What Happened to Mary (Mary I) (Edison, 12 Chapters) DVD (Scene)
Mary Fuller, Marc McDermott, Chas. Ogle D: Charles Brabin
First American movie serial; Mary Cuyler resists the schemes of her foster father, who seeks to marry her off for profit, goes to New York, and tries to survive there while fending off a villain's advances and investigating the secret of her true parentage. (Note: the title is a statement, not a question; the serial tells the story of what happened to the heroine, who is not lost!)


Who Will Marry Mary? (Mary II) (Edison, 6 Chapters)
Mary Fuller, Ben Wilson
Mary inherits a valuable silver mine and is unsure as to whether Duke Leonardo de Ferarra or seemingly more honorable Captain Justin Bradford are courting her or her fortune.

The Adventures of Kathlyn (Selig, 13 Chapters)
Kathlyn Williams, Tom Santschi D: Francis J. Grandin
A British hunter’s daughter seeks him out in India and inherits the throne of Allaha and local schemer Umballa intends to use her as a pawn to seize a dead king’s treasure. The first serial to include cliffhanger endings.

The Chronicles of Cleek (Series) (Edison, 13 Episodes)
Ben Wilson, Harry Beaumont D: George Lessey, Ben Wilson
Thomas W. Hanshew’s safecracker-turned-detective solves mysteries.


Octavius—Amateur Detective (Series) (Edison, 10 Episodes)
Barry O’Moore, Viola Dana D: Charles M. Seay
A comical but “infallible” detective pursues various criminals including a Coney Island pickpocket and jewel and curio thieves, embarks on the “Adventure of the Extra Baby,” and ends up tracking down a counterfeit Santa Claus who steals gifts instead of giving. In the final episode he marries one of his clients. Tied in to text stories in Pictorial Review.

The Active Life of Dolly of the Dailies (Series, Edison, 12 Episodes)
Mary Fuller, Charles Ogle, Gladys Hulette D: Walter Edwin
Reporter Dolly Desmond investigates the theft of a valuable necklace, and gets involved in murder mysteries, affairs of the heart, and a haunting, in self-contained episodes.

The Perils of Pauline ✦✦✦ (Pathé, 20 Episodes) DVD / Book
Pearl White, Crane Wilbur, Paul Panzer D: Louis Gasnier
Pauline, a young heiress, with the assistance of a reporter, attempts to evade attempts of her wicked guardian Owen (aka Koerner) to do away with her and steal her fortune. Content from 13 episodes of the series was condensed to a 9-episode version released in France as The Exploits of Elaine.

The Man Who Disappeared (Edison, 12 Chapters)
Marc MacDermott, Miriam Nesbitt D: Charles Brabin
A young woman’s boyfriend tries to clear his name when he is suspected of the murder of a butler which took place during a jewel robbery.

Lucille Love, Girl of Mystery (Universal, 15 Chapters)
Grace Cunard, Francis Ford D: Francis Ford
A deadly love triangle leads to a revenge scheme in which the boyfriend of the heroine’s daughter is framed for theft of valuable documents and she travels far and wide to try to recover them.

The Million Dollar Mystery (Thanhouser, 23 Chapters)
James Cruze, Marguerite Snow D: Howell Hansell
A Russian gang and Countess Olga pursue an ex-member and his money. Viewers were encouraged to write in possible solutions to the “mystery” for a cash prize. Followed by the episodic girl-detective series Zudora.

The Trey o' Hearts (Universal, 15 Chapters) Book
George Larkin, Cleo Madison, Edw. Sloman D: Wilfred Lucas
Ambitious and influential serial in which the identical twin daughters of a man crippled and destroyed in business pursue his rival’s son. One is determined to assassinate him, the other tries to protect him from her father’s vengeance. A three of hearts playing card is both a warning of death and a play on words referencing the hero and two women Involved in the relentless action which leads to a surprise ending. A key serial in historical terms as it featured both a male and female lead, an identifiable visual symbol, a master villain with a gang of henchmen in his employ, fast-paced perilous action and cliffhanger endings in varied locations, and a general feeling of spectacle, elements which would become recurring characteristics of future cliffhanger serials.

