The Scarlet Horseman ✦✦ (Universal, 13 Chapters)
Paul Guilfoyle, Edward M. Howard D: Ray Taylor, L. Collins
Comanche nationalist Loma kidnaps wives and daughters of influential senators as a way of trying to coerce the legislators into setting up a Comanche state. Supposedly wheelchair-bound gunsmith Jim Bannion as the costumed and hooded Scarlet Horseman, appears as a character from Native legend to try to restrain the Comanches.

The Phantom Rider ✦✦ (Republic, 12 Chapters)
Robert Kent, Peggy Stewart, LeRoy Mason D: Spencer Bennet
Dr. Jim Sterling, a frontier physician, poses as a legendary Native champion to help Blue Feather and Yellow Wolf in their fight against injustices to their people secretly inspired by Carson, a corrupt Indian agent. Aware of Sterling's double identity, and assisting him in his crusade, are alert schoolteacher Doris Hammond and her unusual second grader Nugget, a fortyish prospector with a yen for education.

Hop Harrigan ✦✦ (Columbia, 15 Chapters)
William Bakewell, Jennifer Holt D: Derwin Abrahams
Aviator Hop Harrigan and his colleagues end up knee-deep in trouble when they accept the offer of businessman J. Wesley Arnold to locate brilliant but eccentric scientist Dr. Tobor. As Arnold, and a gang led by a shadow on the wall called the "Chief Pilot," vie over Tobor's amazing power substance.

Lost City of the Jungle ✦✦ (Universal, 13 Chapters)
Russell Hayden, Keye Luke, Lionel Atwill D: Ray Taylor, L. Collins
Secret agent Rod Stanton of the the United Peace Foundation and the resourceful Tal Shanto investigate problems in a lost city in the Himalayan nation of Pendrang, where Sir Eric Hazarias and his associates plot a future world war. When Rod and Tal Shan stumble upon segments of a hieroglyphic tablet, Hazarias uses their discovery to locate a store of Meteorium 245, which he needs to complete an atomic defense system.

King of the Forest Rangers ✦✦✦ (Republic, 12 Chapters)
Larry Thompson, Anthony Warde D: Spencer Bennet
Professor Carver, posing as an archaeologist, has half of an old Indian rug which is also a treasure map as the adventure begins, but soon gets the remainder when he discovers it in the possession of old-timer Tom Judson. Forest ranger Steve King discovers that something is wrong in his woods, and with the aid of a shop owner, attempts to restore order to the countryside.

Chick Carter, Detective ✦✦ (Columbia, 15 Chapters)
Lyle Talbot, Eddie Acuff, Charles King D: Derwin Abrahams
Low-key police detective Chick Carter investigates the theft of an enormous blue diamond and uncovers more crimes than he bargained for.

The Mysterious Mr. M ✦✦✦ (Universal, 13 Chapters)
Richard Martin, Dennis Moore D: Lewis D. Collins, Vernon Keays
The supposedly dead Anthony Waldron sets up a laboratory headquarters underneath Grandma Waldron's mansion. Using a mind-control serum called Hypnotrene, Waldron attempts to obtain from an inventor, Dr. Kittridge, the secret plans for a submarine that could be built as large as an ocean liner. Kittridge, unfortunately, dies from a Hypnotrene overdose. Blaming his depredations upon a "Mysterious Mr. M," Waldron begins rounding up parts for the submarine from Kittridge's sub-contractors. But federal agent Grant Farrell steps upon the scene, working with police detective Kirby Walsh and insurance investigator Shirley Clinton to find who is behind the mystery. Moreover, Waldron, inconveniently, finds himself taking orders from a phantom presence who claims, via recordings, to be the actual Mr. M.

Daughter of Don Q ✦✦✦ (Republic, 12 Chapters)
Adrian Booth, Kirk Alyn, Roy Barcroft D: Spencer Bennet
Quantaro family descendants are in danger of being bumped off by a greedy relative, Carlos Manning, who plans to collect on an ancient land bequest. Can newspaper reporter Cliff and true heir and jiu-jitsu expert Dolores Quantaro save them?

