FLYING G-MEN was a precursor to the Blackhawks of the comics. THE GREAT AIR MYSTERY and
THE MYSTERY SQUADRON are excellent quality transfers and BRUCE GENTRY an enjoyable
Republic-like serial with plenty of stunt fighting.

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Featuring Lee Powell, Herman Brix and The Lightning
Directed by William Witney

A group of heroic marines sent to Lingchuria battle a helmeted super-villain and murderer called The Lightning, who soars through the sky in a flying wing, controls "the power of electricity" and wants to use it to rule the world. The soldiers must use a combination of force and detective work to discover the Lightning's identity before he wreaks havoc upon the entire planet from his secret island headquarters.

This serial may have been planned for Doc Savage but the title characters cast as Marines instead when the license fee for the character turned out to be too high for Republic to be able to afford. So if that was the case, that is why the Doc Savage-type world-conquering villain Republic made up still remains in the serial. The Lightning was to become the cinematic prototype for the character Darth Vader in
Star Wars, so fans of those films should check it out. And, of course, this is also an opportunity to see Lee Powell, the screen's first Lone Ranger, in another leading role.

Picture and audio have been restored and while the original print, which was not "perfect," was sometimes variable where exposure was concerned, which created some occasional high-contrast scenes after adjustment, most of the footage has been adjusted to proper exposure and the transfer is clear, stable, and remarkably sharp throughout.

This title was only ever released by Republic Home Video 30 or so years ago as a VHS tape and all existing on or off-line versions are copies of that tape, in which contrast may be more even than in this edition but which is not sharp. The Squadron edition is a new transfer from film which has three times that resolution and is the sharpest video version of this serial in existence, appropriate for large-screen TV viewing.


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as the famous Fawcett Comics Hero
and HANS SCHUMM as The Mask

The fan-favorite serial in a new HD transfer by Dino Everett at the USC Hefner Moving Image Archive and restored by Eric Stedman of the Squadron, for the first time on 1440 x 1080 Blu-Ray. Really.

The Blu-ray and DVD include the complete 12-episode serial, re-release trailer and .cbz files of all the original Spy Smasher comic books which can be read on your computer.

You can use the PICTURE, ZOOM, or ASPECT button on your TV remote to watch the serial in either widescreen or normal 4:3 mode.

This is not the end-all greatest digital video version of SPY SMASHER which could ever possibly exist, what it is, though, is a new HD digital transfer from the Squadron's 16mm print,with improved sharpness, stabilization, motion and audio in comparison to the old 1990s VHS version.

SPY SMASHER remains, however, one of the most exciting and masterfully directed and produced sound cliffhanger serials ever made and an action-adventure masterpiece--the second comic book hero movie ever made, and still, possibly, the best--and this version will be sharper, clearer and more stable than any version on video you have seen before.

This transfer is complete, splice-free and very good quality and suitable for viewing on large-screen TVs. This is not a quick knockoff copy of anything else but the product of 6 months of transfer and restoration work. The entire serial has been painstakingly stabilized shot by shot and is rock-solid, and the sound also has been thoroughly restored. The final restoration even contains fixes of some errors which were present in all past video versions & apparently in the 1942 Republic original. There is a little dust in some of the early chapter openings but larger artifacts and damage have all been removed and there are no lines or scratches in the image at all; even reel change markers have been eliminated. Picture quality is very good to excellent throughout, reflecting the quality of the print from which it was transferred.

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The Blu-Ray version of this title is recommended as it has much smoother motion and twice the sharpness of the DVD edition.


