo, Magda Lane, J. P. MacGowan D: J. P. McGowan
Jack Merton, a mystery woman, and a villain named Satan engage in cliffhanging action near a castle fortress by the sea.

6-19 The Yellow Arm (Pathé, 15 Chapters)
Marguerite Courtot, Warner Oland D: Bertram Millhauser
Chinese revolutionists terrorize a man whose father married a Chinese princess and try to kidnap his children for their cause.

Miracles of the Jungle (Warner Bros, 15 Chapters)
Ben Hagerty, Irene Wallace D: Jack Conway, E. Martin
When the Secret Service combats Red Fox in Africa, two young women become pawns in a murder investigation. Featured wild animal action scenes involving chimpanzees, elephants and leopards.

The Terror Trail (Universal, 18 Chapters)
George Larkin, Eileen Sedgwick D: Edward Kull
Foreign and US agents pursue each other to remote locations to try to obtain the divided parts of the formula for a new poison gas.

9-25 Breaking Through (Vitagraph, 15 Chapters)
Carmel Myers, Wallace MacDonald D: Robert Ensminger
Engineer Willard Ward helps potential heiress Bettina Lowden build a railroad from Alaskan gold fields to the sea.

Hurricane Hutch (Seitz/Pathé, 15 Chapters) DVD (Trailer)
Charles Hutchison, Warner Oland D: George B. Seitz
Larry Hutchdale performs death-defying stunts on land and sea as he strives to obtain a lost formula for making paper from seaweed in order to prevent a villainous financier from foreclosing on a paper mill.

Winners of the West (Universal, 18 Chapters)
Art Acord, Myrtle Lind D: Edward Laemmle
Epic Western action set in 1848 centering around the adventures of John C. Fremont on his way to California during the gold rush features Acord as Arthur Standish aka The Mysterious Spaniard.

The Mysterious Pearl (Photoplay, 15 Chapters)
Ben Wilson, Neva Gerber D: Ben Wilson
Ariel Durand, daughter of the inventor of a process which synthesizes pearls, is kidnapped as a child by and raised by his crazed lab assistant Kozloff. She steals the formula for him then falls in love with the detective assigned to track down the thief.

The Adventures of Tarzan (Tarzan II) ✦✦✦ (Numa/Weiss, 15 Chapters) DVD / Book
Elmo Lincoln, Louise Lorraine D: Robert F. Hill
Tarzan’s arch enemy Rokoff pursues the jungle man and his beloved Jane in order to obtain a secret formula and gain passage to the lost city of Opar.

The Secret Four (Universal, 15 Chapters)
Eddie Polo, Kathleen Myers D: Albert Russell, Perry Vekroff
Foreign powers try to seize oil fields and “black gold” in America.


1-1 White Eagle (Roach/Roland, 15 Chapters)
Ruth Roland, Earl Metcaffe D: Fred Jackman, W. S. Van Dyke
Western action involving a secret message on a wampum belt, a stone wigwam, a pivoting rock door to a canyon, a pool of molten gold and a mystery character called the White Rider.

With Stanley in Africa (Universal, 18 Chapters)
George Walsh, Louise Lorraine D: William Craft, E. Kull
Reporter Jack Cameron searches for Dr. Livingstone in Africa.

A Dangerous Adventure (Warner Bros, 15 Chapters)
Grace Darmond, Philo McCullough D: Jack & Sam Warner
Her inconsiderate uncle Herbert tries to sell Marjorie Stanton to a tribal chieftain in the African jungle; luckily for her, her lover MacDonald Hayden is there to rescue her from the two rude old men.

Nan of the North (Arrow, 15 Chapters)
Ann Little, Leonard Clapham D: Duke Worne
Nan, a girl of the Yukon, finds the frozen body of a scientist who discovered a power-charged meteorite. Sgt. Colby, a Mountie, investigates and drives off villains who would steal it if they got the chance, Filmed in Yellowstone.

The Leather Pushers (Series) (Universal, 6 Episodes) DVD (1 Episode)
Reginald Denny, Helen Toombs D: Edward Laemmle
A wealthy socialite who loses his fortune tries to prove himself to his girl by becoming a champion boxer called Kid Roberts.