Son of the Guardsman ✦✦+ (Columbia, 15 Chapters)
Gallant Fighter of the Greenwood D: Derwin Abrahams
Robert Shaw, Daun Kennedy, Charles King
David Trent, "gallant fighter of the greenwood," whose father was slain by conspirators, tries to sort out good faction from bad, eventually allying himself with Alan Hawk's forest outlaws in a struggle against corrupt nobles in medieval England.

The Crimson Ghost ✦✦✦ (Republic, 12 Chapters)
Charles Quigley, Linda Stirling D: Wm. Witney/Brannon
Professor Chambers demonstrates his new invention, the cyclotrode, and soon after is pursued by agents of a masked-and-caped maniac who calls himself the Crimson Ghost. Criminologist Duncan Richards tries to avoid the masked villains' mind-control collars and discover his true identity.


Son of Zorro ✦✦ (Republic, 13 Chapters)
George Turner, Peggy Stewart, R. Barcroft D: Spencer Bennet
A crooked sheriff and corrupt officials make things difficult for everyone in Box County by setting up a toll road, and it's up to Jeff Stewart, a descendant of the original Zorro, to set things straight.

Jack Armstrong ✦✦ (Columbia, 15 Chapters)
John Hart, Charles Middleton D: Wallace Fox
Mad genius Jason Grood plans to take over the world with his Cosmic Beam Annihilator, Aeroglobe spaceship and other deadly devices. Jack Armstrong and a group of adventurers track him to a mysterious island and venture to defeat his plan.

The Vigilante ✦✦✦ (Columbia, 15 Chapters)
Ralph Byrd, Ramsay Ames, Lyle Talbot D: Wallace Fox
Betty, a rodeo queen, and his young friend "Stuff" are frequent allies in special agent Greg Sanders aka The Vigilante’s fight against criminal genius X. The villain is after white "Arabanian" stallions from the Middle East which bear "the curse of the hundred tears of blood" and a hoard of missing pearls.

Jesse James Rides Again (I) ✦✦✦ (Republic, 13 Chapters)
Clayton Moore, Linda Stirling, Tris Coffin D: Fred Brannon, Thomas Carr
Though a fugitive from the sheriff of Clay County, Missouri, Jesse James helps the small ranchers of Peaceful Valley, Tennessee, resist the violent efforts of black-hooded raiders to drive them off their lands.

The Sea Hound ✦✦✦ (Columbia, 15 Chapters)
Daredevil Adventures of Captain Silver D: Walter B. Eason
Buster Crabbe, Robert Barron
Adventurer Captain Silver of the Sea Hound comes to the aid of Ann Whitney in her search for her father, who disappeared on a small Pacific island while trying to locate a Spanish treasure. Also interested in that treasure are the "Admiral," an island entrepreneur/pirate, and two seeming helpers of Miss Whitney, Rand and Vardman.

The Black Widow ✦✦✦ (Republic, 13 Chapters)
Carol Forman, Bruce Edwards D: S. Bennet, F. Brannon
Mystical Asian master of disguise Mme. Sombra, who poses as a fortune-teller, and her gang battle Stephen Colt, detective story writer hired by a newspaper to investigate a chain of spider bite slayings, for the scoop on a new atomic rocket engine.

Brick Bradford ✦✦ (Columbia, 15 Chapters)
Kane Richmond, Charles Quigley D: Spencer Bennet
Dr. Tymak devises an Interceptor Ray for use against guided missiles. Adventurer Brick Bradford travels to the moon via the Crystal Door to rescue him, and to the 18th century via his Time Top. He also battles gangsters, moon men, and Central American Natives.


