Around the World in 18 Days (Universal, 12 Chapters)
William Desmond, Laura LaPlante D: B. Reeves Eason, R. Hill
Phileas Fogg III and his companion Jiggs circumnavigate, by airplane and submarine as well as automobile and sea vessel.

The Social Buccaneer (Universal, 10 Chapters)
Jack Mulhall, Margaret Livingstone D: Robert F. Hill
Kindly Jack Norton, apparent lazy playboy by day, goes undercover to help a princess save her kingdom from a gang of criminals.

Plunder (Seitz/Pathé, 15 Chapters)
Pearl White, Harry Semels D: George B. Seitz
Pearl Travers vs. crooks, pirates and even a giant octopus in a jungle adventure and fight over treasure loaded with action and cliffhanging stunts. Pearl White’s final serial.

2-18 Fighting Blood (2 Series) (Robertson/Cole, 24 Episodes)
George O'Hara, Louise Lorraine D: Harry Lehman
A society playboy goes into boxing to try to impress his sweetheart; the same setup as The Leather Pushers.

The Fighting Skipper (Arrow, 15 Chapters)
Peggy O'Day, Jack Perrin D: Francis Ford
Jack Perrin helps Skipper, the daughter of a seaman who buried a hoard of pearls on Thunder Island, recover them before her greedy look-alike half-sister or pirates can steal them away.

The Oregon Trail (Universal, 18 Chapters)
Art Acord, Louise Lorraine D: Edward Laemmle
A trapper and a courageous settler’s daughter vs. a syndicate boss trying to take over settlers’ lands in the wagon train days of the West.

The Phantom Fortune (Universal, 12 Chapters)
William Desmond, Esther Ralston D: Robert F. Hill
Irresponsible artist Larry Barclay refuses to sell his father’s rubber factory no matter how much a group of conspirators wants to force him to do so.

The Eagle's Talons (Universal, 15 Chapters)
Fred Thompson, Ann Little D: Duke Worne
The daughter of a kidnapped lawyer who had incriminating evidence of a criminal gang’s activity goes into action against the crooks.

Haunted Valley (Ruth Roland/Pathé, 15 Ch.) DVD (One Episode)
Ruth Roland, Jack Daugherty, Francis Ford D: George Marshall
Ruth Ranger borrows a million dollars from Henry Mallinson to finish Lost River Dam and has three months to pay him back or he gets both Haunted Valley and her hand in marriage. And, wouldn’t you know, instead of playing fair, he sets up a laboratory inside a mountain from which he can project life-like ghost images or unleash the force of a sandstorm machine and uses them both to try to screw Ruth over.

In the Days of Daniel Boone (Universal, 15 Chapters)
Jack Mower, Ruth Royce, Eileen Sedgwick D: William Craft
During the French and Indian War, trailblazer Boone tries to find a colony amid hostilities and the deceitful behavior of Claire de Voe.

The Santa Fe Trail (Arrow, 15 Chapters)
Neva Gerber, Jack Perrin D: Ashton Dearholt, Robert Dillon
Kit Carson and an unscrupulous gambler fight over a cache of gold, and a young woman supports him in battles with hostile Indians.

Her Dangerous Path (Series) (Hal Roach/Pathé, 10 Chapters)
Edna Murphy, Frank Lackteen D: Roy Clements
The lead character explores possible answers to questions posed in each episode, such as “Should She Become Assistant to a Detective?” and “Should She Marry a Scientist?” She has “ten handsome lovers, each eager to marry her, ten ways to win happiness and ten decisions to make, any one of which may make or break, in ten big, smashing dramas which plumb the depths of a young girl’s soul.”

The Steel Trail (Universal, 15 Chapters)
William Duncan, Edith Johnson D: William Duncan
Mining engineer Bruce Boyd helps pretty Judith Armstrong complete her father’s railroad line.

Beasts of Paradise (Universal, 15 Chapters)
William Desmond, Joe Bonomo D: William Craft
Phil and Helen are pursued by a band of murderous cutthroats in a hunt for hidden treasure that takes them from storm-tossed seas to remote jungles of Africa.

Ruth of the Range (Ruth Roland/Pathé, 15 Chapters)
Ruth Roland, Bruce Gordon D: Ernest Warde
Ruth Remington attempts to protect her father from crooks out to steal his invention—a coal substitute called fuelite.

