The Voice from the Sky (Ben Wilson, 10 Chapters) Blu-Ray
Neva Gerber, Hal Taliaferro D: Ben Wilson
A scientist uses the “secret of the air” to broadcast his voice across the globe and demand peace, but foreign spies kill him then pursue his daughter Jean to try to get the secret. She is protected by Jack Deering of the Secret Service and the phantom Man From Nowhere. The first all-sound serial, which had fully synchronized audio (and dialogue) and limited release.

The Lone Defender ✦✦ (Mascot, 12 Chapters) DVD
Walter Miller, Rin Tin Tin D: Richard Thorpe
Is Ramon trying to protect the daughter of a murdered man or is he himself the notorious “Cactus Kid?” First nationally-distributed sound serial.

The Jade Box (Universal, 10 Chapters)
Louise Lorraine, Jack Perrin D: Ray Taylor
A stolen jade box is said to contain the secret of invisibility and have the power to return Jack Lamar’s father from the “land of shadows.” Released with synch music/sound effects

The Lightning Express (Universal, 10 Chapters)
Lane Chandler, Louise Lorraine D: Henry MacRae
Railroad detective Whispering Smith diverts Jack Venable from a playboy life and helps him go after the enemies of a crack train built by the young man's late father. Released with synch music & sound effects.

Terry of the Times (Universal, 10 Chapters)
Reed Howes, Sheldon Lewis D: Henry MacRae
Newsman Terry is up against an evil league known as the Mystic Mendicants, who are trying to steal control of the newspaper from his uncle and Terry's publisher/relative is being impersonated by the boss of the Mendicants. Released with synch music & sound effects.

The Indians are Coming ✦✦ (Universal, 12 Chapters)
Tim McCoy, Allene Ray D: Henry MacRae
The principals join a wagon train to get to the rich gold mine owned by heroine Mary's uncle, and coveted by villain Rance Martin, who would marry Mary and dispose of her uncle to gain control. First Universal serial with full-length dialogue soundtrack, also released in a silent version.


The Phantom of the West ✦✦✦ (Mascot, 12 Chapters)
Tom Tyler, Dorothy Gulliver D. Ross Lederman
An escaped fugitive tells rancher Jim Lester that seven men in town know the name of the true murderer of his father. Lester, aided by the daughter of Francisco Cortez, an escaped convict falsely accused of the crime, follows up clues to the mystery, with the mysterious caped Phantom on his heels.

The Spell of the Circus (Universal, 12 Chapters)
Francis X. Bushman, Alberta Vaughn D: Robert F. Hill
Jack Grant, a circus cowboy, defends his sweetheart Marie Wallace, the circus owner's daughter, from the unwanted advances of manager Morgan, who attempts to abduct and marry her.

King of the Wild ✦✦ (Mascot, 12 Chapters)
Walter Miller, Boris Karloff D: B. R. Eason, R. Thorpe
The Rajah of Rampur's evil cousin Dakar will usurp the throne before the Rajah's good brother arrives in town unless salesman Robert Grant, who resembles the Rajah, takes his place. Grant is framed for the Rajah's death by Harris, a corrupt explorer. Escaping from his captors, Grant disguises himself as an Arab and tries to obtain a letter which will prove his innocence. And Mustapha, an Arab, is after the location of a diamond field known only to Tom Armitage, brother of Muriel, the only person who knows Grant's true identity.

Finger Prints (Universal, 10 Chapters)
Kenneth Harlan, Edna Murphy D: Ray Taylor
To win her hand, Secret Service man Gary Gordon must clear the name of his girl Lola's father by solving the murder of his partner.

The Mystery Trooper ✦✦✦ (Syndicate, 10 Chapters) DVD
Robert Frazer, Blanche Mehaffey D: Stuart Paton, Harry Webb
A masked Mountie intervenes when a gang of crooks attempt to steal both halves of a map which will reveal the location of a gold mine. The two heirs are assisted by a wild horse and a trusted Indian friend.

The Sign of the Wolf ✦✦+ (Metropolitan, 10 Chapters) DVD
Rex Lease, Joe Bonomo D: Forrest Sheldon, Harry Webb
An eccentric explorer discovers a pair of radioactive chains with the power to change sand to jewels in India, where he also acquires a puppy apparently marked by the Sign of the Wolf. Years later, he and his daughter are endangered by criminals who would like to get their hands on them and a religious sect to whom the chains are sacred. Two helpful cowboys, Tom and Bud, help the beleaguered Farnums.

The Vanishing Legion ✦✦+ (Mascot, 12 Chapters) DVD
Harry Carey, Boris Karloff (voice) D: Ford Beebe, B. Reeves Eason
Warmhearted Kit Cardigan and his energetic young friend Jimmie Williams (astride protean stallion Rex) struggle to save an oil field and Darro's father from the Voice, who gives orders to his ruffians via pocket radios.