9-14 The Beloved Adventurer (Lubin, 15 Chapters)
Arthur V. Johnson, Lottie Briscoe D: Arthur V. Johnson
Countess Lurovich and her gang attempt to swindle gambler Lord Cecil out of the Golden Hope Mine, and Betty, the daughter of Monte Carson, one of the crooks, endeavors to help him keep it.

The Hazards of Helen (Series) (Kalem, 119 Episodes)
Helen Holmes/Helen Gibson D: J. P. McGowan, J. Davis
Fast-thinking and resourceful Helen faces thwarts thieves and crooks who plan railroad-related crimes. Helen Gibson, originally the stunt woman for star Helen Holmes, took over Holmes’ role herself after 46 episodes. (See also The Girl and the Game.)

The Master Key (Universal, 15 Chapters)
Robert Leonard, Ella Hall D: Robert Z. Leonard
The map to a mine is hidden in an idol by a man who fears he has killed his partner and his daughter fights to protect the property from his accuser. Pursuit of the idol and its secrets transports the cast from the original Western mine setting to exotic foreign locales.

Zudora (Series) ✦✦✦ (Thanhouser, 9 Episodes) DVD
(The Twenty Million Dollar Mystery) (11 Additional Episodes)
Marguerite Snow, James Cruze D: Howell Hansell
Young, enigmatic Zudora solves intriguing mysteries at the prompting of her uncle, who poses as a mystic and wants to claim her vast fortune for himself. Self-contained episode format and storyline abandoned after 9 episodes and continued as The Twenty Million Dollar Mystery. Re-released as The Demon Shadow.

The Exploits of Elaine (Elaine I) (Pathé, 14 Chapters)
Arnold Daly, Pearl White, Creighton Hale D: Louis Gasnier, George Seitz
Scientific detective Craig Kennedy uses his wits and gadgetry to try to unmask “The Clutching Hand,” murderer of Elaine Dodge’s father. The villain and his gang are aided by a Chinese gangster, Long Sin. Followed by two serialized sequels, The New Exploits of Elaine and The Romance of Elaine, which pitted Elaine against different adversaries.


The Fates and Flora Fourflush (Vitagraph, 3 Chapters)
Clara Kimball Young, Charles Brown D: Wally Van
In this early serial parody, Flora Fourflush and Frank Goodheart, a “true-hearted young street-cleaner” fight dastardly Sir Simon Blackheart, who swears to marry the young heiress or do her in.

Runaway June (Reliance, 15 Chapters)
Norma Phillips, Jack W. Johnston D: Oscar Engel
Fearing she will be a failure as a wife, a young woman deserts her husband and finds herself in trouble at the hands of river pirates, among other awkward situations.

The Girl Detective (Series) (Kalem, 17 Episodes)
Ruth Roland, Cleo Ridgely D: James W. Horne
Society girls moonlight as detectives and solve crimes for the police.

The Black Box (Universal, 15 Chapters) Book
Herbert Rawlinson, Anna Little D: Otis Turner
Scientific genius and detective Sanford Quest and his partner Laura use innovative devices, one resembling a modern-day cellular phone, in a bizarre case involving missing jewels, a stolen ape skeleton, disembodied hands and messages delivered in a small black box by a killer in the attempt to clear Quest of a murder charge.

3-? Who Pays? (Series) (Pathé, 12 Chapters)
Ruth Roland, Henry King D: Harry Harvey
The audience was asked to decide who was responsible for the misfortunes depicted in the self-contained episodes of this unusual series of dramatic three-reelers.

Road o'Strife (Lubin, 15 Chapters)
Crane Wilbur, Mary Charleson D: John Ince
Alene, a young woman hidden from the world all her life, escapes from her reclusive captor who is then found murdered. Mysterious incidents that follow lead, then, to the revelation of the secret of her true identity.

The New Exploits of Elaine (Elaine II) (Pathé, 10 Chapters)
Arnold Daly, Pearl White, Creighton Hale D: George B. Seitz
Elaine Dodge comes into the possession of a ring owned by vicious Tong leader Wu Fang which is the key to the location of The Clutching Hand’s treasure. Daly plays “scientific detective” Craig Kennedy, a role he reprised in the Romance of Elaine.

