The Perils of Pauline
Pearl White, Crane Wilbur

The Exploits of Elaine
Pearl White. Creighton Hale

Who Pays?
Ruth Roland, Henry King

The New Exploits of Elaine
Pearl White, Creighton Hale

The Romance of Elaine
Pearl White, C. Hale, Lionel Barrymore

Neal of the Navy
William Courtleigh Jr., Lillian Lorraine

The Red Circle
Ruth Roland, Frank Mayo

The Iron Claw
Pearl White, C. Hale, Sheldon Lewis

Who’s Guilty?
Anna Q. Nilsson, Tom Moore

The Grip of Evil
Roland Bottomley, Jackie Saunders

The Shielding Shadow
Grace Darmond, Ralph Kellard

Pearl of the Army
Pearl White, Ralph Kellard

The Mystery of the Double Cross
Mollie King, Leon Bary

The Neglected Wife
Ruth Roland, Roland Bottomley

The Fatal Ring
Pearl White, Warner Oland

The Seven Pearls
Mollie King, Creighton Hale

The Hidden Hand
Doris Kenyon, Sheldon Lewis

The House of Hate
Pearl White, Antonio Moreno

Hands Up!
Ruth Roland, George Chesebro

Wolves of Kultur
Charles Hutchison, Sheldon Lewis

The Lightning Raider
Pearl White, Warner Oland

The Terror of the Range
George Larkin, Betty Compson

The Tiger’s Trail
Ruth Roland, George Larkin

The Great Gamble
Charles Hutchison, Anne Luther

Bound and Gagged
George B. Seitz, Marguerite Courtot

The Black Secret
Pearl White, Walter McGrail

The Adventures of Ruth
Ruth Roland, Thomas Lingham

Daredevil Jack
Jack Dempsey, Josie Sedgwick

Trailed by Three
Frances Mann, Wilfred Lytell

The Third Eye
Eileen Percy, Jack Mower, Warner Oland

Pirate Gold
George B. Seitz, Marguerite Courtot

Ruth of the Rockies
Ruth Roland, Herbert Heyes

The Phantom Foe
Juanita Hansen, Warner Oland

Velvet Fingers
George B. Seitz, Marguerite Courtot

Double Adventure
Charles Hutchison, Josie Sedgwick

The Avenging Arrow
Ruth Roland, Edward Hearn

The Sky Ranger
George B. Seitz, June Caprice

The Yellow Arm
Marguerite Courtot, Warner Oland

Hurricane Hutch
Charles Hutchison, Warner Oland

Go Get ‘Em Hutch
Charles Hutchison, Marguerite Clayton

The Timber Queen
Ruth Roland, Bruce Gordon

Charles Hutchison, Lucy Fox

Pearl White, Harry Semels

Haunted Valley
Ruth Roland, Jack Daughterty

Her Dangerous Path
Edna Murphy, Frank Lackteen

Ruth of the Range
Ruth Roland, Bruce Gordon

The Way of a Man
Allene Ray, Harold Miller

Harold Miller, Edna Murphy

The Fortieth Door
Allene Ray, Bruce Gordon

Into the Net
Jack Mulhall, Edna Murphy

Ten Scars Make a Man
Jack Mower, Allene Ray

Galloping Hoofs
Allene Ray, Johnnie Walker

Vivian Rich, Mahlon Hamilton

Sunken Silver
Walter Miller, Allene Ray

Play Ball
Walter Miller, Allene Ray
Wild West
Jack Mulhall, Helen Ferguson

The Green Archer
Walter Miller, Allene Ray

Casey of the Coast Guard
George O’Hara, Helen Ferguson

The Bar-C Mystery
Dorothy Phillips

Snowed In
Walter Miller, Allene Ray

The Fighting Marine
Gene Tunney, Marjorie Day

The House Without a Key
Walter Miller, Allene Ray

On Guard
Cullen Landis, Muriel Kingston

Melting Millions
Walter Miller, Allene Ray

The Crimson Flash
Cullen Landis, Eugenia Gilbert

Hawk of the Hills
Walter Miller, Allene Ray

The Masked Menace
Larry Kent, Jean Arthur

The Man Without a Face
Walter Miller, Allene Ray

Mark of the Frog
Donald Reed, Margaret Morris

The Yellow Cameo
Allene Ray, Edward Hearn

The Terrible People
Walter Miller, Allene Ray

Eagle of the Night
Frank Clarke, Shirley Palmer

The Tiger’s Shadow
Gladys McConnell, Hugh Allan

The Fire Detective
Hugh Allan, Gladys McConnell

Queen of the Northwoods
Walter Miller, Ethlyne Clair

The Black Book
Walter Miller, Allene Ray