Heroes of the Flames (Universal, 12 Chapters)
Tim McCoy, Marion Shockley D: Robert F. Hill
A firefighter investigates and combats conflagrations raging in the metropolis he serves.

Danger Island (Universal, 12 Chapters)
Kenneth Harlan, Lucile Browne D: Ray Taylor
Before dying, Professor Adams reveals to his daughter Bonnie the location of a promising radium field on an island in Africa. Schemers Ben Arnold and Aileen Chandos offer their help to her in order to steal the deposit's riches. Capt. Harry Drake protects (and falls in love with) Bonnie and guards her inheritance.

The Galloping Ghost ✦✦✦ (Mascot, 12 Chapters) Blu-Ray / DVD
Harold "Red" Grange D: B. Reeves Eason
Football star Red Grange is framed by crooked gamblers for throwing a game and must clear his name and untangle his friend and fellow player Buddy from a blackmail scheme.

The Lightning Warrior ✦✦✦✦ (Mascot, 12 Chapters)
Frankie Darro, Hayden Stevenson D: Ben Kline, A. Schaefer
The mysterious Wolf Man, in black cape and slouch hat, stirs up a twenty-year-old Indian curse in an attempt to chase settlers out of town while Jimmy Carter and Rin Tin Tinlast frontier, along with a federal agent, fight to discover the killer of Rinty's master.

Battling with Buffalo Bill ✦✦✦ (Universal, 12 Chapters)
Tom Tyler, Lucile Browne D: Ray Taylor
Buffalo Bill defends the frontier town of Hard Rock against greedy gambler Jim Rodney, who stirs up the Indians so he can steal a valuable gold claim.


The Shadow of the Eagle ✦✦+ (Mascot, 12 Chapters)
John Wayne, Dorothy Gulliver D: Ford Beebe, B. R. Eason
Nathan Gregory, owner of a small carnival, is suspected of stealing a valuable aircraft invention, and becomes a fugitive. Trying to clear his name are his daughter Jean and stunt pilot Craig McCoy, an enterprising ventriloquist, a faithful strongman, and a streetwise midget. Stirring up most of the mischief is the Eagle, who skywrites warnings while he plots against the directors of an airplane plant.

Detective Lloyd (UK: Lloyd of the CID) (Universal, 12 Chapters)
Jack Lloyd, Muriel Angelus D: Ray Taylor, H. MacRae
Jack Lloyd, Scotland Yard inspector, protects King Tutankhamen’s amulet and its owner, Diana Brooks, from a thief and master of disguise called the Panther and his accomplice Sybil Craig while priests of Pharaoh Amenhotep II and a female “manor ghost” watch from the shadows.

The Airmail Mystery (Universal, 12 Chapters)
James Flavin, Lucile Browne D: Ray Taylor
The mysterious Black Hawk kidnaps Jimmy Ross, brother of flying Ace Bob Lee's girlfriend, and wreaks havoc trying to get ahold of gold.

The Last of the Mohicans ✦✦✦ (Mascot, 12 Chapters)
Harry Carey, Walter Miller D: Ford Beebe, B. R. Eason
During the French and Indian War it is British versus French and Mohican versus Huron, and caught in the turmoil are Colonel Munro, commander of the doomed Fort William Henry, and his two daughters, traveling through perilous territory to reach him.

Heroes of the West ✦✦ (Universal, 12 Chapters) DVD
Noah Beery Jr., Jacqueline Logan D: Ray Taylor
Railroad man John Blaine, his son Noah and daughter Ann struggle to continue construction of the transcontinental railroad despite the attempts of crooks and hostile Indians to foil their plans.

The Hurricane Express ✦✦✦ (Mascot, 12 Chapters)
John Wayne, Shirley Grey D: J. P. McGowan. Armand Schaefer
Pilot Larry Baker tries to discover the identity of the master of disguise known as The Wrecker, who is responsible for the death of his father.

The Last Frontier ✦✦ (RKO, 12 Chapters)
Lon Chaney Jr., Dorothy Gulliver D: Spencer Bennet
The riders of pious-appearing Lige Morris are smuggling rifles to the local tribe in order to gain control of land rich in gold. The mysterious Black Ghost rides in to clean up the town and thwart Indian attacks.

Jungle Mystery (Universal, 12 Chapters)
Tom Tyler, Noah Beery Jr., Cecilia Parker D: Ray Taylor
Big game hunter Kirk Montgomery, aided by a mysterious jungle man named Zungu, vies with a rival expedition in search of ivory and explorer Morgan's lost son.

The Devil Horse ✦✦✦ (Mascot, 12 Chapters) DVD
Harry Carey, Frankie Darro, Noah Beery D: Otto Brower
A “wild boy” witnesses a murder connected to the theft of a valuable race horse, befriends the victim’s brother and helps him track down both the killer and the “devil horse.”