The Diamond From the Sky (I) (American, 30 Chapters)
Lottie Pickford, Irving Cummings D: Jacques Jaccard, Wm. D. Taylor
A large cast of characters, including relatives of an English lord, becomes involved in a story of a gigantic diamond found in a meteor and a child stolen from gypsies.

The Goddess (Vitagraph, 15 Chapters)
Anita Stewart, Earle Williams D: Ralph Ince
Celestia, a mysterious girl raised on an island, who may or may not be a literal angel from Heaven sent to reform the world, defends an innocent man during a miners’ strike, and the man falls in love with her.

5-27 Lady Baffles and Detective Duck (Series) (Powers, 11 Episodes)
Gale Henry, Max Asher D: Allen Curtis
A serial-spoof in which master thief Lady Baffles attempts to steal the silent explosive “noiselessite” and is thwarted in her scheme by clever Detective Duck, who uses such inventions as his “smellograph” to defeat her.

Under the Crescent (Universal, 6 Chapters) Book
Ola Humphrey, Edward Sloman D: Burton King
An American performer, played by herself in the serial, is talked into marriage by an Egyptian prince but ends up in a harem and tries to escape his soldiers with the help of an adventurer. The pursuit ends in a bloodbath from which the hero and heroine emerge alive, and decide all is well once again with the world.

6-21 The Broken Coin (Universal, 22 Chapters)
Grace Cunard, Eddie Polo, Francis Ford D: Francis Ford
Two pieces of a coin will, when put together, lead to treasure—or so believes Kitty Grey, who travels to a Graustarkian kingdom to prove her theory. Count Frederick believes her and goes after her half of the coin.

The Romance of Elaine (Elaine III) (Wharton/Pathé, 12 Chapters) DVD
Pearl White, Lionel Barrymore, Creighton Hale; D: George B. Seitz
International spy Marcus Del Mar (played by young Lionel Barrymore) seeks out Craig Kennedy’s plans for a unique torpedo weapon in Elaine Dodge’s possession. Filmed in Ithaca, New York.

Mysteries of the Grand Hotel (Series) (Kalem, 12 Episodes)
Marin Sais, Charles Cummings D: James W. Horne
Frances Ballon, a girl house detective, and her assistant Jack Hilton investigate crimes perpetrated by jewel thieves and the like at a society hotel. Performed by an ensemble cast. Stories were based on true incidents which took place at real hotels.

Neal of the Navy (Pathé, 14 Chapters)
William Courtleigh Jr., Lillian Lorraine D: W. M. Harvey
Navy Lieutenant Neal Hardin pursues enemies who stole a treasure map.

The Ventures of Marguerite (Series) (Kalem, 15 Episodes) DVD (1 Episode)
Marguerite Courtot D: R. Ellis, J. Macklin, H. Smith
Pretty young Marguerite’s boyfriend protects her from a wealthy Arabian and others who would take advantage of her.

Stingaree (I) (Kalem, 15 Chapters)
True Boardman, Marin Sais D: James W. Horne
Wealthy Irving Randolph flees to Australia after accidentally killing a man and becomes Stingaree, the Robin Hood of the Outback.

Graft (Universal, 20 Chapters)
Hobart Henley, Harry Carey, Jane Novak D: George Lessey, Richard Stanton
The son of a murdered district attorney takes on protection rackets and crooked industrialists his father was investigating.

The Red Circle (Pathé, 14 Chapters)
Ruth Roland, Frank Mayo D: Sherwood MacDonald
A criminologist falls in love with a woman who is tortured by a hereditary urge to commit crimes when a birth mark in the shape of a red circle appears on the back of her hand.

The Girl and the Game (Mutual/Signal, 15 Chapters)
Helen Holmes, Leo Maloney D: J. P. MacGowan
Helen rescues boyfriend Paul Storm from a train wreck and they battle with a competing railroad for the right of way through Las Vegas.


The Strange Case of Mary Page (Essanay, 15 Chapters) Book
Edna Mayo, Henry B. Walthall D: J. Charles Haydon
An actress is discovered unconscious on the floor of a room near the corpse of a man who hated her and is defended in court by the man she loves.