G-Men Never Forget ✦✦✦ (Republic, 12 Chapters)
Clay Moore, Ramsay Ames, Roy Barcroft D: Fred C. Brannon
Police Commissioner Cameron is after escaped convict Murkland. But Murkland has plastic surgery that gives him the commissioner's face. And in a trice Cameron is locked up in a mental institution and Murkland is behind his desk. G-Man Ted O'Hara, along with policewoman Frances Blake, attempts to solve the case.

Tex Granger, Midnight Rider of the Plains✦✦ (Columbia, 15 Chapters)
Robert Kellard, Peggy Stewart D: Derwin Abrahams
After helping a wandering youngster named Tim recover the gold sought by outlaws in a stage hold-up, Tex Granger takes a room in Three Buttes and soon buys the idle local newspaper from Rance Carson, whose crooked schemes have made him the town boss. Meanwhile, a crack gunslinger named Blaze, after a falling out with Reno's outlaw gang, accepts the job Carson offers him as town marshal. Blaze, unfortunately, is more interested in acquiring money than in upholding the law.

Dangers of the Canadian Mounted ✦✦ (Republic, 12 Chapters)
Jim Bannon, Anthony Warde D: Fred C. Brannon
Fronting for an unknown boss near Alcana on the Canadian-American border, Mort antagonizes Sgt. Christopher Royal, RCMP, while seeking treasure from the wreck of a galleon of Genghis Khan

Superman (I) ✦✦✦ (Columbia, 15 Chapters)
Kirk Alyn, Noel Neill, Carol Forman D: Spencer Bennet, T. Carr
Superman, a man from planet Krypton with ultra-strength and the ability to defy gravity, uses his powers against the Spider Lady, whose focus is upon Dr. Graham's Relativity Reducer Ray, and her crooked gang.

Congo Bill, King of the Jungle ✦✦ (Columbia, 15 Chapters)
Don McGuire, Jack Ingram, Cleo Moore D: Spencer Bennet, T. Carr
Congo Bill finds a missing jungle-princess heiress and also helps a colonial intelligence agent fight a gold smuggling ring headed by André Bocar, who has a cold ally in Bernie MacGraw, temporary boss of a circus.

The Adventures of Frank and Jesse James (II) ✦✦✦(Republic, 13 Ch.)
Clayton Moore, Noel Neill, John Crawford D: Fred C. Brannon
Reformed outlaws Frank and Jesse James attempt to discover the identity of a gold miner's killer, battle an outlaw gang, reopen the mine (and its gold vein "as thick as your arm,") and clear their names. Reuses scenes from Adventures of Red Ryder.


Federal Agents vs. Underworld, Inc. ✦✦ (Republic, 12 Chapters)
Kirk Alyn, Carol Forman D: Fred C. Brannon
Several unscrupulous characters vie for possession of the golden hands of Kurigal, keys to an ancient treasure of Abistahn. Nila, of that country, and Spade Gordon, a figure of the U. S. underworld, are the prime movers in the largely stateside race for the hands. To combat the villainy, the government assigns federal agent Dave Worth, who works closely with Laura Keith, a museum secretary.

Bruce Gentry, Daredevil of the Skies ✦✦✦ (Columbia, 15 Chapters)
Tom Neal, Tristram Coffin D: Spencer Bennet, T. Carr
A close encounter with a cartoon flying saucer begins this serial in which “The Recorder” and his subversive forces plan to use flying discs to attack America. A leering bigwig uses an attractive young woman to recruit pilot Bruce Gentry as a saucer-finder, assigned to work with scientist Dr. Benson.

Ghost of Zorro ✦✦✦ (Republic, 12 Chapters)
Clayton Moore, Roy Barcroft D: Fred C. Brannon
A crooked blacksmith called Crane keeps the law out of Twin Bluffs and Indians on the warpath against the telegraph kill kindly telegraph company owner Mr. White. Ken Mason, whose grandfather was Don Diego (Zorro), attempts to find renegades who wrecked his home. Reuses footage shot for
Daredevils of the West.