The Lost Special ✦✦✦ (Universal, 12 Chapters) DVD
Frank Albertson, Cecelia Parker D: Henry MacRae
After the local police have failed to discover its location, college adventurers Tom Hood and Bob Collins and reporter Betty Moore think they can find a train which has disappeared without a trace.


The Whispering Shadow ✦✦✦ (Mascot, 12 Chapters)
Bela Lugosi, Malcolm McGregor D: Colbert Clark, Albert Herman
Professor Strang, creator of waxworks in the House of Mystery is also The Whispering Shadow, who sees and hears all, jams radio waves and murders truck drivers in search of valuable jewels.

Clancy of the Mounted ✦✦✦ (Universal, 12 Chapters) DVD
Tom Tyler, Jacqueline Wells D: Ray Taylor
Mountie Sergeant Tom Clancy is assigned to bring his brother Steve, who has been framed for the murder of a mine owner, to justice. Villains LaRue and MacDougal menace the mine owner's daughter.

The Three Musketeers ✦✦✦ (Mascot, 12 Chapters)
John Wayne, Jack Mulhall, Ruth Hall D: Colbert Clark, Armand Schaefer
An American military flyer and his three newly-made Foreign Legion friends band together to defeat the effort of the mysterious El Shaitan to drive the Legion out of Algeria.

Fighting with Kit Carson ✦✦✦ (Mascot, 12 Chapters)
John Mack Brown, Noah Beery Sr. & Jr. D: Colbert Clark, Armand Schaefer
The young daughter of Matt Fargo, played by 11-year-old trick rider Betsy King Ross, tries to get a government gold shipment to its destination with Kit Carson's aid. Nakomas, an Indian, helps Carson.

The Phantom of the Air ✦✦+ (Universal, 12 Chapters)
Tom Tyler, Gloria Shea, LeRoy Mason D: Ray Taylor
Border patrol pilot Bob Raymond enthusiastically offers his protection to the inventor of the Contragrav, a device which reverses gravity, and his attractive daughter Mary, herself a brave and able pilot, against Mortimer Crome, head of an aerial-based smuggling ring

Gordon of Ghost City ✦✦✦ (Universal, 12 Chapters)
Buck Jones, Madge Bellamy, Walter Miller D: Ray Taylor
An old storekeeper discovers a vein of gold and Buck Gordon tries to keep it safe from cattle rustlers and a mystery man.

The Wolf Dog ✦✦✦ (Mascot, 12 Chapters) DVD
Frankie Darro, George Lewis, Rin Tin Tin D: Colbert Clark, Harry Fraser
Young Frank Courtney, who discovers he is heir to a shipping line, escapes an abusive stepfather in Alaska and heads for California only to find himself marked for death by the crooked president of the company he has inherited. Frank is defended by Bob Whitlock, a ship's radio operator, and Pal, a German Shepherd raised by wolves.

The Perils of Pauline ✦✦ (Universal, 12 Chapters)
Evalyn Knapp, Robert Allen, John Davidson D: Ray Taylor
Pauline Hargraves and her professor father struggle to decipher the formula contained in the sacred disc of Confu. Trying to beat them to it is the Eurasian Dr. Bashan and his fanatical undercover agent Fang.

The Mystery Squadron ✦✦✦ (Mascot, 12 Chapters) DVD
Bob Steele, Guinn Williams, Jack Mulhall D: Colbert Clark, David Howard
A mysterious aviator known as the Black Ace threatens to destroy a dam construction project and it's up to flying aces Fred Cromwell and Bill "Jelly Bean" Cook to stop him.

Tarzan the Fearless (Tarzan V) ✦✦✦ (Principal, 12 Chapters) DVD
Buster Crabbe, Jacqueline Wells D: Robert F. Hill
Young Mary searches for her lost scientist father, who is captive of the high priest in the secret city of Zar, and becomes the object of the affection of two men in her expedition, as well as a legendary ape=man whose interest she returns.


Pirate Treasure ✦✦+ (Universal, 12 Chapters)
Richard Talmaldge, Lucile Lund, Walter Miller D: Ray Taylor
Dick Moreland flies after a treasure buried on a remote island by an ancestor. Also on hand for the digging is a crooked lawyer who wants the treasure for himself.

The Vanishing Shadow ✦✦✦✦ (Universal, 12 Chapters)
Onslow Stevens, Walter Miller, Ada Ince D: Louis Friedlander
Stanley Stanfield seeks to right the wrongs done by corrupt businessman Wade Barnett to his father using a device created by local genius and robot-maker Professor Van Dorn which when strapped to his body can make him invisible but for his shadow. Barnett’s daughter joins Stanfield in opposing her conniving father and his gang.