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Featuring Robert Paige and Adrian Booth with Sammy McKim

BY POPULAR DEMAND: The lively and rare serial featuring mystery character The Black Falcon, who, with his G-man friends, fight on land and in the air to try to destroy a spy ring in pre-WWII America. Who is behind the mask? We don't always know for sure but if one of the G-men in the Black Falcon guise perishes, another will take his place. Adrian Booth's first serial and the obvious inspiration for the comic book character

Lo-res analog transfer; not super-sharp but stable, clean and scratch-free; reel change markers removed, end titles restored/reconstructed, opening titles fully visible (they say FLYING G-MEN, not LYING G-ME), fully restored audio. This is not a new digital transfer but a clean copy of a serial you may not have which should hold you until we do a full-quality new restoration someday. Sounds and looks good on phones, tablets, computers and small to medium size TV screens.

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The Master Key
✦✦✦ (13 Chapters)
Dennis Moore, Milburn Stone D: Ray Taylor

In the pre-World War II United States, a Nazi espionage ring--each member possessing a key to a headquarters control device--takes direction from an unseen leader, The Master Key. The focus of their efforts is Professor Henderson’s Orotron device, which can extract gold from sea water. Federal agent Tom Brant heads a spy-fighting trio that includes police detective Jack Ryan and reporter Janet Lowe. Who is The Master Key? An unknown foe or a false friend in disguise? You’ll have to wait until the final chapter (13) to find out for sure!

Transfer Quality: Very good, from 16mm
DVD Contents: 2-DVD set, black and white, complete serial
Special Features: National Anthem by Fred Waring and his Pennsylvanians, World War II Introduction: "The Rise of the Axis" (which sets the stage for the action to follow
Cartoon: “Daffy the Commando”

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Bruce Gentry, Daredevil of the Skies
Featuring Tom Neal, Tristram Coffin and Judy Clark

An aviator takes on a gang of crooks led by a foreign agent called "The Recorder" who use high-tech "flying discs" to enforce their campaign of destruction. Directed by Spencer Bennet in Republic serial-style, featuring stunt men Tom Steele and Dale VanSickel in stunt fight after stunt fight. Restored pretty well from a rough print with some scratches and damage but complete, sharp and watchable. with good sound and non-splicy openings and closings. Not perfect but a vast improvement over existing copies in circulation.


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The Rex Bennett Collection
(Republic, 30 Chapters)
Rod Cameron, Duncan Renaldo, Joan Marsh, Lionel Royce, Nino Pipitone,
D: Spencer Bennet, William Witney

Contains the complete restored editions of both Secret Service in Darkest Africa and G-Men vs. the Black Dragon featuring Rod Cameron (doubled by stunt man Tom Steele) as WWII US Agent Rex Bennett.

DVD Contents: 2-DL-DVD Set, 2 Complete serials, 30 episodes
Special Features: Trailer for G-Men vs. the Black Dragon, re-release trailer for Secret Service

This title is available as a Hybrid Blu-Ray

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Steve Canyon
(1958, 36 Episodes packaged in three 2-DVD sets)

Featuring Dean Fredericks as Steve Canyon
DVD sets produced and restored by
John Ellis

All 36 of the half-hour episodes of the classic 1958 NBC TV series (plus an unaired pilot film), featuring the famed comic strip hero created by Milton Caniff

The STEVE CANYON TV SERIES restoration by John Ellis is remarkably high in quality. The transfer is from the original 35mm show masters and artifacts are all removed so the quality is "pristine." The 3-DVD set includes commentary tracks by a featured performers on almost every episode. Commercials and extras are also there. If you enjoy this series, this is a must-buy.

network promos and commercials are preserved and appear in each episode. Commentary tracks on over 30 episodes by various guest stars and a PDF of an unproduced script are also included.

EXTERNAL LINK: Click here to order Volumes 1-3

"The quality of the DVDs of this show are nothing short of outstanding. They have been meticulously restored to their original glory, as well as the original commercials and promos that were of the time. A real trip back to the late 1950's." -- Amazon reviewer Mark Costa

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The Mystery Squadron
✦✦✦ (Mascot, 12 Chapters)
Bob Steele, Guinn Williams, Jack Mulhall
D: Colbert Clark/Howard

Near San Juan, New Mexico, a mysterious aviator known as the Black Ace and his squadron of phantom flame-throwing planes threatens to destroy a dam construction project and it's up to flying aces Fred Cromwell and Bill "Jelly Bean" Cook to track down the Mystery Squadron, infiltrate their mountain hideout and discover the true identity of the Black Ace before it's too late.