Batman and Robin (II) ✦✦ (Columbia, 15 Chapters)
Robert Lowery, Johnny Duncan D: Spencer Bennet
Batman and Robin try to prevent the masked Wizard from getting the diamonds required to operate a new remote control machine.

King of the Rocket Men ✦✦✦✦ (Republic, 12 Chapters)
Tristram Coffin, Mae Clarke D: Fred C. Brannon
Scientist and rocket-man, Jeff King, partner and security chief of Science Associates, battles the thieving and sabotaging agents of the shadowy Dr. Vulcan, who is one of the other principal associates in King's company.

The James Brothers of Missouri (III) ✦✦ (Republic, 12 Chapters)
Keith Richards, Noel Neill, Roy Barcroft D: Fred C. Brannon
Frank and Jesse James, under a new set of aliases, are in Rimrock, trying to live honest lives. When freight-line owner Lon Royer, their benefactor, is murdered, Frank and Jesse set out to catch his killer, suspecting that it might be rival freighter Ace Marlin, or one of his gang, but unaware that friendly storekeeper Belle Calhoun is giving Ace his orders.

Radar Patrol vs. Spy King ✦✦ (Republic, 12 Chapters)
Kirk Alyn, George J. Lewis, John Merton D: Fred C. Brannon
The Bureau of Radar Research is developing a radar ring around the United States. But Baroda, a master international criminal, wants to obtain some of the special equipment, or plans, so that he can develop a counter-radar device and sell it to other nations. The focal point of Baroda's scheming is the Keystone station on the Mexican border, where radar patrol agent Chris Calvert, experimental chief Joan Hughes, and Mexican law officer Manuel Agura attempt to block the spy king’s schemes.

Adventures of Sir Galahad ✦✦✦ (Columbia, 15 Chapters)
George Reeves, John Merton D: Spencer Bennet
Sir Galahad and his fellow knights fight the Saxons, the Black Knight, and Merlin's magic, and try to retrieve stolen Excalibur.


Cody of the Pony Express ✦✦✦ (Columbia, 15 Chapters)
Jock Mahoney, Dickie Moore, Peg Stewart D: Spencer Bennet
Mort Black schemes to become the master of a vast area of western land by taking control of its transportation systems. Sent to Nugget City to discover the source of the raids directed against coach and express lines is army lieutenant Jim Archer, who works undercover. Giving Archer no little assistance is Pony Express rider Bill Cody, not yet known as Buffalo Bill.

The Invisible Monster ✦✦ (Republic, 12 Chapters)
Richard Webb, Stanley Price, Aline Towne D: Fred C. Brannon
A gang leader who calls himself the Phantom Ruler uses clothing that makes him invisible (under a special light) to collect the supplies he needs to create an army of similarly invisible soldiers. Preventing him from getting very far are two insurance detectives: Lane Carson and Carol Richards.

Atom Man vs. Superman (II) ✦✦✦+ (Columbia, 15 Chapters)
Kirk Alyn, Lyle Talbot, Noel Neill D: Spencer Bennet
Lex Luthor and the fearsome giant Atom Man cause destruction all over Metropolis with a disintegrating machine, and try to destroy Superman with synthetic Kryptonite and banish him to "the empty doom."

Desperadoes of the West ✦✦ (Republic, 12 Chapters)
Tom Keene, I. Stanford Jolley, Roy Barcroft D: Fred C. Brannon
With rancher/oil developer Colonel Arnold confined to a wheelchair, Ward Gordon leads the local ranchers in their efforts to tap oil deposits in the area. Opposition comes from crooked speculator "Dude" Dawson, newcomer to the territory, who enlists the burly Hacker and his road agents to carry out his dirty work.