The Lost Jungle ✦✦✦ (Mascot, 12 Chapters)
Clyde Beatty, Cecilia Parker D: David Howard, Armand Schaefer
Circus animal trainer Clyde Beatty travels to an uncharted island full of wild animals in search of a lost explorer and his expedition.

Burn 'Em Up Barnes ✦✦✦ (Mascot, 12 Chapters)
Jack Mulhall, Frankie Darro, Jason Robards D: Colbert Clark, Armand Schaefer
Peppy, kindhearted racing-car driver Barnes, aided by his adopted cameraman pal, attempts to defeat racketeers trying to appropriate his business partner Marjorie's oil-rich land.

Young Eagles (First Division, 12 Chapters)
Jim Vance, Bobbie Cox D: Spencer Bennet
Two Boy Scouts rescue a little girl in distress and are rewarded with a trip to Central America with a famous pilot. Their plane crashes when they run out of gas, and the three end up deep in the jungle. There Jim and Bob, along with their trusty dog Johnson, get into moderate trouble with ferocious animals and hostile natives.

The Red Rider ✦✦✦+ (Universal, 15 Chapters) DVD
Buck Jones, Walter Miller D: Louis Friedlander
A cowboy defends his trusted friend when he is wrongly accused of the murder of his sweetheart’s father, and tries to catch the real killer, who left behind a clue: a marijuana cigarette.

The Law of the Wild ✦✦ (Mascot, 12 Chapters)
Bob Custer, Ben Turpin, Lucile Browne D: B. Reeves Eason, A. Schaefer
Rinty's owner tames Rex, King of the Wild Horses, and is framed for murder. With the help of some friends, he tries to prove his innocence and break up a crooked gang.

The Return of Chandu ✦✦✦+ (Principal, 12 Chapters)
Bela Lugosi, Maria Alba D: Ray Taylor
Nadji, Princess of Egypt, is lured to the island kingdom of Lemuria by the Cult of Ubasti, who wish to sacrifice her. White magician Frank Chandler, known as Chandu, with help from a mystic yogi he contacts through a crystal ball, must save her from the imperial palace and certain death.

Tailspin Tommy (I) ✦✦+ (Universal, 12 Chapters)
Maurice Murphy D: Louis Friedlander
Tommy Tompkins wins a flying race and a mail contract for his boss, and makes an enemy in air pirate Tiger Taggart. Tommy heroically spins and dives to save innocents from natural and man-made dangers, much to the delight of his girlfriend Betty Lou.

Mystery Mountain ✦✦✦ (Mascot, 12 Chapters) DVD
Ken Maynard, Syd Saylor, Verna Hillie D: Otto Brower, B. Eason
Ken Williams, a railroad detective, is sent to catch the mysterious master of disguise called the Rattler, who is disrupting construction of a new railroad line, while also harassing the stagecoach company that the railroad will inevitably supplant.


The Rustlers of Red Dog ✦✦✦ (Universal, 12 Chapters) DVD
John Mack Brown, Walter Miller, Harry Woods D: Louis Friedlander
Three pals, Jack Woods, Laramie, and the Deacon, heading for the gold fields, arrive in the town of Nugget, which is being terrorized by a band of brigands led by the dangerous Rocky. Soon Jack, a former marshal, is given a badge by the citizens of Nugget as he leads the struggle to catch Rocky and disperse the Rustlers.

The Phantom Empire ✦✦✦✦ (Mascot, 12 Chapters)
Gene Autry, Frankie Darro D: Otto Brower, B. Reeves Eason
When a radio performer discovers a strange underground city ruled by Queen Tika, who wishes to keep her kingdom secret from the “surface people” she despises, his two bumbling friends, young Frankie and Betsy and the Thunder Riders Club ride “to the rescue.”

The Lost City ✦✦ (Krellberg, 12 Chapters)
Kane Richmond, William Boyd D: Harry Revier
Pith-helmeted electrical engineer Bruce Gordon and entourage travel to Africa in search of the source of a mysterious magnetic disturbance wreaking havoc on the world. At the 28th meridian, he encounters Zolok, a mad scientist who enjoys enlarging the local natives to become his giant zombie slaves and lives in a gigantic laboratory with a captive scientist and his daughter, and a hunchback named Gorzo.

The Call of the Savage ✦✦✦ (Universal, 12 Chapters)
Noah Beery Jr., Dorothy Short, Walter Miller D: Louis Friedlander
The adventures of a lost princess of a secret jungle city and young Jan of the Jungle, whose parents are murdered by his father’s rival for a secret formula still sought by the killer years afterward.

The Miracle Rider ✦✦✦✦ (Mascot, 15 Chapters)
Tom Mix, Joan Gale, Charles Middleton D: Otto Brower, B. Eason
Maniacal Zaroff terrorizes the Ravenhead reservation in order to try to drive the Indians off their land and mine X-94, a super-explosive. Texas Ranger Tom Morgan and the daughter of the murdered Chief help them.