2-22 The Iron Claw (Pathé, 20 Chapters)
Pearl White, Sheldon Lewis, C. Hale D: Edward Jose
A mystery character called The Laughing Mask defends Margery Golden from a claw-handed blackmailer and his gang.

3-27 The Social Pirates (Series) (Kalem, 15 Chapters)
Marin Sais, Ollie Kirkby D: James W. Horne
Two women, Mona and Mary, thwart loan sharks, blackmailers, and racketeers who prey upon the weak and helpless.

The Mysteries of Myra ✦✦✦✦ (Wharton, 15 Episodes) Book / DVD
Jean Sothern, Howard Estabrook D: Theodore & Leo Wharton
Dr. Payson Alden, expert on psychic phenomena, defends young Myra Maynard from supernatural menaces dispatched by the Master of the secret and powerful cult known as the Black Order. The first “paranormal investigation” series, inspired by the work of pioneering spiritualist Hereward Carrington, who advised on the production, and the first appearance of a “black-robed devil cult” in the cinema.

5-1 The Adventures of Peg o' the Ring (Universal, 15 Chapters)
Grace Cunard, Francis Ford D: Francis Ford, J. Jaccard
A crooked gang goes after the inheritance of a circus girl with a dark secret.

Who’s Guilty? (Series) Pathé/Arrow (14 Chapters)
Anna Q. Nilsson, Tom Moore D: Howell Hansel, Lawrence McGill
The two lead actors play different roles in each episode of this series of minor dramas presented to the audience for review at the conclusion of each story.

The Secret of the Submarine (Mutual, 15 Chapters)
Juanita Hansen, Thomas. Chatterton D: George Sargent
A Navy lieutenant and inventor’s daughter try to prevent an oxygen-extracting device for submarines from falling into the hands of spies.

5-22 Gloria's Romance (Kleine, 20 Chapters)
Billie Burke, Henry Kolker D: Walter Edwin
Sheltered and repressed Gloria escapes a controlling governess and ends up lost in the Florida Everglades. A financial failure for the studio.

The Grip of Evil (Pathé, 14 Episodes)
Roland Bottomley, Jackie Saunders D: Wm. S. Douglas, Harry Harvey
Factory worker John Burton comes into possession of a title and inheritance in England and uses his new-found riches to test people and expose the dark side of humanity. Actress Jackie Saunders plays a different role in each of the self-contained stories.

Beatrice Fairfax (Series) ✦✦✦✦ (Wharton, 15 Episodes) DVD (in anthology)
Grace Darling, Harry Fox, Olive Thomas D: Theodore & Leo Wharton
The screen incarnation of the original advice-to-the-lovelorn reporter and her comical friend Jimmy Barton investigate unusual situations brought to their attention by letters written to her at the Evening Standard, then end up in more trouble than they bargained for. The first movie role for Olive Thomas was her part in Episode 10, “Play Ball.”

8-9 The Girl From Frisco (Series) (Kalem, 25 Episodes)
Marin Sais, True Boardman D: James W. Horne
Courageous Barbara Brent and her husband battle crooks, murderers, raiders and gangs in the West.

Liberty, A Daughter of the USA (Universal, 20 Chapters)
Jack Holt, Marie Walcamp D: George B. Seitz
A young heiress is kidnapped by one of her two guardians, who wants to hold her for ransom money to be used in a Mexican uprising and to marry her off to his son. The first Western cliffhanger serial.

The Crimson Stain Mystery (Erbograph, 16 Chapters)
Maurice Costello, Ethel Grandin D: T. Hayes Hunter
A newspaper reporter tracks down Pierre LaRue, a mysterious criminal with glowing red eyes and leader of a gang of savage criminals empowered by a scientist’s strength-enhancing enzyme.

The Yellow Menace (Serial/Signal, 16 Chapters )
Edwin Stevens, Florence Malone D: Louis Gasnier, D. McKenzie
The Secret Service vs. Mongolian mastermind Ali Singh. The title of this serial became a standard term used to describe stories driven by stereotyped Asian villains.