View Online Video: Chapter 3

Transfer Quality: Excellent with some occasional graininess, from 16mm, audio noise-reduced

DVD Contents: 2-DVD Set, Complete serial
Special Features: Amazing aviation stunt sequence from silent film

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The Fighting Marines
✦✦✦ (Mascot, 12 Chapters)
Grant Withers, Adrian Morris
D: B. Reeves Eason

The Tiger Shark is the nemesis of the two non-coms of The Fighting Marines, willing even to take on the Navy Dept. for possession of Halfway Island.

View Online Video: Chapter 1

Transfer Quality: Newly remastered on a Rank Cintel from an original print.
DVD Contents: 2 DVD set, black and white, with illustrated menus, chapter selection buttons, and scene markers within chapters.
Special Features: Theatrical trailer
Newsreel from 1938 featuring serial hero Sammy Baugh playing football, and a "real-life" Rocket-man!
"Puddle Pranks," a Flip the Frog cartoon by Ub Iwerks

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✦✦✦ (Wharton, 15 Chapters)
Irene Castle, Warner Oland, Milton Sills
D: The Whartons, J. Jaccard

Patria Channing, heiress to a fortune and a munitions factory, and Secret Service agent Donald Parr defend New York from invasion by the Japanese, as led by master spy Baron Huroki. (Oland’s first Asian character role) Reshoots and revisions were made to the serial when Woodrow Wilson suggested the invaders be identified as Mexican so as not to antagonize Japan, and in latter episodes the setting was changed to the American West. Milton Sills is the hero of the story, playing a US Secret Service agent. The serial also features Mike Rale, who played the sinister Master of the Black Order in
The Mysteries of Myra, as Huroki’s assistant Kato. Screen action takes place around Cayuga Lake and other recognizable Ithaca, New York locations.

View Online Video: Existing Chapters & Slideshow

Transfer Quality:
Excellent/Good, from 2 different prints
DVD Contents:
Restored episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, and 10; about 75 minutes; 2-DVD set, color tinted and with new musical score
Special Features: 6 1/2 minute Photo Gallery of ads & over 75 Stills & Behind the Scenes Shots

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Tailspin Tommy in
The Great Air Mystery
✦✦+ (Universal, 12 Chapters)
Clark Williams, Jean Rogers, Noah Beery Jr.
D: Ray Taylor

Tommy and pals fly to Nazil Island in the Pacific to help a group of honest businesspeople protect oil reserves from takeover. They get assistance from an undercover reporter and from a masked mystery pilot called both the Eagle and El Condor.

Transfer Quality: Excellent, digital transfer from excellent quality original 16mm print; audio restored
DVD Contents: Complete serial
Special Features: Serial Trailers

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(1942, 15 Chapters)
Paul Kelly as the Black Commando
with Anne Nagel
and Trevor Bardette

Police lieutenant Dan Barton fakes his dismissal from the force and reappears as the masked Black Commando in order to infiltrate an enemy sabotage ring after a secret code that will reveal the secret formula for synthetic rubber. Barton receives aid from his former patrolman partner and a reporter as he fights to expose the leader of the gang. Action-packed wartime serial inspired by the success of Spy Smasher with bonus "code-breaker" segments following each episode.

Status: In line for transfer to 1920 x 1080 HD

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World War II On the Air

A great historical collection of over 100 broadcasts from WWII, 1938-1946, including both original recordings of news reports and also audio dramas, including Words at War, presented in order of date broadcast.

VERY useful if you are studying the history of the war. If you were to listen to this straight through you'd get a full picture of both what was happening in the news and the sentiment of the American people as expressed through drama.

Also includes some mockeries of American songs used as propaganda by the Germans.

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