The New Adventures of Tarzan (VI) ✦✦+ (Burroughs, 12 Chapters)
Herman Brix, Ula Holt, Don Castello D: Edward Kull
Discovering that his old friend D'Arnot is in danger, Tarzan boards a ship to Guatemala, where he runs into an archaeologist in search of a gem-filled Mayan relic called the Green Goddess, Ula Vale, a woman of mystery, and Raglan, who wants the treasure Martling is seeking. Raglan races through the jungle to the effigy, pursued by the Martling party and Tarzan.

The Roaring West + (Universal, 15 Chapters)
Buck Jones, Walter Miller D: Ray Taylor
Rude ranch foreman Gil Gillespie copies a valuable map showing the locations of rich ore deposits and stakes claim to land before Montana Larkin and Jinglebob Morgan (the original owners of the map) can. Turned away by the ranch owner's daughter, and discovering the map to be incorrect, Gillespie assembles a gang of no-goods to terrorize the townspeople into giving up a mine or its gold.

Queen of the Jungle (Screen Attractions, 12 Chapters)
Mary Kornman, Reed Howes D: Robert F. Hill
Joan Lawrence is lost in the jungle as a child and descends in a balloon in a remote area where the natives take her to be daughter of a god. Years later, David Worth, Joan's childhood friend, leads a safari search for her. Joan, however, has become something of a spoiled tyrant, remembering almost nothing of her earlier life. Built around re-used footage from the silent serial The Jungle Goddess.

The Adventures of Rex and Rinty ✦✦+ (Mascot, 12 Chapters)
Kane Richmond, Frankie Darro, Harry Woods D: B. Reeves Eason, Ford Beebe
A polo player, a crook, and the Priests of the jungle island of Sujan compete to get ahold of handsome black stallion Rex, worshipped as a "God-Horse" in his native land.

Tailspin Tommy in The Great Air Mystery (II) ✦✦+ (Universal, 12 Chapters)
Clark Williams, Jean Rogers, Noah Beery Jr. D: Ray Taylor
Tommy and pals fly to Nazil Island in the Pacific to help a group of honest businesspeople protect oil reserves from takeover. They get assistance from an undercover reporter and a masked mystery pilot called both the Eagle and El Condor.

The Fighting Marines ✦✦✦ (Mascot, 12 Chapters)
Grant Withers, Adrian Morris D: B. Reeves Eason, Joseph Kane
The Tiger Shark is the nemesis of the two non-coms of The Fighting Marines, willing even to take on the Navy Dept. for possession of Halfway Island.


Custer's Last Stand ✦✦ (Stage/Screen, 15 Chapters)
Rex Lease, Lona Andre D: Elmer Clifton
A sacred medicine arrow falls into the hands of Major Trent, an elderly former Confederate on his way West. An Indian wants the arrow for its religious meaning. A renegade wants it as a key to power. And a villain wants it as a guide to a spirit grotto filled with "yellow stones." These three and their followers share the screen with George Custer and the 7th Cavalry, Custer's wife Elizabeth, his scout Kit Cardigan, and frontier legends Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull, Buffalo Bill, Wild Bill Hickok, and Calamity Jane.

The Adventures of Frank Merriwell ✦✦ (Universal, 12 Chapters)
Don Briggs, Jean Rogers D: Cliff Smith
Unblemished super-sportsman Merriwell, who can pitch a baseball, box, ride, you name it, translates a mysterious inscription on a gold ring that hints at hidden treasure, then tries to elude a desperate fortune-hunting stranger and his gang, find the treasure first, and get back in time to win the big game for Fardale.

Darkest Africa ✦✦✦ (Republic, 15 Chapters)
Clyde Beatty, Manuel King, Elaine Shepard D: B. Reeves Eason
Animal trainer Clyde Beatty ventures deep into uncharted regions, past the Valley of Lost Souls, and over the Mountains of Despair, to find the lost kingdom of Joba, a bizarre land of mixed-bag technology and antique costuming, and rescue Valerie, sister of Baru, a kid skilled at lion-taming. Trouble is, the Joba natives have established Valerie as a goddess. High priest Dagna calls, with a colossal gong, upon his small army of flying bat-men to thwart the rescue effort.

Flash Gordon (I) ✦✦✦✦ (Universal, 13 Chapters)
Buster Crabbe, Jean Rogers, Charles Middleton; D: Frederic Stephani
Flash Gordon travels with beautiful Dale Arden in brilliant scientist Dr. Zarkov's rocket ship to the planet Mongo to fight its emperor Ming ("the merciless") and save the Earth from certain destruction. He is assisted by the dictator's chief enemies Barin of Arboria, and Prince Thun of the Lion Men, among others, and to achieve his goal he must fend off Shark-men, Hawk-men, and romantic advances of the Emperor's daughter Princess Aura. Aura’s desire for the hero ignites a love quadrangle which complicates the story and adds a second level to the action—Flash loves Dale. But Ming wants to take Dale as a wife, and Prince Barin is in love with Aura. Re-uses props and music from Universal Frankenstein and Mummy films.