The Shielding Shadow (Pathé, 15 Chapters)
Grace Darmond, Ralph Kellard D: William Earle, Wally Van
The son of a scientist is aided by his sweetheart and an invisible benefactor in his fight to protect a device for locating buried treasure from a band of crooks and clear himself of a murder charge.

The Scarlet Runner (Series) (Vitagraph, 12 Episodes)
Earle Williams, Marguerite Blake D: William Earle, Wally Van
Adventures of Christopher Race and his high-powered automobile, which he uses to help him perform heroic deeds.

A Lass of the Lumberlands (Signal, 15 Chapters)
Helen Holmes, Leo Maloney D: J. P. McGowan
A woman saves the life of her half-brother, is hired by her estranged father’s railroad company and fights crooks after gold.

11-4 Grant, Police Reporter (Series) (Kalem, 29 Episodes)
George Larkin D: Robert Ellis
A reporter chases criminals and spies on the eve of World War I.

The Sequel to The Diamond From the Sky (American, 4 Chapters)
(The Great Stanley Secret) (II) D: Edward Sloman
William Russell, Charlotte Burton
The parents of a child of characters from The Diamond from the Sky are killed and the diamond stolen.

Pearl of the Army (Astra/Pathé, 15 Chapters)
Pearl White, Ralph Kellard D: Edward Jose, G. Seitz
Pearl Dare, dressed in full military costume, battles the Silent Menace and Asian agents who would knock out the still-new Panama Canal by stealing its defense procedures and setting off an uprising.

Perils of Our Girl Reporters (Series) (Niagara/Mutual, 15 Chapters)
Helen Green, Earl Metcalfe D: George Terwilligar
Girl reporter uncovers plots, and crimes and gets caught in the action; a Beatrice Fairfax knockoff.

The Purple Mask (Stern/Universal, 16 Chapters)
Grace Cunard, Francis Ford D: Francis Ford
A woman joins a band of Paris crooks to recover her aunt’s stolen jewels and becomes a master thief who leaves a purple mask behind at the scene of every crime.


The Secret Kingdom (Vitagraph, 15 Chapters)
Charles Richman, Dorothy Kelly D: Theo. Marston, Charles Brabin
The Prince and Princess of Alania, raised in America, are attacked by agents of the leader of the revolutionaries from their country.

The Great Secret (Quality/Serial/Metro, 18 Ch.)
Francis X. Bushman, Beverly Bayne D: William Cabanne
William Montgomery Strong, a rich playboy, protects a woman and her fortune from the clutches of Dr. Zulph and a band of rogues known as the Secret Seven.

Patria ✦✦✦ (Wharton, 15 Chapters) DVD
Irene Castle, Warner Oland, Milton Sills D: Ted & Leo Wharton, J. Jaccard
Patria Channing, heiress to a fortune and a munitions factory, and Secret Service agent Donald Parr defend New York from invasion by the Japanese, as led by master spy Baron Huroki. (Oland’s first Asian character role). At the request of Woodrow Wilson, who did not wish to inflame relations with Japan on the eve of World War I, the story was revised during production, new footage shot to redefine Oland and his invading army as Mexicans, and the primary shooting location was transferred to the American West.

The American Girl (Series) (Kalem, 17 Episodes)
Marin Sais, Edward Hearn, Jack Hoxie D: James W. Horne
More Western two-reelers about mystery, murder and revenge.

The Mystery of the Double Cross ✦✦✦ (Astra/Pathé, 15 Chapters)
Mollie King, Leon Barry D: Burton King, J.P McGowan
Scheming Bridgey Bentley tries to do away with Philippa Brewster, who may be the “girl with the double cross” that Peter Hale must marry to inherit the family fortune. A masked stranger disrupts Bentley’s plans.

A Daughter of Daring (Series) (Kalem, 11 Episodes)
Helen Gibson, L. T. Whitlock D: James Davis
One-reel railroad action shorts featuring Helen Gibson, stunt woman and then replacement lead in the original Hazards of Helen series, as a railroad operator at “Lone Point.” Aborted after 11 episodes due to financial difficulties at the Kalem company.

The Voice on the Wire (Universal, 15 Chapters)
Ben Wilson, Neva Gerber D: Stuart Paton
Criminologist John Shirley and the inventor of the Thought Machine cross paths with an evil mastermind called “The Voice,” and the Black Seven.

