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Columbia Serial Themes

Every single one of the opening themes from all the Columbia serials made over 20 years, queued in order, beginning with JUNGLE MENACE from 1937, moving along to THE SPIDER'S WEB, THE GREEN ARCHER, THE SECRET CODE, BATMAN, THE PHANTOM, THE DESERT HAWK, BRENDA STARR, REPORTER and many more till it finishes up with BLAZING THE OVERLAND TRAIL from 1956.

Shipped in a DVD case so you can read the index of titles on the back.


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The Blue Beetle
Featuring Frank Lovejoy
Audio DVD

24 Complete stories, noise-reduced and with enhanced fidelity; Dolby digital sound -- 9 Hours of content

Sweeping down upon the underworld to smash gangland comes a friend of the unfortunate, enemy of criminals, the mysterious all-powerful character who is a problem to the police, a crusader for law! In reality Dan Garrett, a rookie patrolman, loved by everyone but suspected by none of being . . . the Blue Beetle. As the Blue Beetle, he hides behind a strange mask and a suit of impenetrable blue chain armor, flexible as silk but stronger than steel!

Each episode is a complete story in itself; the originally 2-part stories have been conveniently presented as single half-hour format shows. BTW, we did the restoration work on these files which have since been copied by others; this disk is the original, not a copy.

Episode titles
1 Origin of the Blue Beetle/The Opium Gang
2 Sabotage and Liquidation
3 Murder for Profit
4 Blasting the Dynamite Gang
5 The Invisible Ghost
6 Death Rides on Horseback
7 Death Strikes from the East
8 The Sea Serpent
9 The Frame-up
10 Spirits Don't Talk
11 Thoroughbreds Always Come Through
12 Smashing the Arson Ring
13 Rounding Up the Payroll Bandits
14 Crime Incorporated
15 Saved By a Hair
16 Finesse in Diamonds
17 Sabotage Incorporated
18 Smashing the Restaurant Racket
19 Two Rackets in One
20 The Underworld Goes Underground
21 Dancing Ghost of Rocky Hill
22 The Whale of Pirates' Folly
23 The Asylum of Dr. Drear
24 The Jewel Mystery of Channel Island

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The Tarzan Audio Collection

2-Audio DVD Set
Includes the audio serials:
Tarzan of the Apes
Tarzan and the Diamond of Asher
Tarzan and the Fires of Tohr
and standalone Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle radio programs

Disk 1: Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle
71 Half-hour Adventures, 30 Hours of content

71 Episodes of the further adventures of Tarzan, originally broadcast in the 1950s. These programs are similar in tone to the Ron Ely television programs of the 60s and generally intelligent and entertaining.

Disk 2: The Tarzan Radio Serials
3 Full Audio Adventure Serials, 30 Hours of content

76 episodes of TARZAN OF THE APES (1932) the original story of Tarzan, as scripted by his creator Edgar Rice Burroughs and starring his son-in-law James Pierce and daughter Joan Burroughs, and two more complete serials, THE DIAMOND OF ASHER (1934) and THE FIRES OF TOHR (1936), one never aired. Very good sound quality on all episodes.

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Audio Blu-Ray
Over 700 Terrifying Tales
240 Hours / 10 Days

A massive archive of audio drama horrors and mysteries focusing on stories of the supernatural, murder, ghosts, revenge, shadow people, curses, and things that go bump in the night.

This Blu-ray contains illustrated screens but NO video. It contains audio dramas only. But a whole, whole lot of them, all on one disk. This is not something like an MP3 CD but a fully authored Blu-Ray and will play ONLY in your Blu-Ray player. It has extensive illustrated menus and programs are indexed alphabetically by title in 30+ menus which makes it easy to find the story you want, when you want to hear it. An illustrated background and the program title will appear on the screen while you listen.


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World War II On the Air
Audio DVD

A great historical collection of over 100 broadcasts from WWII, 1938-1946, including both original recordings of news reports and also audio dramas, including Words at War, presented in order of date broadcast.

VERY useful if you are studying the history of the war. If you were to listen to this straight through you'd get a full picture of both what was happening in the news and the sentiment of the American people as expressed through drama.

Also includes some mockeries of American songs used as propaganda by the Germans.

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Audio DVD

17 Hours of wild and thoroughly politically incorrect 1930s tales featuring 45 ripping stories, one complete 26 episode serial (the captivating MOON OVER AFRICA), and 34 rousing songs. The World Adventurers Club stories are purportedly told by intrepid explorer types who visit lost lands to which they are usually not invited, in search of treasure, romance or dramatic adventure stories they can take back to their exclusive club and tell the other fellows about. They encounter lost tribes and escape sacrifice, fall in love with exotic women, and usually generally make a mess of things but escape a major catastrophe with their lives and broken hearts just in time. Short dramatized tales are intermixed with exotic songs performed by "the quartet."

Fully indexed on the back cover and in multiple illustrated menus (containing photos of the locations described in the stories) so any individual story or song can be located and played very easily.


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The Mystery Mind
A Squadron re-creation of a lost 1920 serial
In Post-Production / Featuring Adrian Booth

A telepathic young heiress is marked for death by a murderous gang of weird killers, led by the disembodied voice known only as “The Mystery Mind.” Her hypnotist fiance must rescue her and stop them from finding the Treasure of Atlantis. More villains than any other serial has ever contained; this serial was an attempt to outdo THE MYSTERIES OF MYRA with its cast of bizarre characters and it gets over the top early on as Violet, the heroine escapes numerous murder attempts and just doesn’t stop going from there until the cast ends up in a remote jungle temple where an unspeakable ritual is about to be led by black magician Evil Eye, a creature up to this point conceived by Violet only in nightmares.

A fully dramatized re-creation of the lost 1922 serial, as created for and performed over 4 years at SerialFest events, and featuring
ADRIAN BOOTH as the villainess, Vera “the Snake” Collins in her final serial performance.

The original stars of the serial were real-life hypnotist J. Robert Pauline, Violet MacMillan (best known for her appearances in the Frank Baum Oz films) and veteran serial villain Paul Panzer of THE PERILS OF PAULINE and THE MASKED RIDER.