The Amazing Exploits of the Clutching Hand ✦✦ (Stage/Screen, 15 Ch.)
Jack Mulhall, Rex Lease, Ruth Mix D: Albert Herman
Dr. Paul Gironda, after revealing he has purportedly discovered the formula for synthetic gold, disappears, and a shadowy caped figure who signs threatening notes as “The Clutching Hand” begins to disperse his operatives to be sure he isn't found. Scientific detective Craig Kennedy tries to figure out whether one of Gironda's associates is the mystery crook.

Undersea Kingdom ✦✦✦ (Republic, 12 Chapters)
Ray Corrigan, Lois Wilde D: B. Reeves Eason, Joseph Kane
Naval officer Crash Corrigan travels to the bottom of the sea in Professor Norton's mini-submarine to investigate emanations from the ocean floor. Sucked into a strange world, he and his party discover that the disturbances come from the divided kingdom of Atlantis, where dictator Unga Khan is bent upon raising his super tower to the earth's surface, to conquer or destroy the upper world.

The Phantom Rider ✦✦+ (Universal, 15 Chapters)
Buck Jones, Marla Shelton D: Ray Taylor
Buck Grant, a state investigator, is sent to Maverick to dig into a rash of cattle rustling and other crimes, operating undercover sometimes as the white-cloaked Phantom Rider.

The Vigilantes are Coming ✦✦ (Republic, 12 Chapters)
Robert Livingston, Kay Hughes D: Ray Taylor, Mack Wright
A would-be dictator of California promises a Russian count gold in exchange for soldiers and is opposed by cloaked vigilante The Eagle.

The Black Coin (Stage & Screen, 15 Chapters)
Dave O'Brien, Ralph Graves, Ruth Mix D: Albert Herman
Federal agent Prescott has his investigative eye on a smuggling ring making a lot of trouble for shipping agent Terry Navarro and travels to Arab lands to look for twelve black coins which together form a treasure map.

Shadow of Chinatown ✦✦ (Victory, 13 Chapters)
Bela Lugosi, Herman Brix D: Robert F. Hill
A European cartel bent on closing San Francisco's Chinatown to outsiders invites Victor Poten, a "Eurasian," who hates both whites and Chinese, to spearhead their faltering efforts. Soon even the cartel's principal agent cannot restrain him in a campaign of terror, employing everything from hypnotism to high-tech death traps, that only author Martin Bradley seems able to anticipate and combat.

Ace Drummond ✦✦+ (Universal, 13 Chapters)
John King, Noah Beery Jr., Jean Rogers D: Ford Beebe, Cliff Smith
Stalwart singing aviator Ace Drummond flies to Mongolia to find a pretty girl's archaeologist father and a secret mountain of jade, as the voice of “the Dragon” booms through spinning wheels or fans. Ace only pauses in his relentless pursuit of the Dragon’s men once in a while to sing his favorite tune, “Give Me a Ship and a Song.”

Robinson Crusoe of Clipper Island ✦✦✦ (Republic, 14 Chapters)
Ray Mala, Mamo Clark D: Ray Taylor, Mack Wright
Mala, a U. S. Intelligence agent, is dispatched to Clipper Island to investigate sabotage that destroyed the airship San Francisco, and must overcome not only a spy ring (guided from a distance by the mysterious H. K.) but also the unscrupulous Komatoan high priest, Porotu, who is scheming to wrest power from the rightful monarch, Princess Melani. Ready to lend Mala a hand are a comic relief duo, MacGlaurie and Tupper (one a beachcomber, the other a novelist).


Jungle Jim ✦✦✦ (Universal, 12 Chapters)
Grant Withers, Henry Brandon D: Ford Beebe, Cliff Smith
Rival safaris enter the land of the Lion Goddess, who is believed to be an heiress named Joan Redmond, a relative of one of the safari heads, Bruce Redmond, who can claim her inheritance if he can show she is dead. Leading the second safari is the fabled Jungle Jim, who would like to catch up with Redmond, and his henchman Slade, to avenge the death of a friend. After first misjudging Jim—to the point of having her lions attack him—Joan joins the hero and his partner Malay Mike in dangerous struggles against her greedy relative and, more significantly, a jungle-dwelling criminal known as the Cobra.