Jimmie Dale Alias the Grey Seal (Series) (Monmouth, 16 Episodes)
E. K. Lincoln, Paul Panzer D: Harry Webster
Jimmie Dale, socialite by day and safe-cracker by night, is blackmailed into helping those in need as a sort of Metropolitan Robin Hood, and does so using a number of false names and disguises. A very early screen masked-identity character who would influence many similar pulp magazine and serial characters to follow.

The Railroad Raiders (Signal, 15 Chapters)
Helen Holmes D: J. P. McGowan
Helen tries to clear her father after he is blamed for the theft of $17,000 stolen by a look-alike under the order of an unscrupulous Railroad agent.

The Neglected Wife (Balboa/Pathé, 15 Chapters)
Ruth Roland, Roland Bottomley D: William Bertram
Early soap-opera-style drama in which Ruth is the “other woman” to a married couple.

The Further Adventures of Stingaree (II) (Kalem, 15 Chapters)
True Boardman, Marin Sais D: James W. Horne
More adventures of Tom Erichsen (aka Stingaree) in Australia.

The Gray Ghost (Universal, 16 Chapters)
Priscilla Dean, Emory Johnson, Eddie Polo D: Stuart Paton
Musical comedy performer Morn Light and her lover attempt to foil a plot by mysterious bank robber known as the Gray Ghost.

The Fatal Ring (Astra/Pathé, 20 Chapters)
Pearl White, Warner Oland D: George B. Seitz
Wealthy Violet Standish is targeted for murder by villainous Richard Carslake, who wants to steal a precious violet diamond.

The Fighting Trail (Vitagraph, 15 Chapters)
William Duncan, Carol Holloway, Joe Ryan D: William Duncan
Mining engineer John Gwynn protects a mine loaded with a rare mineral used to manufacture explosives from henchmen of Von Bleck, a German spy.

The Seven Pearls (Astra/Pathé, 15 Chapters)
Mollie King, Creighton Hale D: L. Gasnier, D. McKenzie
The daughter of a retired diplomat must either find the scattered pearls of a valuable necklace or be forced to join the harem of a Sultan.

The Lost Express (Signal, 15 Chapters)
Helen Holmes, Leo Maloney D: J. P. McGowan
A train carrying the secret of the formula for granulated gasoline disappears, resulting in a battle involving a criminal called Harelip, a man of mystery, and the daughter of the inventor of the formula.

The Red Ace (Universal, 16 Chapters)
Marie Walcamp, Larry Peyton D: Jacques Jaccard
Virginia Dixon and a Mounted policeman battle the Terror and his mysterious ape-like creature over a platinum mine in Canada.

Who is Number One? (Paramount, 15 Chapters)
Kathleen Clifford, Cullen Landis D: William Bertram
Paramount’s only serial, a mystery-villain melodrama with strong female roles including an estranged wife and a villainess scorned.

The Hidden Hand (Astra/Pathé, 15 Chapters)
Doris Kenyon, Sheldon 1Lewis D: James Vincent
Doris Whitney, a princess and heir to a foreign throne raised in the United States, is menaced by a disguised stalker.

The Mystery Ship (Universal, 18 Chapters)
Ben Wilson, Neva Gerber D: Henry MacRae, Harry Harvey
On a South Sea island, a nautical phantom in a miniature silver cruiser protects Betty Lee, owner of a treasure map, from “The Spider” and his advanced weaponry.

Vengeance and the Woman (Vitagraph, 15 Chapters)
William Duncan, Carol Holloway D: William Duncan
Black Jack and Red Johnson, two escaped convicts, swear vengeance upon the man responsible for their conviction.


A Daughter of Uncle Sam (Jaxon, 12 Chapters)
William Sorelle, Jane Vance D: James Morton
Wireless telegrapher Jessie Emerson intercepts a coded message from Von Prague, a foreign spy. Secret Service agent Captain Taylor helps Jessie crack the spy ring.

The Bull's Eye (Universal, 18 Chapters) Eddie Polo, Vivian Marsh, Noble Johnson D: James W. Horne
A gang of outlaws plots to murder the owner of the Bull’s Eye Ranch.