Flying Disc Man from Mars ✦✦ (Republic, 12 Chapters)
Walter Reed, Gregory Gay, Lois Collier D: Fred C. Brannon
Kent Fowler of Fowler Air Patrol defends the world against a Martian who has been observing our use of atomic weapons, and come here to see Earth obeys a “supreme dictator of the universe"—namely him. Mota's extra-terrestrial origin is known only to Dr. Bryant, a scientist to whom Mota offers the governorship of Earth. With the aid of some crooked recruits, Mota and Bryant steal the radium and uranium they need for super-weapons and duel with Fowler's air and land defensive agency.

Pirates of the High Seas ✦✦✦ (Columbia, 15 Chapters)
Buster Crabbe, Tommy Farrell, Lois Hall D: Spencer Bennet, Thomas Carr
When South Seas captain Kelly Walsh's vessel is fired upon while in the harbor of Taluha, he seeks help from old shipmate Jeff Drake, skipper of the Ramble, berthed in San Pedro, California. By the time Drake puts out to sea, he has some unexpected passengers: Carol Walsh, Kelly's sister, Frederick Whitlock, owner of Taluha Island, and Castell, who reveals he is a former OSS operative looking for a Nazi war criminal.


Don Daredevil Rides Again ✦✦ (Republic, 12 Chapters)
Ken Curtis, Aline Towne, Roy Barcroft D: Fred C. Brannon
When land-grabbers employ a legal ruse to get the land once granted to the ranchers of a once-Spanish territory, Lee Hadley arrives from the East to counter the land-grant maneuver, battling the schemers by donning the mask and caballero costume of his grandfather, who rode the black horse Diablo as Don Daredevil. Reuses footage from Republic Zorro serials.

Roar of the Iron Horse ✦✦✦ (Columbia, 15 Chapters)
Rail-Blazer of the Apache Trail D: Spencer Bennet, Thomas Carr
Jock Mahoney, William Fawcett
Jim Grant agrees to help the frontier railroad fight against raids and sabotage, but stumbles into a battle between the riders of the Baron, who owns the nearby ranch land, and agents of a second, unknown, leader behind many of the attacks blamed upon the powerful rancher. Churning the waters is a search for a diamond-filled meteor that crashed somewhere on the Baron's land.

Government Agents vs. Phantom Legion ✦✦ (Republic, 12 Chapters)
Walter Reed, Mary Ellen Kay D: Fred C. Brannon
A mystery villain and his thugs prey upon fellow companies to obtain goods for the black market or unnamed foreign companies. Hal Duncan is recruited from inside the trucking industry to investigate. Sam Bradley helps him, as does a trucking institute secretary. Reuses footage from Republic Dick Tracy serials.

Mysterious Island ✦✦ (Columbia, 15 Chapters)
Richard Crane, Marshall Reed D: Spencer Bennet
During the Civil War, Union Captain Harding is captured by Confederates and escapes with four other men in a spy balloon. Blown off course to an unknown island, they encounter black-garbed warriors with crooked spears who worship a volcano, pirates, mysterious helmeted Captain Nemo, and then spacemen led by Rulu of Mercury, who has come in search of a substance found only on Earth—Uranium 235.

Captain Video ✦✦✦ (Columbia, 15 Chapters)
Master of the Stratosphere D: Spencer Bennet
Judd Holdren, Gene Roth
Helmeted Captain Video whose true name is never revealed) and his Video Rangers battle barbaric alien menace Vultura of Atoma in order to protect the people from planet Tharos, who look like caped Arabs.


Radar Men from the Moon (I) ✦✦+ (Republic, 12 Chapters)
George Wallace, Aline Towne, Roy Barcroft D: Fred C. Brannon
Explosions caused by an atomic ray threaten the earth and prepare it for an invasion from the moon. Commando Cody tracks them to their source and battles Retik, tyrannical ruler of the moon.

King of the Congo ✦✦+ (Columbia, 15 Chapters)
Buster Crabbe, Rick Vallin D: Spencer Bennet
After shooting down a Soviet-dispatched plane illegally crossing a U. S. radar zone, Captain Roger Drum volunteers to take an identical plane on to Africa--posing as the downed pilot in order to discover the purpose of the mission. After a crash landing near a spy encampment in Africa, Drum briefly loses his memory, is befriended by the Rock People, and, because of his strength, is hailed by them as Thunda, King of the Congo. The foreign agents, meanwhile, thinking Drum is one of them, want the information he brings.