Blake of Scotland Yard (III) ✦✦✦ (Victory, 15 Chapters)
Herbert Rawlinson, Ralph Byrd D: Robert F. Hill
Jerry Sheehan and Hope Mason perfect a death ray that retired Scotland Yard inspector Blake hopes will end wars. When a clawed rogue called the Scorpion makes off with the cumbersome device, "Jimmy" Blake comes out of retirement to catch him through ingenuity, amusing disguises, and plain old fisticuffs.

Secret Agent X-9 (I)✦✦✦ (Universal, 12 Chapters)
Scott Kolk, Jean Rogers, Henry Brandon D: Ford Beebe, Cliff Smith
An infamous thief known as "Brenda" has stolen the crown jewels of Belgravia and they are somewhere in the United States. Secret Agent X-9 is assigned to the case. Aided by man Friday, Pidge, and by Tommy Dawson and other lawmen, X-9 recovers the jewels and corners his clever adversary.

Dick Tracy (I) ✦✦✦ (Republic, 15 Chapters)
Ralph Byrd, Kay Hughes, Smiley Burnette D: Ray Taylor, Alan James
A villain called the Spider or the Lame One tries to derail Dick Tracy's pursuit of him by kidnapping the detective's brother and having his assistant Moloch give him a new face and an amoral conscience.

Wild West Days ✦✦✦ (Universal, 13 Chapters)
John Mack Brown, Lynn Gilbert D: Ford Beebe, Cliff Smith
Kentucky Wade and his pals oppose a sinister newspaperman who heads a gang called the Secret Seven and tries to take over a mine.

The Painted Stallion ✦✦✦ (Republic, 12 Chapters) DVD
Ray Corrigan, Julia Thayer D: William Witney, Ray Taylor
Scout Clark Stuart, sent to Santa Fe to negotiate a treaty with the newly-established Mexican government, finds strong allies in the wagon train of Walter Jamison—Jim Bowie, Davy Crockett, and a youthful Kit Carson. Opposing Stuart is a powerful band of scoundrels headed by deposed Spanish governor Escomedo Dupray, who hopes to regain dictatorial powers in the new Mexican territory, but Stuart benefits from the repeated intervention of a mysterious war-bonneted warrior astride a painted stallion.

S O S Coast Guard ✦✦✦ (Republic, 12 Chapters)
Ralph Byrd, Bela Lugosi, Richard Alexander D: William Witney, Alan James
Lt. Terry Kent of the Coast guard leads the pursuit of a less-than-noble scientist named Boroff, who has invented a disintegrating gas that he will deal to a belligerent nation, Morovania, unless someone can stop him.

Jungle Menace ✦✦ (Columbia, 15 Chapters)
Frank Buck, Charlotte Henry, Wm. Bakewell D: George Melford, Harry Fraser
When the rubber plantation of Edward Elliott is beset by river pirates, his friend, Frank Hardy, the famed wild animal trapper, hits the jungle to help the planter.

Radio Patrol ✦✦✦ (Universal, 12 Chapters)
Grant Withers, Frank Lackteen D: Ford Beebe, Cliff Smith
Kindly John P. Adams develops a formula for flexible, bulletproof steel and is murdered by someone who wishes to obtain the formula. At least three groups, as it turns out, are scrambling to grab the secret, including a mysterious inhabitant of the city's Egyptian quarter called Tahata who uses his powers of hypnotism to control the minds of underlings. Pat O'Hara, the radio patrolman is assigned to the case, and is assisted by Pinky Adams, the inventor's young son.

Zorro Rides Again ✦✦✦✦ (Republic, 12 Chapters)
John Carroll, Noah Beery, Duncan Renaldo D: William Witney, John English
James Vega, great-grandson of Don Diego Vega, poses as a dandy while fighting to save the California-Yucatan railroad from the scheming of Marsden and his ramrod El Lobo. In the venerable Vega hacienda a giant painting of Zorro conceals a passage that leads to the vigilante's inner chamber, known only to James Vega and family retainer, Renaldo.

The Mysterious Pilot ✦✦✦ (Columbia, 15 Chapters)
Frank Hawks, Rex Lease, Kenneth Harlan D: Spencer Bennet
An accomplished pilot and a Mountie save a woman from a false murder charge.

Tim Tyler's Luck ✦✦✦ ` (Universal, 12 Chapters)
Frankie Thomas, Norman Willis D: Ford Beebe, W. Gittens
Youthful Tim Tyler goes to Africa in search of his scientist father, who disappeared into the wilds aboard an armor-clad jungle cruiser. When Professor Tyler accidentally discovers the ivory elephants' burial ground, he attracts the villain of the piece, Spider Webb. The rest of the serial is a battle between Tim and his allies (a herd of cooperative attack elephants, a black panther named Fang, and the mounted Ivory Patrol, among others) and Webb and his henchmen have gained control of the jungle cruiser. An unexpected ally is Lazarre, one of Webb's men who takes a liking to Tim.