12-3 The Ghost City (Universal, 15 Chapters)
Pete Morrison, Margaret Morris D: Jay Marchant
“Laughing Larry” Lewton and his pal Sagebrush Hilton are informed that unless ranchers cough up $10,000 the reservoir supplying the town will be drained.


The Way of A Man (Pathé, 10 Chapters)
Allene Ray, Harold Miller D: George B. Seitz
A dramatic Western frontier epic in which the leading man and lady fight rapids and hostile Indians on their way to California gold country.

The Fast Express (Universal, 15 Chapters)
William Duncan, Edith Johnson D: William Duncan
A vicious gang attempts to bankrupt a railroad by destroying the “Fast Express,” the lifeline of the road.

Days of '49 (Wild West/Arrow, 15 Chapters)
Edmund Cobb, Neva Gerber D: Jacques Jaccard
Power-hungry John Sutter plans to create a Pacific empire and start it in California. His daughter Sierra learns of his plans and bands together with Cal Coleman, a frontier scout, to stop him.

Leatherstocking (Pathé, 10 Chapters)
Harold Miller, Edna Murphy D: George B. Seitz
Leatherstocking, who lived with the Delaware for ten years, becomes the protector of Judith Hunter, her weak sister, and their father.

The Fortieth Door (Pathé, 10 Chapters)
Allene Ray, Bruce Gordon, Frank Lackteen D: George B. Seitz
A French girl is trapped in the palace of Ahmed Bey, who wants her to marry him. Adventurer Jack Ryder comes to her rescue.

The Iron Man (Universal, 15 Chapters)
Luciano Albertini, Joe Bonomo D: Jay Marchant
A lookalike replaces a Arlene Graham in Paris to attempt to claim her inheritance but reporter Paul Breen catches on to the scheme.

Into the Net (Pathé, 10 Chapters)
Jack Mulhall, Edna Murphy, Frank Lackteen D: George B. Seitz
A well-organized band of crooks kidnaps 20 young heiresses and holds them for a million dollar ransom. Robert Clayton, brother of one of the kidnapped ladies, vows to rescue the victims.

9-21 Wolves of the North (Universal, 10 Chapters)
William Duncan, Esther Ralston D: William Duncan
Pirates of the fur trade prey upon both a syndicate and small traders.

10-1 Riders of the Plains (Arrow, 15 Chapters)
Jack Perrin, Marilyn Mills, Boris Karloff D: Jacques Jaccard
Indian-fighting serial featuring a raider named Morgan, a “fighting gamble,” and “flaming vengeance.”

Ten Scars Make A Man (Pathé, 10 Chapters)
Jack Mower, Allene Ray D: William Parke
Jack O’Day, who protects Jean Morell and her sister from a villainous fencing-master and other lascivious villains, is told he must receive ten scars before he can wed his beloved.

The Riddle Rider (I) (Universal, 15 Chapters)
William Desmond, Eileen Sedgwick D: William Craft
Frontier newspaper editor Randolph Parker dons a cape and false moustache and protects citizens of a Western town, including pretty Nan Madden, when the law fails.

12-1 Battling Brewster (Rayart, 15 Chapters)
Franklyn Farnum, Helen Holmes D: Dell Henderson
Western tale featuring a cowboy called “Battling Jack” Brewster, his courageous sweetheart, a mystery man and an accusation of murder.

Galloping Hoofs (Pathé, 10 Chapters)
Allene Ray, Johnnie Walker D: George B. Seitz
A gang of crooks tries to wrest a mysterious box from Carole Page, the owner of a race horse farm.


Idaho (Pathé, 10 Chapters)
Vivian Rich, Mahlon Hamilton D: Robert F. Hill
Beth Cameron dons her murdered brother’s clothes to avenge his death and that of her father in a mining-related vigilante adventure.

The Great Circus Mystery (Universal, 15 Chapters)
Joe Bonomo, Louise Lorraine D: Jay Marchant
Landow the Strongman and Trixie Tremaine get caught up in a fight over a sacred ruby from India.

