Don't miss KING OF THE MOUNTIES (which was originally to have featured Spy Smasher),
one of the most action-packed and well-directed and edited serials ever.
The Squadron edition includes fully re-created sound effects and music
for reels for which audio has thus far been unavailable.

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King of the Mounties
✦✦✦✦ (Republic, 12 Chapters)
Allan Lane, Anthony Warde
D: William Witney

Sergeant King of the Mounties faces three high-level agents, one from each of the Axis powers, who harass the Canadian population with bombing raids by a vertical-takeoff plane that takes off from their volcano headquarters and seems to come from nowhere.

This would have been the second serial to feature Spy Smasher but was rewritten to include Sgt. King of the RCMP. It is extremely well-produced and full of constant exciting action.

It has been given a new cover, converted to DL-DVD and upgraded to include the previously missing Chapter 3 takeout and also a preview (Chapter 1) of the upcoming SPY SMASHER DVD.

A print of this serial with full audio has not yet been available so all missing music and sound effects have been replaced in this edition and subtitles added for missing dialogue.

DVD Contents (2 DVD set; Contains chapters 1-12, missing reel 1 of Ch. 3 which has been reconstructed)

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12 Episodes / Black and White
Restored picture and audio
Dual-layer DVD

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DL-DVD; 15 Episodes

Rare late US sound serial featuring Jock "Tarzan" Mahoney, Clayton "Lone Ranger" Moore and Phyllis "Lois Lane" Coates all together, shot hastily all outdoors, with lots of action as a couple of Mounties go after a "White Horse" raider gang trying to take control of Indian territory in Canada. The good news is this (donated, not new) transfer is not from a VHS tape but the not so good news is it is not high resolution so will only look ok on a small TV screen, and shows some occasional digital artifacting. The transfer may have been prepared for TV broadcast. So this is not a typical sharp, new Squadron digital transfer; contrast is fine, audio is restored, the print is almost entirely clear of splices or damage. It has everything but sharp focus :( But this version looks better than any others currently floating around so people have asked that it be offered "as is," so here you go. This edition will be available for a limited time.

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Clancy of the Mounted
✦✦✦ (Universal, 12 Chapters)
Tom Tyler, Jacqueline Wells D: Ray Taylor
Originally Released 2-27-1933

Mountie Sergeant Tom Clancy is assigned to bring his brother Steve, who has been framed for the murder of a mine owner, to justice. Villains LaRue and MacDougal menace the mine owner's daughter.

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Excellent quality picture and sound throughout. Ch. 1 fully restored shot by shot and stabilized, audio on all chapters restored & strong & clear, picture is pure black and white and very sharp.

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The Mystery Trooper
✦✦✦ (Syndicate, 10 Chapters)
Robert Frazer, Blanche Mehaffey
D: Stuart Paton

A masked Mountie intervenes when a gang of crooks attempt to steal both halves of a map which will reveal the location of a gold mine. The two heirs are assisted by a wild horse and a trusted Indian friend.

A very early sound serial, stabilized and good picture quality.

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