The Lone Ranger (I) ✦✦✦✦ (Republic, 15 Chapters)
Lee Powell, Chief Thunder Cloud D: William Witney
The sole survivor of a massacre of Texas Rangers and Tonto, an Indian who rescued him, hunt down a schemer posing as a government official who wants to take over Texas with his small army of mercenaries. The first filmed incarnation of the Lone Ranger character and initial appearance of his "origin story."

The Secret of Treasure Island ✦✦✦+ (Columbia, 15 Chapters)
Don Terry, Gwen Gaze, Walter Miller D: Elmer Clifton
When they reach Treasure Island, Larry Kent, who is searching for a missing newspaperman, and Toni Morell, who has half of a treasure map, fall into the hands of Collins, an anything-but-rational master of a strange chateau haunted by a pirate’s ghost. Collins, aka “The Shark,” has the other half of the map and employs a gang of cowled diggers in his search for the treasure. He also has henchmen dressed as pirates, and several skilled "house guests" he has kidnapped for medical or scientific duties.

Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars (II) ✦✦✦✦ (Universal, 15 Chapters)
Buster Crabbe, Charles Middleton D: Ford Beebe, Robert Hill
Flash, Dale, Dr. Zarkov, and stowaway reporter Happy Hapgood, rocket to Mars, where they discover witch queen Azura and her guest, Emperor Ming of Mongo, are hatching nefarious plans—Azura means to extract enough nitron from the Earth’s atmosphere to provide ammunition in her war against the Clay People; Ming, however, means to use the extracting ray to destroy Earth.

The Fighting Devil Dogs ✦✦✦✦ (Republic, 12 Chapters)
Lee Powell, Herman Brix D: William Witney, John English
Two marine lieutenants follow the trail of The Lightning, a black-costumed super-villain who, with his Flying Wing and destructive electric Thunder bolts, has brought terror to both Asia and America.

The Great Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok ✦✦✦ (Columbia, 15 Chapters) DVD
Bill Elliott, Robert Fiske D: Mack Wright, S. Nelson
Wild Bill Hickok, marshal of Abilene, helps a cattle drive from Texas reach his town, despite many attempts of the Phantom Raiders to drive them back along the Chisholm Trail.

Flaming Frontiers ✦✦✦ (Universal, 15 Chapters)
Johnny Mack Brown, Chief Thunder Cloud D: Ray Taylor, Alan James
Tex Houston, famous scout, attempts to thwart the many efforts of Bart Eaton to gain control of young Tom Grant's rich gold mine by marrying Tom's sister Mary. Eaton's stratagems are invariably derailed, not only by Tex, but also by a cannier rival villain, the mining town's saloonkeeper Ace Daggett.

Dick Tracy Returns (II) ✦✦✦+ (Republic, 15 Chapters)
Ralph Byrd, Charles Middleton D: William Witney, John English
Crooked Pa Stark and his five sons kill the G-Man school protegé of Dick Tracy, federal investigator, during what Tracy thought would be a routine first assignment. Thereafter, Tracy stays on the gang’s trail, with scientific deduction preceding confrontation, as the Stark sons fall one by one and the devices the Starks have stolen for sale to a foreign agent are recovered or saved.

Red Barry ✦✦✦ (Universal, 13 Chapters)
Buster Crabbe, Frank Lackteen D: Ford Beebe, A. James
Wing Fu, Chinatown importer to whom two million dollars in bonds was sent from Asia, wants to use the funds to buy planes for his mother country's air force. Natacha, a titled Russian emigre working as a dancer, believes the bonds were rightfully her father's. Quong Lee, Chinatown rogue, wants the bonds simply for the money. Charged with the task of sorting out the mystery and getting the bonds into the proper hands is crack detective Red Barry.

The Spider's Web (I) ✦✦✦✦ (Columbia, 15 Chapters)
Warren Hull, Iris Meredith D: Ray Taylor, J. Horne
The mysterious white-robed Octopus raids one industry after another in a systematic grab for power. The Spider, a masked vigilante who looks upon the underworld as his own private shooting gallery, is feared by criminals and civilians alike. When these two powerful figures fight to destroy each other, the result is bloody mayhem.

Hawk of the Wilderness ✦✦✦ (Republic, 12 Chapters)
Herman Brix, Ray Mala D: William Witney. John English
When a message placed in a bottle by his father brings an expedition to an island 24 years after the shipwreck that orphaned him, Kioga, Mokuyi, who raised him, and Kioga's friend Kias are embroiled in a struggle between the scientific group headed by his father’s old colleague, Dr. Munro, and the crooked crew led by Salerno, for whom treasure is the only goal. Adding to Kioga's troubles is a nearby native tribe which has been convinced by Yellow Weasel that Guneba, god of the volcano, is angry at Kioga.

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