The Power God ✦✦ (Davis, 15 Chapters)
Ben Wilson, Neva Gerber D: Francis Ford, B. Wilson
The hired gun of a fuel syndicate tries to steal an energy-generating device so he can become the world’s “power god.”

Secret Service Sanders (Rayart, 15 Chapters)
Richard Holt, Ann Little D: Duke Worne
From the existing chapter titles of this lost serial we can see that the hero took a plunge of doom, raced with death on a path of peril, heard thundering hoofs, went down a river and a curse of gold led him down a tunnel of horror, then blasted hopes took him to the brink of despair as flames of vengeance led to a final reckoning!

Sunken Silver (Pathé, 10 Chapters)
Walter Miller, Allene Ray D: Spencer Bennet
A Secret Service agent and descendants of a nineteenth-century pirate crew search for a treasure known to their ancestors.

The Fighting Ranger (Universal, 18 Chapters)
Jack Daughterty, Eileen Sedgwick D: Jay Marchant
Ranch foreman Topaz Taggart would like to take over his boss’s mineral-rich ranch when he flees from a shooting-in-self-defense, but forest ranger Terrence O’Rourke parachutes into the scene to put a stop to his plotting.

The Mystery Box (Davis/Vital, 10 Chapters)
Ben Wilson, Neva Gerber D: Alan James
Jack Harvey, wrongfully accused of murder, eludes a posse chasing him and helps Dolly Hampton protect a mysterious box she has been instructed to guard with her life.

7-19 Play Ball (Pathé, 10 Chapters)
Walter Miller, Allene Ray D: Spencer Bennet
Count Segundo, a blackmailer with political aspirations is foiled by promising baseball rookie Jack Rollins.

Perils of the Wild (Adventure, 15 Chapters)
Joe Bonomo, Margaret Quimby D: Francis Ford
Heroic Frederick Robinson and dangerous-but-gallant Sir Charles Leicester duel for Emily Montrose’s affections on an island teeming with wild animals. The serial adaptation of Swiss Family Robinson.

9-10 The Flame Fighter (Rayart/Beacon, 10 Chapters)
Herbert Rawlinson, Brenda Lane D: Robert Dillon
Fire-fighter Jack Sparks takes on a crooked city government.

9-27 Wild West (Pathé, 10 Chapters)
Jack Mulhall, Helen Ferguson D: Robert F. Hill
The story of Jimmy White Hawk, graduate of the Carlisle Indian School and foreman of a large ranch and a stranded circus show on the Cherokee Strip.

10-19 The Ace of Spades (Universal, 15 Chapters)
William Desmond, Mary MacAllister D: Henry MacRae
A treasure map from the Napoleonic era becomes a point of contention during the Oklahoma land rush, the black Ace of Spades serving as a death warning to those marked for death by a crooked gang after the prize.

The Green Archer (Pathé, 10 Chapters)
Walter Miller, Allene Ray D: Spencer Bennet
A daunting masked archer dressed in green and a criminal mastermind lurk in mysterious Bellamy Castle. Adapted from an Edgar Wallace novel.


1-15 The Phantom Police (Rayart, 10 Chapters)
Herbert Rawlinson, Eddie Fetherston D: Robert Dillon
New York police officer Jack Wright is ordered to keep a lookout for diamond thief Tracy Downs, expected to return from his hideout in Africa.

1-21 Vanishing Millions (Sierra, 15 Chapters)
William Fairbanks, Sheldon Lewis D: Alvin J. Neitz
Reporter Dave Merrill investigates the murders of bank guards committed during a robbery and discovers they may have been committed by a trained gorilla (or a hairy ape-man called “Monk”?) under the control of his girlfriend’s professor father.

Casey of the Coast Guard (Pathé, 10 Chapters)
George O'Hara, Helen Ferguson D: Will Nigh
A gang of smugglers plans to kill a Coast Guard officer when he becomes alert enough to affect their operations.

The Winking Idol (Universal, 10 Chapters)
William Desmond, Eileen Sedgwick D: Francis Ford
A man and woman try to find an idol which will reveal the pathway to an Indian treasure.

Lightning Hutch ✦✦ (Holmes/Arrow, 10 Chapters)
Charles Hutchison, Sheldon Lewis D: Charles Hutchison
Larry Hutchdale must keep the formula for a deadly gas out of the hands of Boris Kosloff, who would sell it to a foreign power.