Blackhawk ✦✦ (Columbia, 15 Chapters)
Fearless Champion of Freedom D: Spencer Bennet
Kirk Alyn, Carol Forman, John Crawford
Dangerous foreign spy Laska and her agents conspire to seize Dr. Rolph, the inventor of an electronic Ray. The Blackhawks, an international peacekeeping air squadron which uses "no weapons but their strong fists and alert minds," follow her south of the border to Mexico and try to capture her while avoiding hostile Yaqui Indians.

Son of Geronimo, Apache Avenger ✦✦✦ (Columbia, 15 Chapters)
Clayton Moore, Rodd Redwing D: Spencer Bennet
In Arizona, homeland of the Apaches, Porico, the son of Geronimo, sole survivor of a massacre by soldiers, whose tribe is hungry and dissatisfied with white policy wages a war of vengeance on white men. Unscrupulous lawyer Rankin schemes to split the take with the Indians and start a chain of stores that sell goods left over from Indian raids. Brave ex-cavalryman Jim Scott and his old pal Tulsa do everything in their power to stop both the scavenging crooks and vengeful Indians.

Zombies of the Stratosphere (II)+ (Republic, 12 Chapters)
Judd Holdren, Aline Towne D: Fred C. Brannon
Larry Martin of the Interplanetary Patrol and his aide Ben Wilson attempt to track down evil Martian Marex and his hybrid zombies, who want to collect uranium so they can build a bomb that will blow the Earth out of orbit and Mars can take its place.


The Great Adventures of Captain Kidd ✦✦✦ (Columbia, 15 Chapters)
Richard Crane, John Crawford D: Derwin Abrahams
Two agents of the British government accept an assignment to capture notorious pirate Captain Kidd, infiltrate his crew, and find the Captain to be a very different sort of man than they expected.

Jungle Drums of Africa ✦✦ (Republic, 12 Chapters)
Clayton Moore, Phyllis Coates D: Fred C. Brannon
Mining company representatives looking for uranium the U.S. government needs go up against Kurgan, a foreign agent running a trading post, who uses a local named Regas to do his dirty work, and also takes advantage of the local shaman's jealousy of Carol, daughter of a jungle doctor.

Commando Cody, ✦✦✦ (Republic, 12 Episodes)
Sky Marshal of the Universe (III) (Series) D: Fred C. Brannon
Judd Holdren, Aline Towne, Gregory Gay
The Ruler, a power-hungry extraterrestrial, attempts in various ways to enslave Earth. Commando Cody, whose rocket pack enables him to fly, fights to defeat the Ruler at every turn, even if it means having to walk atop spaceships in mid-air to do so. Released with different opening titles as both a theatrical serial and TV show.

The Lost Planet, Conqueror of Space ✦✦ (Columbia, 15 Chapters)
Judd Holdren, Michael Fox D: Spencer Bennet
Crazed scientist Dr. Grood kidnaps Professor Dorn for assistance in his bid to conquer the universe with futuristic weaponry and Rex Barrow doggedly pursues him to planet Ergro, where Grood enslaves others to mine valuable cosmonium.

Canadian Mounties vs. Atomic Invaders ✦✦ (Republic, 12 Chapters)
Bill Henry, Susan Morrow, Arthur Space D: Franklyn Adreon
Foreign spy Marlof masquerades as “Smoky Joe,” a local settler, to cover his true goal—to build secret guided missile bases on Canadian soil. Mountie Sergeant Don Roberts and special agent Kay Conway adopt secret identities to try to uncover the plot.


