Restored, Subtitle-free and in English


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The Lone Ranger
✦✦✦✦ (Republic, 15 Chapters)
Lee Powell, Chief Thunder Cloud
D: William Witney
Stunts by Yakima Canutt
With opening titles and recaps in English, no subtitles, and all missing footage and audio restored

The sole survivor of a massacre of Texas Rangers, Tonto, an Indian who rescued him, and four other Rangers hunt down a schemer posing as a government official who wants to take over Texas with his small army of mercenaries. The five all fight valiantly but over the course of the serial four are killed in the line of duty, leaving only one to finish the fight -- The Lone Ranger.

Our restoration of THE LONE RANGER (1938), long-considered a lost serial in complete form, is the only complete unsubtitled version of the serial available and the definitive edition of this classic serial.
Influences: Buck Jones (costume and horse named Silver)
Influenced: The Lone Ranger radio and TV shows -- this serial introduced the massacre origin story of the character and rescue by Tonto as well as music and costumes used afterward in Lone Ranger programs.

The 8 minutes of missing audio has been covered by new dubbing, all titles and recaps are presented in English and the picture element is composed of 99% high-resolution footage.

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Chapter 1
Chapter 7

CHAPTERS 1-7 Runtime: 2 hours, 15 minutes
CHAPTERS 8-15 Runtime: 2 hours, 11 minutes

Reviews: I received my LONE RANGER serial today . . . your efforts in restoring this serial for us fans deserve a standing ovation. -- Dr. Tobor

WOW ! ! What a difference ! I can finally see clearly what's going on. I just finished watching the first three chapters, because I had to control myself. Although I watched it on my 52" HD TV, I was not disappointed with the quality, and noticed there was not any annoying artifacts or distractions to really complain about. Considering this is made up of pieces of the only existing elements, it is AWESOME! Doc, you once again outdid yourself. On behalf of all serialdom, Thank you for your efforts on this exciting serial, and keep up the good work. -- The Lightning

Got both LR serials in super condition! Your re-mastering of the first one is superb! I just finished watching it (in two days . . . couldn't wait!) You are to be commended for your hard work and labor of love in resurrecting this classic! I can hardly wait to watch the second one. Thanks for a magnificent job and in making these two wonderful DVD's available to us old-timers! -- Bill M., Tucson, Arizona
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✦✦✦✦ (15 Chapters)
Featuring Lee Powell and Herman Brix

The incomparable Serial Squadron restoration of this long-unseen key serial which was a blockbuster success on its original release. The first appearance of the "origin of the Lone Ranger," and the prototype in many ways for the TV series. Upgrade to Blu-Ray for smoother motion and sharper picture.

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The Lone Ranger Rides Again
✦✦✦ (Republic, 15 Chapters)
Robert Livingston, Duncan Renaldo
D: William Witney/English

After linking up with a wagon train, the Lone Ranger finds himself in the middle of a cattlemen/nesters struggle. Assumed incorrectly to be the bully boys of all the ranchers, but secretly under the command of Bart Dolan, a rancher's nephew, are the Black Raiders. False accusations, kidnapping, attempted lynching, ballot box theft, and the like abound till the closing episodes, which find the settlers gathered inside a fortress for a final showdown.

In this serial the Lone Ranger has a second partner in Juan Valdez, who at first wrongly believes the Lone Ranger to have murdered his brother, then fights beside the Masked Rider of the Plains. Unusually, the Lone Ranger appears frequently without a mask in this story, using the alias Bill Andrews.

This DVD is a new and thorough reconstruction of the serial with:

-- Restored chapter openings and beginnings in English
-- Reconstructed cliffhanger endings
-- Reconstructed chapter recaps
-- Reconstructed chapter opening sequences
-- Restored picture,
including removal of ALL Spanish subtitles
-- Noise-reduced sound.

Transfer Quality: The digital transfer was created from the only known source print. This is the highest quality presentation of the existing film material and its first digital transfers. This restoration is designed to resemble the original theatrical release of THE LONE RANGER RIDES AGAIN as much as possible using elements which still exist, and subtitles have been removed using a technique which borrows visual information from existing unsubtitled film frames so some artifacts and letterboxing are sometimes present, usually at the bottom of the image, in repaired sequences. You can eliminate most of the visual residue of the pasteover-subtitle-elimnation technique and occasional letterboxing by simply watching this DVD on the “Zoom” setting on a widescreen TV.

DVD Contents: The complete 15 chapter serial

Special Features: The rare Lone Ranger home movie cartoon, 30 minutes of on-camera commentary by serial authors Len Kohl and Richard Hurst and Squadron members Zorro, Durango Kid, Brick Bradford, Barcroft, Red Racer, Dr. Grood, Pa Stark, etc., filmed at SerialFest 2007

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Reviews: "Thought you'd like to know that "The Lone Ranger Rides Again" arrived and is excellent.  Thanks for restoring a lost treasure.  You are going to make an old man very happy." -- Customer Bob Johnston

"The Lone Ranger Rides Again [is] a triumph!!" --John Brooker, Wranglers Roost, the UK western film magazine

"Howdy...I recently bought a copy of this serial from you, and I just had to write because I really wanted you to know what absolute, unmitigated JOY the thing has given me. What a thrill to see this rarity...I've longed to for years, but have only been able to find plainly unwatchable copies. THANK YOU for doing it right! I'm off to buy some more right now. Cheers"
-- customer Patbuttram