Lucille Love, Girl of Mystery
Grace Cunard, Francis Ford

The Master Key
Robert Leonard, Ella Hall

The Trey O’Hearts
George Larkin, Cleo Madison


The Black Box
Herbert Rawlinson, Anna Little

Under the Crescent
Ola Humphrey, Edward Sloman

The Broken Coin
Grace Cunard, Eddie Polo, Francis Ford

Harry Carey, Hobart Henley


The Adventures of Peg O’The Ring
Grace Cunard, Francis Ford

Liberty, a Daughter of the USA
Jack Holt, Marie Walcamp

The Purple Mask
Francis Ford, Grace Cunard


The Voice on the Wire
Ben Wilson, Neva Gerber

The Gray Ghost
Priscilla Dean, Emory Johnson

The Red Ace
Marie Walcamp, Lawrence Peyton

The Mystery Ship
Ben Wilson, Neva Gerber


The Bull’s Eye
Eddie Polo. Vivian Marsh

The Lion’s Claw
Marie Walcamp, Thomas Lingham

The Brass Bullet
Jack Mulhall, Juanita Hansen

The Lure of the Circus
Eddie Polo, Eileen Sedgwick


The Red Glove
Marie Walcamp, Pat O’Malley

The Midnight Man
James Corbett, Kath. O’Connor

The Great Radium Mystery
Cleo Madison, Robert Reeves

The Lion Man
Jack Perrin, Kathleen O’Connor


The Moon Riders
Art Acord, Mildred Moore

The Vanishing Dagger
Eddie Polo, Thelma Percy

The Dragon’s Net
Harlan Tucker, Marie Walcamp

King of the Circus
Eddie Polo, Corrine Porter

The Flaming Disc
Elmo Lincoln, Louise Lorraine


The Diamond Queen
George Chesebro, Eileen Sedgwick

The White Horseman
Art Acord, Eva Forrestor

Do or Die
Eddie Polo, Magda Lane

The Terror Trail
George Larkin, Eileen Sedgwick

Winners of the West
Art Acord, Myrtle Lind

The Secret Four
Eddie Polo, Kathleen Myers


With Stanley in Africa
George Walsh, Louise Lorraine

The Leather Pushers
Reginald Denny, Helen Toombs

Adventures of Robinson Crusoe
Harry Myers, Gertrude Olmsted

Perils of the Yukon
William Desmond, Laura LaPlante

In the Days of Buffalo Bill
Art Acord, Dorothy Woods

The Radio King
Roy Stewart, Louise Lorraine


Around the World in 18 Days
William Desmond, Laura LaPlante

The Social Buccaneer
Jack Mulhall, Margaret Livingstone

Beasts of Paradise
William Desmond, Joe Bonomo

The Oregon Trail
Art Acord, Louise Lorraine

The Phantom Fortune
William Desmond, Esther Ralston

The Eagle’s Talons
Fred Thompson, Ann Little

In the Days of Daniel Boone
Jack Mower, Ruth Royce, Eileen Sedgwick

The Steel Trail
William Duncan, Edith Johnson

The Ghost City
Pete Morrison, Margaret Morris


The Fast Express
William Duncan, Edith Johnson

The Iron Man
Luciano Albertini, Joe Bonomo

Wolves of the North
William Duncan, Esther Ralston

The Riddle Rider
Wililam Desmond, Eileen Sedgwick


The Great Circus Mystery
Joe Bonomo, Louise Lorraine

The Fighting Ranger
Jack Daughterty, Eileen Sedgwick

The Ace of Spades
William Desmond, Mary MacAllister


The Winking Idol
William Desmond, Eileen Sedgwick

Strings of Steel
William Desmond, Eileen Sedgwick

Fighting with Buffalo Bill
Wallace MacDonald

The Silent Flyer
Malcolm MacGregor, Louise Lorraine

The Scarlet Streak
Jack Daughterty, Lola Todd


The Fire Fighters
Jack Daugherty, Helen Ferguson

Return of the Riddle Rider
William Desmond, Grace Cunard

Whispering Smith Rides
Wallace MacDonald, J. P. MacGowan

Blake of Scotland Yard
Hayden Stevenson, Grace Cunard

The Trail of the Tiger
Frances Teague. Jack Mower


The Vanishing Rider
William Desmond, Ethlyne Clair

The Haunted Island
Jack Daughterty, Helen Foster

Tarzan the Mighty
Frank Merrill, Natalie Kingston


The Diamond Master
Louise Lorraine, Hayden Stevenson

A Final Reckoning
Louise Lorraine, Newton House

The Pirate of Panama
Jay Wilsey, Natalie Kingston


The Ace of Scotland Yard
Crauford Kent, Grace Cunard
(With dialogue)