The Bar-C Mystery (Pathé, 10 Chapters)
Dorothy Phillips, Wallace MacDonald D: Robert F. Hill
A New York shop girl inherits a ranch complete with hidden gold mine from a prospector who disappeared in the desert and is presumed dead. Two Eastern smoothies try to do her out of it. But the prospector turns out to be a young guy who wants to help prevent the con-men from getting ahold of it.

The Radio Detective (Davis/Goodwill, 10 Chapters)
Jack Mower, Margaret Quimby D: William Craft, William Crinley
A football player, scoutmaster and scientific detective Craig Kennedy investigate a robbery at Rockledge College.

The Mystery Pilot (Rayart, 10 Chapters)
Rex Lease, Kathryn McGuire D: Harry Moody
Colonel Mark Finlay’s daughter, June, meets Bob Jones, a young aviator, and they try to keep the Colonel’s valuable jewel case (desired by several parties) out of the hands of the Mystery Pilot.

Officer 444 ✦✦✦ (Davis/Goodwill, 10 Chapters)
Ben Wilson, Neva Gerber D: Francis Ford, B. Wilson
The hunchbacked criminal mastermind known as the Frog, who imprisons freakish victims of medical experiments in his underground cavern, attempts to steal a miracle product called Haverlyite and is trailed by a daring policeman.

Strings of Steel (Universal, 10 Chapters)
William Desmond, Eileen Sedgwick D: Henry MacRae
Telephone engineer Ned Brown invents a new transmitter which is desired by notorious criminal Jim Hogan and Ned’s boss too. The word “Strings” in the title refers to telegraph lines.

Snowed In (Pathé, 10 Chapters)
Walter Miller, Allene Ray D: Spencer Bennet
A forest ranger helps a young woman clear her brother of the accusation that he committed robberies in the Sierras and tries to unmask a criminal mastermind whose headquarters is an abandoned hotel.

Fighting With Buffalo Bill (Universal, 10 Chapters)
Wallace MacDonald, Elsa Benham D: Ray Taylor
Lawyer Caleb Crosby successfully convinces Doris Carberry that her father died some years ago in order to steal the money enclosed in his letters, one of which described a rich gold mine, and, along with his equally unscrupulous son Bart, who wants Doris for himself, attempts to kill Mr. Carberry before he can reach his mine. Ned Wheeler, Doris' sweetheart, with the help of Buffalo Bill, fights to save Carberry from the clutches of the Crosbys.

Scotty of the Scouts (Rayart, 10 Chapters)
Ben Alexander. Paddy O’Flynn D: Duke Worne
Faithful Boy Scout Scotty Smith pursues the thief of a valuable document from the National Museum.

The Fighting Marine (Pathé, 10 Chapters)
Gene Tunney, Marjorie Day, Walter Miller D: Spencer Bennet
Frank Manning, a newspaper reporter, exposes a harbor ring and obtains further information which will implicate Gordon Burr, head of the ring. Burr plants a spy in the newspaper office, learns that Manning is close to the facts, and plots to do away with him.

Trooper 77 (Rayart, 10 Chapters)
Herbert Rawlinson, Hazel Deane D: Duke Worne
State Trooper Steve Manning attempts to find the evidence that will clear his brother and his girlfriend’s father of murder.

The Silent Flyer (Universal, 10 Chapters)
Malcolm MacGregor, Louise Lorraine D: William James Craft
A Secret Service Agent attempts to protect a silent airplane motor from foreign agents with the help of the inventor’s daughter and a dog named Silver Streak.

11-21 The House Without A Key (Pathé, 10 Chapters)
Walter Miller, Allene Ray D: Spencer Bennet
A chest containing incriminating evidence bounces from character to character in this rethinking of a Charlie Chan mystery novel.

The Scarlet Streak (Universal, 10 Chapters)
Jack Daugherty, Lola Todd D: Henry MacRae
A reporter and the inventor’s daughter try to keep a powerful scarlet ray which destroys anything it is aimed at out of the hands of a villain known as Monk, who wants to sell it to the highest bidder.

The Range Fighter (Exhibitors, 10 Chapters)
Ken Maynard; A compilation of previously-exhibited feature film content edited into chapters and released as a serial.