The House of Hate ✦✦✦✦ (Astra/Pathé, 20 Chapters) DVD
Pearl White, Antonio Moreno D: George B. Seitz
When her father is murdered, Pearl, illegitimate daughter of a wealthy inventor, inherits the Waldon fortune. A berserk masked maniac known as The Hooded Terror, who may be one of the spurned Waldon heirs, then targets her and lover Harry Gresham for assassination and attacks relentlessly. This serial included strong leads and thrilling stunt work, essentially invented the costumed super-villain, and became so popular it was extended from its original length to 20 episodes after the murder mystery concluded (chapters were added in which the hero and heroine go to war to try to defeat enemy spies). Pearl also appears in an alternate role as a condemned woman who is her double.

The Eagle's Eye (Wharton/Foursquare, 20 Chapters)
King Baggot, Marguerite Snow D: George Lessey, Wellington Playter
Harrison Grant of New York’s “Criminology Club” and Dixie Mason of the U.S. Secret Service uphold the American cause against diabolical German government spies, who sink the Lusitania then attack America, destroying ships and submarines then attacking towns and even spreading infantile paralysis germs. Demonization of German characters resulted in the serial being pulled from release in some areas.

The Lion's Claw (Universal, 18 Chapters)
Marie Walcamp, Thomas Lingham D: Harry Harvey, J. Jaccard
The Central Powers try to ignite war in Africa during World War I, and Beth Johnson is one of a group of English citizens caught in both the scheme and a dangerous jungle.

The Woman in the Web (Vitagraph, 15 Chapters)
Hedda Nova, J. Frank Glendon D: Paul Hurst, David Smith
Princess Olga, who works in the Tsar’s American embassy, seeks her freedom and is aided by an American on the eve of the Russian Revolution.

A Fight for Millions (Vitagraph, 15 Chapters)
Edith Johnson, William Duncan D: William Duncan
The will of Jean Benton’s father stipulates that she must marry one of two men to claim her inheritance. Finding both men unsatisfactory, she bands together with her sweetheart, Bob Hardy, who helps her fend off the attempts of the two to force her into marriage.

The Brass Bullet (Universal, 18 Chapters)
Jack Mulhall, Juanita Hansen D: Ben Wilson
A writer, after escaping from a sanitarium to which he had been sent by mistake, finds himself on Pleasure Island, where he saves heiress Rosalind Joy from kidnapping and villainy, most of it conducted by her uncle, who has his eye on Rosalind's buried treasure.

Hands Up! (Astra/Pathé, 15 Chapters)
Ruth Roland, George Chesebro D: James W. Horne
Latter-day Incas mistake writer Echo Delane for a lost princess. Includes a disguised character called The Phantom Rider which may have influenced the appearance of the Masked Rider in the 1919 serial of the same name.

Wolves of Kultur ✦✦ (Western/Pathé, 15 Chapters)
Charles Hutchison, Sheldon Lewis D: Joseph Golden
Propagandistic WWI serial introducing stunt man Charles Hutchison features secret agents fighting over a “wireless torpedo.”

The Iron Test (Vitagraph, 15 Chapters)
Antonio Moreno, Carol Holloway D: Robert Bradbury, Paul Hurst
Craven, aka The Red Mask, sinister cousin of circus cowboy "shooting star" Bert Forde, is intent on obtaining Forde's righful fortune and jealous of bareback-rider Ruth Paige's affection for him in this circus-set story.

The Silent Mystery (Burston, 15 Chapters)
Francis Ford, Rosemary Theby D: Francis Ford
A woman steals a large jewel called the "Eye of the World" from an Egyptian temple and returns to the States with it, not knowing that Princess Kah, determined to regain the jewel, has followed her. Detective Phil Kelly and the woman’s daughter Betty investigate after strange adventures follow, involving an underwater city, a ten-foot tall Frankenstein-like creature, and a pair of disembodied hands that appear from nowhere.

The Lure of the Circus (Universal, 18 Chapters)
Eddie Polo, Eileen Sedgwick D: J. P. McGowan
Eddie Somers must fight and survive multiple attempts on his life to protect not only his Great Western Circus but also his father's oil ventures.

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