The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe (Universal, 18 Chapters)
Harry Myers, Noble Johnson D: Robert Hill
Crusoe the castaway’s adventures are augmented with the inclusion of pirate and Tartar adversaries and a love interest named Marion.

Go Get 'Em Hutch (Pathé, 15 Chapters)
Charles Hutchison, Marguerite Clayton D: George B. Seitz
A crooked lawyer interferes with Hutch’s steamship line.

5-15 The Jungle Goddess (Export-Import, 15 Chapters)
Truman VanDyke, Elinor Field D: James Conway
A “white goddess” in Africa with an enormous electrically charged idol is bedeviled by a leopard woman and a ruler jealous of her power.

Captain Kidd (Star, 15 Chapters) DVD (Scene)
Eddie Polo, Katherine Myers D: Burton King, J. P. McGowan
In this dual-era adventure, a reluctant seaman sails with Captain Kidd and years later his descendant looks for the pirate’s lost treasure.

The Timber Queen (Roach/Roland/Pathé, 15 Ch.) DVD (Scene)
Ruth Roland, Bruce Gordon D: Fred Jackman
Railroad stunts highlight the story of a woman who tries to protect a stretch of timberland coveted by a crooked syndicate.

Perils of the Yukon (Universal, 15 Chapters)
William Desmond, Laura LaPlante D: P. Vekroff, J. P. McGowan
In Alaska in 1847 handsome Englishman Jack Merrill duels with fellow suitor Ivan Petroff over the affections of Olga, a daughter of a wealthy Russian trader. Sore loser Petroff decides to put Merrill in a sack and toss him off a cliff, and things just get worse from there.

In the Days of Buffalo Bill (Universal, 18 Chapters)
Art Acord, Dorothy Woods D: Edward Laemmle
This serial’s old-time melodrama plot in which Calvert Carter, a rancher, and his daughter Alice, who own land desired by the railroad, are aided against the schemes of a swindler and a foreign agent by Art Taylor, a pony express rider, is bolstered with Civil War and Indian-fighting scenes and cameo appearances by Abraham Lincoln, Allan Pinkerton, Ulysses S. Grant, Sitting Bull, and Buffalo Bill Cody.

Speed (Pathé, 15 Chapters)
Charles Hutchison, Lucy Fox D: George B. Seitz
“Speed” Stansbury, wrongly accused of a bank robbery, pursues the real thief and his shadowy criminal organization to South America.

The Radio King (Universal, 10 Chapters)
Roy Stewart, Louise Lorraine D: Robert F. Hill
Bad guys who want to take over America try to steal a transmitter with world-wide range called the “secret of the air,” a device re-used 8 years later in the serial The Voice from the Sky. A boy detective and a cloaked mystery man called “The Unknown,” similar to Voice’s “Man from Nowhere” also participate in the action.

11-21 The Flaming Disk (Universal, 18 Chapters)
Elmo Lincoln, Louise Lorraine D: Robert F. Hill
Twin brothers, one mind-controlled by villain Rodney Stanton, fight over a lens powerful enough to disintegrate metal.

King of the Circus (Universal, 18 Chapters)
Eddie Polo, Corrine Porter D: J. P. McGowan
Eddie King discovers the owner of the circus in which he performs was responsible for his father’s death.

Velvet Fingers (Seitz/Pathé, 15 Chapters)
George B. Seitz, Marguerite Courtot D: George B. Seitz
A gentleman thief is framed for the murder of a man he robbed.

12-19 Fantômas (Fox, 20 Chapters)
John Willard, Ed Roseman D: Edward Sedgwick
Master criminal Fantomas offers to give up crime in exchange for a pardon and, when he is refused, resolves to terrorize the city into submission.

?-? The Tiger Band (Warner Bros, 15 Chapters)
Helen Holmes, Jack Mower D: Gilbert Hamilton
A masked man, masked woman and a mastermind named Chang the Mighty battle in the West over a stolen engine and more.

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