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New digital transfers. Beautiful studio-quality prints. Serial books, photo books, art, and merchandise too (sometimes).

See the first sound serials the way they were meant to be seen.
And have DVDs/Blu-rays delivered to your door as soon as they are published.

Help make new serial Blu-Ray and releases possible and get the new Squadron restoration projects and releases delivered to you automatically as soon as they are ready to go!

The Squadron is pleased to be looking forward to offering many more rare serials including new restored editions of Republic, Mascot, Independent and Silent serials on Blu-Ray and DVD over the next year or so, mastered from new transfers of excellent studio-quality original prints. Blu-ray quality editions for many titles including those transferred fom 35mm began in spring 2019 and continue to be produced. Subscribe now to the VIP New Release List to have these serial DVDs and Blu-Rays mailed to you as soon as they are complete.
Either 1 or 2 titles may be shipped about every month. You may cap your subscription at the $25 level if you wish to be put on the list for only one of the two, which will usually be a DVD or Blu-Ray. The second project may also be a DVD or an audio DVD, book, photo book, art print or poster or other merchandise.
Shipments are made approximately every month but are sometimes necessarily scheduled according to when a project is completed and proofed.


SQUADRON MEMBER: If you would like to just post on the Facebook page, or just the kit and the book, you can order that from this page. Or read on about how you can get access to more.


SQUADRON AIR CADET: Access to the Cliffhanger Channel serial online videos (when ready)

FLYING ACE (Basic)($25): Cliffhanger Channel access, and Squadron Blu Ray or DVD releases shipped to you as they are created (if account is capped at $25)

FLYING ACE (Level II)($50): One or Two Blu-Rays or DVDs with each shipment which may also include published books, comics, art, posters and photo books and/or discount coupons for higher-priced books.

THUNDER RIDER ($+): Project co-sponsor with DVD/Blu-Ray credit

LEGACY MEMBERS: You will still receive every project you are were put on the list to receive after you subscribed, regardless of how long it takes to complete or if you cancel your subscription.

Note: Shipments are made approximately once a month but since some projects take more time than others are sometimes necessarily delayed until a project is proofed and ready to go.

To become a real-life member of the Serial Squadron and help support new restorations and releases, GO TO THE SQUADRON PATREON SUBSCRIPTION PAGE


Included in the package:

- 150 page (expanded) edition of the Squadron Pocket Pal, containing lists of serials by studio (now including Pathe), serials available on video in alphabetical order with descriptions and Squadron member ratings, US serial feature version and re-release titles, and the Squadron secret code keys & instructions.
This is designed to be a comprehensive field guide to serials you can carry around with you everywhere and use all the time and you will find this concise and information-filled volume VERY handy!
- 2022 Membership Certificate
- 2022 Membership Card
Squadron Badge
Set of 10 Color Serial Postcards

Sold Out. You can still order the Squadron Pocket Pal/Video Guide online.