The amazing, action-packed "perfect serial"
and the feature version DOCTOR SATAN'S ROBOT on Blu-Ray/DVD
Featuring Robert Wilcox as Bob Wayne/the Copperhead
Eduardo Ciannelli as Doctor Satan
Ella Neal as Lois and Tom Steele as the Robot

Directed by
William Witney and John English
Musical score by
Cy Feuer
Originally released December 13, 1940

A crazed, sadistic scientist called Doctor Satan plans to create an army of killer robots and control the world after he obtains a remote control device invented by Professor Scott. After one of Satan's crooked assassins kills the Governor and a leading criminologist, a new masked hero called the Copperhead steps up to the plate to avenge the death of his stepfather, battle Doctor Satan and his remorseless killer robot and rescue the daughter of the captive scientist. The Copperhead fights the sinister Satan and his gang single-handedly on land, sea, and in the air and the serial builds to a tense final confrontation between the two arch-enemies as Doctor Satan captures all those who oppose him and is ready to set the robot upon them and kill them all. Only the Copperhead can stop him.

Cliffhanger situations here created for Superman, the original intended lead character in the serial, and adapted for the Copperhead are quite extreme and thrilling; this is why the serial is considered a favorite by fans. It is also an excellent example of pulp-style characters and story brought to life on film. The serial shows influence from Batman as well as the hero wears a cowl and is named Bob Wayne.

The Copperhead was a very early masked hero of the movies whose only adventure was this serial. He's portrayed effectively by handsome deep-voiced actor Robert Wilcox, and the part of Doctor Satan is executed with an air of exquisite evil by veteran screen villain Eduardo Ciannelli. It's also obvious Ella Neal was hired to play Lois Lane as she looks just like the cartoon version of the character as she was portrayed at the time. William Newell plays photographer Speed Martin, a Jimmy Olsen analogue.

Contains probably the most effective and exciting stunt fights of any classic movie serial, choreographed and executed by David Sharpe and others, and great stunt riding by Dorothy Herbert.

This serial has never before had anything but a VHS tape transfer made available 30 years ago.
All those versions you see of this serial on eBay or even Amazon are nothing but dupes of the old Republic 2-tape VHS set. That is NOT what this is, it's something entirely new and available nowhere else--created from a new digital transfer and the product of 4 months of restoration work by Eric Stedman, director of the Squadron, and John ("Steve Canyon") Ellis.

New 2K digital transfer. Stabilized shot by shot, major picture artifacts eliminated, audio restored, 15 episodes, 267 minutes

Restored from transfers of both a film print of the full serial and a print of the feature version of the serial. Image is occasionally bright and minor damage on some openings and closings is visible but the image is very sharp and has been stabilized shot by shot. Major artifact cleanup and picture restoration has been performed particularly on Chapters 1 and 2. The serial is fully complete; no content is missing and most or all splices or reel change markers have been digitally eliminated. Sound is very clear and strong. Also includes a few shots not previously available on video.

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The feature version of MYSTERIOUS DOCTOR SATAN. From a new HD transfer of a very-good-quality 16mm print. No major restoration.

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on Blu-Ray
1440 x 1080
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