Fighting For Fame (Rayart, 10 Chapters)
Ben Alexander, Hazel Deane, E. Fetherston D: Duke Worne
The head of a ring of criminals is exposed by a newspaper reporter.

The Golden Stallion (Mascot, 10 Chapters)
Maurice Flynn, Joe Bonomo D: Harry S. Webb
The clues to the location of a concealed treasure lie in the beads of a wampum belt and the brand on the neck of a wild stallion and William Kendall tries to help Joan Forsythe recover it.
The Fire Fighters (Universal, 10 Chapters)
Jack Daugherty, Helen Ferguson D: Jacques Jaccard
The adoptive son of a retired fire chief fights a corrupt utilities magnate attempting to get ahold of his real father’s properties.

On Guard (Pathé, 10 Chapters)
Cullen Landis, Muriel Kingston D: Arch Heath
A despondent man stands up to a spy ring that tries to recruit him.

The Return of the Riddle Rider (II) (Universal, 10 Chapters)
William Desmond, Grace Cunard D: Robert F. Hill
“The Leader” gives orders to his gang by telephone and newspaperman Randolph Parker once again dons the disguise of the Riddle Rider.

Melting Millions (Pathé, 10 Chapters)
Walter Miller, Allene Ray D: Spencer Bennet
A woman raised by an outlaw discovers she is the heiress to riches. Lieutenant Dick Palmer and an unknown protector help Judy when others try to steal it.

Whispering Smith Rides (Universal, 10 Chapters) DVD (Trailer)
Wallace MacDonald, J. P. MacGowan D: Ray Taylor
Wild Western adventures of the railroad detective of the novels by Frank Spearman.

The Crimson Flash (Pathé, 10 Chapters)
Cullen Landis, Eugenia Gilbert D: Arch Heath
Criminal mastermind “The Ghost” steals the ruby known as “The Crimson Flash” and Operative K-17 of the Secret Service gets in his way.

Perils of the Jungle (Weiss/Artclass, 10 Chapters)
Frank Merrill, Eugenia Gilbert D: Ray Taylor, Jack Nelson Phyllis Manley accompanies her father on a trip to the jungle in search of a treasure and a sailor who accompanies them plans to steal it, but his plan encounters a setback when Rod Bedford joins the party.

The King of the Jungle (Hercules/Rayart, 10 Chapters) DVD (Trailer)
Elmo Lincoln, Sally Long D: Webster Cullison
Jungle adventure featuring an ex-Tarzan and an “avenger elephant” was marred by tragedy: actor Gordon Standish was killed by a lion during shooting.

Blake of Scotland Yard (I) (Universal, 12 Chapters)
Hayden Stevenson, Grace Cunard D: Robert F. Hill
Lady Diana’s father can turn base metal into gold, and “The Spider” begins creeping around Belmont Castle. The mysterious “Lady in White” warns Diana and Inspector Blake when trouble is imminent.

Hawk of the Hills (Pathé, 10 Chapters)
Walter Miller, Allene Ray D: Spencer Bennet
The Hawk and his gang kidnap a mine owner and Laramie, a member of the gang, determines to help his daughter Mary.

The Liberty Boys of ’76 (Series) (James F. Sammon, 6 Episodes) DVD (1 Episode)
Rex Archer, Grace Durkin D: John Raymond
During the Revolution, American colonists are assaulted by relentless, depraved Britishers in this series based on the dime novel series of the same name.

Isle of Sunken Gold (Mascot, 10 Chapters) DVD (3 1/2 episodes)
Bruce Gordon, Anita Stewart D: Harry S. Webb
A party of sailors seeks treasure on a remote island and a mutiny, encounters with volcano-worshipping natives, Duke Kahanamoku and a fanged ape named Kong who guards the treasure follow.

Heroes of the Wild (Mascot, 10 Chapters)
Jack Hoxie, Josephine Hill D: Harry S. Webb
On one of the legs of a white stallion called the Ghost of the Gauchos is the key to a treasure, belonging to Sema Sanderson and coveted by her wicked uncle.

The Masked Menace (Pathé, 10 Chapters)
Larry Kent, Jean Arthur D: Arch Heath
Keats Dodd helps Grandma Lewton and her ward Faith fight against a masked terrorist known as Still Face and a rival mill which uses underhanded tactics to eliminate the competition.