Tarzan the Tiger
Frank Merrill, Natalie Kingston
(With sound effects and music)


The Jade Box
Louise Lorraine, Jack Perrin
(With sound effects and music)

The Lightning Express
Lane Chandler, Louise Lorraine
(With sound effects and music)

Terry of the Times
Reed Howes, Sheldon Lewis
(With sound effects and music)

The Indians are Coming
Tim McCoy, Allene Ray, Francis Ford
(With dialogue; silent version also distributed)


The Spell of the Circus
Francis X. Bushman, Alberta Vaughn

Finger Prints
Kenneth Harlan, Edna Murphy

Heroes of the Flames
Tim McCoy, Marion Shockley

Danger Island
Kenneth Harlan, Lucile Browne

Battling with Buffalo Bill
Tom Tyler, Lucile Browne


Detective Lloyd
Jack Lloyd, Muriel Angelus

The Airmail Mystery
James Flavin, Lucile Browne

Heroes of the West
Noah Beery Jr., Jacqueline Wells

Jungle Mystery
Tom Tyler, Jacqueline Wells

The Lost Special
Frank Albertson, Cecelia Parker


Clancy of the Mounted
Tom Tyler, Jacqueline Wells

The Phantom of the Air
Tom Tyler, Gloria Shea

Gordon of Ghost City
Buck Jones, Madge Bellamy


The Perils of Pauline
Evalyn Knapp, Craig Reynolds

Pirate Treasure
Richard Talmadge, Lucille Lund

The Vanishing Shadow
Onslow Stevens, Walter Miller

The Red Rider
Buck Jones, Grant Withers

Tailspin Tommy
Maurice Murphy, Noah Beery Jr.


The Rustlers of Red Dog
John Mack Brown, Ray Hatton

The Call of the Savage
Noah Beery Jr., Dorothy Short

The Roaring West
Buck Jones, Marla Shelton

Tailspin Tommy in the Great Air Mystery
Clark Williams, Jean Rogers


The Adventures of Frank Merriwell
Don Briggs, Jean Rogers

Flash Gordon
Buster Crabbe, Jean Rogers

The Phantom Rider
Buck Jones, Marla Shelton

Ace Drummond
John King, Noah Beery Jr.


Jungle Jim
Grant Withers, Henry Brandon

Secret Agent X-9
Scott Kolk, Jean Rogers

Wild West Days
John Mack Brown, Lynn Gilbert

Radio Patrol
Grant Withers, Adrian Morris

Tim Tyler's Luck
Frankie Thomas, Jack Mulhall


Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars
Buster Crabbe, Jean Rogers

Flaming Frontiers
John Mack Brown, C. Middleton

Red Barry
Buster Crabbe, Frank Lackteen


Scouts to the Rescue
Jackie Cooper

Buck Rogers
Buster Crabbe, Anthony Warde

The Oregon Trail
John Mack Brown, James Blaine

The Phantom Creeps
Bela Lugosi, Robert Kent


The Green Hornet
Gordon Jones, Keye Luke

Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe
Buster Crabbe, Carol Hughes

Winners of the West
Dick Foran, Anne Nagel

Junior G-Men
Dead End Kids

The Green Hornet Strikes Again
Warren Hull, Keye Luke


Sky Raiders
Dead End Kids, E. Ciannelli

Riders of Death Valley
Dick Foran, Buck Jones

Sea Raiders
Dead End Kids, Reed Hadley


Don Winslow of the Navy
Don Terry, Kurt Katch

Gang Busters
Kent Taylor, Ralph Morgan

The Junior G-Men of the Air
Dead End Kids, Lionel Atwill

Overland Mail
Lon Chaney Jr., Noah Beery Sr/Jr


The Adventures of Smilin' Jack
Tom Brown, Keye Luke

Don Winslow of the Coast Guard
Don Terry, Nestor Paiva

Adventures of the Flying Cadets
Johnny Downs, E. Ciannelli


The Great Alaskan Mystery
Milburn Stone, Marjorie Weaver

Raiders of Ghost City
Dennis Moore, Lionel Atwill

The Mystery of the River Boat
Robt. Lowery, Mantan Moreland


Jungle Queen
Edward Norris, Ruth Roman

The Master Key
Dennis Moore, Milburn Stone

Secret Agent X-9
Lloyd Bridges, Keye Luke

The Royal Mounted Rides Again
Bill Kennedy, Milburn Stone


The Scarlet Horseman
Paul Guilfoyle, Edward Howard

Lost City of the Jungle
Russell Hayden, Lionel Atwill

The Mysterious Mr. M
Richard Martin, Dennis Moore