Trader Tom of the China Seas ✦✦✦ (Republic, 12 Chapters)
Harry Lauter, Aline Towne, Lyle Talbot D: Franklyn Adreon
China Seas trader Tom Rogers is drawn into a struggle between the United Nations and a gang of foreign agents who are fomenting a revolution in the small, but strategically located, nation of Bumatra. Reuses footage from Haunted Harbor and Drums of Fu Manchu.

Gunfighters of the Northwest ✦✦✦ (Columbia, 15 Chapters)
Last of the White Horse Raiders D: Spencer Bennet
Clayton Moore, Jock Mahoney, Phyllis Coates
Mounties try to control renegade Indians and racketeers controlled by “The Leader.”

Man with the Steel Whip ✦✦ (Republic, 12 Chapters)
Richard Simmons, Mauritz Hugo D: Franklyn Adreon
Rancher Jerry Randall, a friend of the Indians, assumes the guise of El Latigo (the Whip) to thwart the efforts of saloon-keeper Barnett to stir up trouble between whites and reservation Indians so that Barnett can grab some of the gold-rich reservation land. Reuses action scenes from Zorro’s Black Whip.

Riding with Buffalo Bill ✦✦ (Columbia, 15 Chapters)
Marshall Reed, Michael Fox D: Spencer Bennet
King Carney and his gang stir up trouble in a lawless area of the West. Reb Morgan's sister Ruth is afraid Reb will become an outlaw. Old Rocky is convinced that the masked "Ridin' Terror" should return to the saddle to strike fear in the hearts of troublemakers as he did long ago. Young Bill Cody adopts the disguise and takes on the gang. Reuses stunt footage from Deadwood Dick.


Panther Girl of the Kongo ✦✦ (Republic, 12 Chapters)
Phyllis Coates, Myron Healey D: Franklyn Adreon
A scientist with aspirations of controlling a diamond-rich corner of the jungle decides to scare Chief Danka and the local natives away by creating enormous incredible devil-beasts out of hormonally-altered crustaceans. Re-uses Jungle Girl footage.

Adventures of Captain Africa (Columbia, 15 Chapters)
Mighty Jungle Avenger D: Spencer Bennet
John Hart, Rick Vallin
A second serial featuring the Phantom was filmed, but when a requested license fee to use the character a second time was not paid, the serial had to be retitled and substitute mystery-man Captain Africa and his entourage edited in instead to run in and out of stock action sequences in the supposed attempt to restore a deposed Caliph to his throne. Stock footage from The Phantom is occasionally interspersed.

King of the Carnival ✦✦ (Republic, 12 Chapters)
Harry Lauter, Keith Richards D: Franklyn Adreon
Counterfeiters operate from the watertight cabin of a ship, submerged just off the beach and near a coastal cave, traveling to and from work in diving apparatus. Hoping to find their lair, Treasury agent Art Kerr asks his friend high-wire artist Bert King to keep his eyes open. Bert does that, and, helpedby his partner June Edwards, avoids the gang's many spectacular efforts to assassinate him.


Perils of the Wilderness (Columbia, 15 Chapters)
Dennis Moore, Richard Emory D: Spencer Bennet
American deputy marshal Dan Mason, posing as an escaped outlaw called Laramie, trails a murderer to the Canadian Northwest. There he joins Sergeant Gray and his Mounties in their fight to stop the depredations of a gang of marauders headed by Bart Randall.

Blazing the Overland Trail + (Columbia, 15 Chapters)
Heroes of the Pony Express D: Spencer Bennet
Lee Roberts, Dennis Moore
Greedy rancher Rance Devlin is out to build a western empire through terror and treachery. Standing in his way are army scout Tom Bridger and his pal Ed Marr, who runs a Pony Express relay station. When Devlin's robberies give him enough money to create a black-uniformed mercenary army (armed with repeating rifles), he becomes a formidable nemesis. And the Natives of the territory have their own idea about whose land it is. Lee Roberts was dressed like Buck Jones in White Eagle so scenes from that serial could be incorporated into this one.

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