Trail of the Tiger (Universal, 10 Chapters)
Frances Teague, Jack Mower D: Henry MacRae
Investigator Jack Stewart and a group of circus performers known as the Mystic Mountebanks vs. an unscrupulous circus owner and a masked villain called The Tiger.

The Scarlet Brand (New-Cal, 10 Chapters)
Neal Hart, Lucille Irwin D: Neal Hart
A stranger from the East helps the pretty daughter of a murdered rancher fight off the gang that shot her father.

The Mansion of Mystery (Pizor/Capitol, 10 Chapters)
William Barrymore, Teddy Reavis D: Robert J. Horner
Not the same production as the French La Maison du Mystére.


The Man Without A Face (Pathé, 10 Chapters) DVD (Scene)
Walter Miller, Allene Ray D: Spencer Bennet
Bank teller James Brisbane foils a robbery and is given the opportunity to represent his boss on a dangerous mission to China, where he fights to rescue two newly-rich sisters from the powerful and dangerous Master.

The Vanishing Rider (Universal, 12 Chapters)
William Desmond, Ethlyne Clair D: Ray Taylor
The mysterious Vanishing Rider attempts to recover a stolen shipment of gold bullion from an outlaw gang.

Police Reporter (Weiss/Artclass, 10 Chapters)
Walter Miller, Eugenia Gilbert D: Jack Nelson
A police reporter and his girlfriend are pitted against arch-fiend The Phantom, who plans to undermine the city’s justice system.

Mark of the Frog (Pathé, 10 Chapters)
Donald Reed, Margaret Morris D: Arch Heath
A hooded villain’s gang chases down the loot from a robbery of twenty years earlier.

The Haunted Island (Universal, 10 Chapters) DVD (Trailer)
Jack Daugherty, Helen Foster D: Robert F. Hill
An heiress is stranded on an island fraught with dangers and reputedly loaded with pirate treasure

6-1 The Mysterious Airman (Weiss, 10 Chapters)
Walter Miller, Eugenia Gilbert D: Harry Revier
Baker Airways sustains severe losses from attacks by the mysterious Pilot X. Jack Baker, president of the company, takes to the sky to fight the air pirates.

The Yellow Cameo (Pathé, 10 Chapters)
Allene Ray, Edward Hearn D: Spencer Bennet
The key to location of a treasure is inscribed on an old yellow cameo ring and the girl who owns it is protected from a crooked ranch manager by a mysterious stranger and his canine companion.

The House of Terror (Pizor, 10 Chapters)
Pat O'Brien, Dorothy Talcott D: Roland D. Reed
Crooks, cowboys, missing men, a secret passage, swirling waters and black-hooded villains are all discussed or depicted on memorabilia from this serial, which ended with the discovery of a hidden treasure.

The Scarlet Arrow (Horner, 10 Chapters)
Francis X. Bushman Jr., Hazel Keener D: Ray Taylor
Bob North assists his girlfriend in fighting off those who would steal her father’s gold mine.

Vultures of the Sea (Mascot, 10 Chapters)
Shirley Mason, Johnny Walker D: Richard Thorpe
The son of a man falsely convicted of murder and the daughter of the murder victim fall in love and are menaced by the vicious first mate of the “Scorpion.”

The Terrible People (Pathé, 10 Chapters)
Walter Miller, Allene Ray D: Spencer Bennet
At his execution, a convicted killer threatens all those who helped convict him with horrific vengeance at the hands of the Terrible People, who are led by a mastermind called the Professor, and his hairy-clawed assistant.

Tarzan, the Mighty (Tarzan III) (Universal, 15 Chapters)
Frank Merrill, Natalie Kingston D: Ray Taylor, Jack Nelson
Black John, the leader of a pirate gang, impersonates Lord Greystoke and Tarzan must defend his title and beloved Mary Trevor.

The Chinatown Mystery (Syndicate, 10 Chapters)
Joe Bonomo, Francis Ford D: J. P. McGowan
The Sphinx and the Mysterious Order of Thirteen want a piece of jade which is inscribed with a synthetic diamond formula. Chemist Joe Masters is drawn into the adventure.

The Pirates of the Pines (Goodart, 10 Chapters)
George O'Hara, Rita Roma D: J. C. Cook
John Markham owns a large tract of timber land and a rival sets in motion a conspiracy to ruin him.

The Vanishing West (Mascot, 10 Chapters)
Jack Perrin, Eileen Sedgwick D: Richard Thorpe
Jack Marvin is framed for murder by a villainous uncle who wants guardianship over Jack’s son, in the hope of stealing Jack’s fortune.

Eagle of the Night ✦✦ (Pathé, 10 Chapters)
Frank Clarke D: James F. Fulton
The inventor of the “mystic muffler,” an airplane engine silencing device, is kidnapped and air patrol pilot Frank Boyd and the inventor’s daughter June rescue him.

The Mystery Rider (Horner, 10 Chapters) DVD (Trailer)
William Desmond, Tom London D: Robert J. Horner
A newspaper editor is also a vigilante called the Mystery Rider, who battles the villainous Clutching Claw and solves the murder of Grace Wentworth’s father, who could make rubber from a mesquite plant.

The Tiger's Shadow (Pathé, 10 Chapters)
Gladys McConnell, Hugh Allan D: Spencer Bennet
Mysterious crime-fighter The Tiger fights a gang operating out of the home of invalid explorer Amos Crain.


The Diamond Master (Universal, 10 Chapters)
Hayden Stevenson, Louise Lorraine D: Jack Nelson
A conspiring banker threatens to flood the international jewel market with synthetic diamonds. A remake of The Diamond Queen.

The Fatal Warning (Mascot, 10 Chapters)
Ralph Graves, Helene Costello D: Richard Thorpe
Bank executive William Rogers is accosted while reading a novel entitled The Fatal Warning and disappears, then is suspected of absconding with bank funds. His daughter Dorothy enlists criminologist Russell Thorne to prove his innocence.

The Fire Detective (Pathé, 10 Chapters)
Hugh Allan, Gladys McConnell D: Spencer Bennet
Jeff Tarrant, special investigator for the fire department, endeavors to uncover the perpetrators of a series of disastrous incendiary fires.

A Final Reckoning (Universal, 12 Chapters) DVD (Trailer)
Newton House, Louise Lorraine D: Ray Taylor
A teenager and his sister leave England to search for a gold mine discovered by their father, who was murdered by Black Jack and his bush-rangers. Their frontier defender is Sgt. Wilson of the Australian frontier constabulary.

Queen of the Northwoods (Pathé, 10 Chapters) DVD (Scene)
Walter Miller, Ethlyne Clair D: Spencer Bennet
Mountie Inspector Steele faces off against the mysterious Wolf Devil, a pelt-costumed marauder determined to force non-native people out of Canada.

The Pirate of Panama (Universal, 12 Chapters)
Jay Wilsey, Natalie Kingston D: Ray Taylor
A struggle over a map detailing the location of a sunken pirate ship and related treasure trove hidden in a cave.

The Black Book (Pathé, 10 Chapters)
Walter Miller, Allene Ray D: Spencer Bennet
Detective Dora Drake hopes to get ahold of a book which will unlock a secret code before bad guys do. Last serial released without a soundtrack.

The King of the Kongo + (Mascot, 10 Chapters) DVD
Walter Miller, Boris Karloff D: Richard Thorpe
Larry Trent and Diana Martin search for a lost brother and father and run afoul of ivory thieves and a giant gorilla at the Temple of Nuhalla. Silent with dialogue scenes recorded on Vitaphone discs.

The Ace of Scotland Yard (Blake II) (Universal, 10 Chapters)
Crauford Kent, Grace Cunard D: Ray Taylor
Inspector Blake protects Lord Blanton, his daughter Diana and their valuable ring from strange apparitions created by a jewel thief called the Queen of Diamonds, who tries to convince Diana she is a reincarnated princess. Released with synch music/sound effects and dialogue.

Tarzan, the Tiger (Tarzan IV) ✦✦ (Universal, 15 Chapters)
Frank Merrill, Natalie Kingston D: Henry MacRae
Tarzan loses his memory when he and Jane are badgered by would-be alternative romantic partners Queen La of Opar and Albert Werper. Released with synch music/sound effects

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