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When you request a Serial Squadron DVD or Blu-Ray tracking will begin when the Post Office or other service scans the package, which may not always be right away. Shipments are now being sent First Class in most cases.


Enter the name for this tabbed section: Did you receive my order?
1. Check your PayPal account to see if the transaction is present and has been processed. If so, then we did.

2. Then
Check your email in-box for a receipt e-mail from PayPal. If you received that email, your order was logged by PayPal and if the name and address are correct we will be able to load it into our system.

3. You will receive an email from the Squadron with tracking information when the order is on the table and being assembled. It has not shipped out yet.

4. When the order is ready to ship, when it will be going into the mail the next day, the order will appear in the
Orders Log. So check that link to find out when your order ships.
Enter the name for this tabbed section: What is the status of my order?
Check the Orders Log. If your order appears on the list, it is being assembled and will go out when all the elements of it have been created as necessary and assembled.

If you made the order only a few days ago, it may not be on the list yet. Check back in about a week and see if appears.
Enter the name for this tabbed section: I received the email from the Squadron. Does that mean my order shipped?
Not yet. The email from the Squadron you receive which includes tracking information is confirmation that your order shipment label has been printed and the order is "on the table" for assembly.

The order will ship when all the elements included in it have been created and assembled.

Check the Orders Log to see when the order has gone out. When it does, it will be starred with an asterisk.

Save the email with tracking information you receive so you will be able to track your order after it ships out.
Enter the name for this tabbed section: I see my order on the Orders Log. When will my order ship?
When all the elements necessary to be included in the order have been created and assembled.

Check the
Orders Log to see when the order has been delivered to the Post Office or is on its way. When it is, the shipment listing on the Orders Log will be starred with an asterisk.
Enter the name for this tabbed section: The Orders Log says my order went out. When will it get here?
Check the tracking number included in the email you received from the Squadron for updates on its location during the shipping process.
Enter the name for this tabbed section: A disk I ordered has visible physical damage or will not play properly. Can I have a replacement?
Check the Disk Not Loading and Player Compatibility pages for more information about these sorts of issues.

Squadron Hybrid Blu-Rays are known to play on Sony BDP-s390, 1200, 3100 and 5390 players. If you ordered one and your player doesn't access it, or loads the disk as a data disk so you see the chapter files on the player's internal Blu-Ray menu, try it in one of the Sony players. You can pick one up on eBay for $30 and that's recommended anyway because they are good players that play pretty much everything. Do not request returns for these disks. It's NOT "THE DISK," you need a player that has a built-in protocol that can handle the format. Read more about Hybrid Blu-Rays

If you really do need a replacement disk, because you received the wrong title or the disk is damaged, email Azura at and tell her your name, address, and the date of the order and the disk you need.
The request may not be answered by an email saying we received it. Your answer will be the shipment of the new disk. Allow 2 weeks or so for the request to process because it has to be treated as a new order and new disks made and labeled if none are currently in stock.
Enter the name for this tabbed section: Do Squadron DVDs and Blu-Rays have logos on them?
No. Only versions of chapters posted online do. There are no logos in the corners of Squadron DVDs or Blu-Rays.
Shipping times will vary according to what was ordered; orders for newer items or those of which we have copies on hand, and an order for only one DVD may take only a few days.
Smaller orders will usually ship more quickly than orders of 5 or more DVDs. Occasionally, large orders, orders for titles which are not kept in stock and/or orders made at busy times will take longer, up to about three weeks. For fastest shipping, limit your order to 3 DVDs or fewer at a time.

Use a BUY IT NOW button to pay for one item in one step.
Or use
ADD TO CART buttons to assemble a larger order.

When you make an order, be sure the address you have specified in PayPal is CORRECT, COMPLETE, and CURRENT. And that all elements of the address are on separate and appropriate lines. If your name is not present, or if there are errors in the address, the order MAY NOT PROCESS. So fix these things if they need fixing before you order. The correct format is:

Joe Fabitts
123 Green St Apt 2B
Mahoney ID 12345

JoeFabitts, just JOE or a nickname or company name
123 Green Street 2B Mahoney, ___ 12345

Make sure your name is present and correct, use the two-letter abbreviation for your state and do not add commas in your address.

AFTER YOU MAKE AN ORDER YOU WILL RECEIVE AN EMAIL RECEIPT FROM PAYPAL meaning your payment was accepted by the PayPal service. It is your receipt for the transaction. Your order information will then be forwarded to our shipping software. The next time we look at the shipping software, we will see your order in our received orders queue.

THE SECOND EMAIL YOU RECEIVE WILL BE FROM THE SQUADRON AND INCLUDE TRACKING INFORMATION. This is our acknowledgment to you that your order has been received and will now be assembled.

When we know it can be prepared and shipped to you in a reasonable amount of time, we will generate a shipping label for your order. Creating this label will also generate a USPS tracking number for the order in an email for you which, once the shipment is sent, you will be able to use to track its location.

When you receive this email that does NOT mean the order has shipped. The Squadron e-mail which includes your tracking number means we have received your order and are ready to start assembling it for you. So after you make an order, please don't expect to be able to track it immediately. The order will track after it is completely assembled and when the Post Office has received and scanned it.

Tracking begins when the Post Office scans an item; it does not happen at the Squadron. When an item tracks that means the PO has received it and put the delivery process in motion. We cannot do anything to affect the shipment after it has gone to the Post Office.

You will receive the email with a tracking number usually within a few days to a week or more (if orders are backed up) of your making an order. If after two weeks or so since you have made an online order and you appear not to have received the email with tracking information in it and you want to double-check to see if an order has been received:

Check your email in-box to see if you have received your shipment email, which will include the tracking number. If you have, use the tracking number to track the package.

If the e-mail has not arrived yet, check your spam folder to see if you already have received the email and it's been directed there.

3. If not, then
check PayPal to see if your PayPal transaction went through. If it seems to have done so, and your address and email address connected to PayPal are both correct, visit the ORDERS LOG PAGE to check the status of the order.

If the PayPal transaction went through, but your order has not appeared after 2 weeks or so in the Orders Log,
there may be a problem with your address as set up in PayPal. Check it, please, to see that there are no errors and that all required fields are filled out.

Please don't email after you make an order asking about its "status." We will make sure every order is filled, we just can not ship things 5 minutes before you order them as does. We would have to charge $40 per DVD in order to provide that sort of service.

If after checking the FAQ and reading the pages in this section you believe your order may have been lost in the system,
do not send emails to Eric Stedman or try to contact him by Facebook or telephone. He is working on finishing the restoration of the next DVD or Blu-Ray to ship out and his email address is NOT the place where order information is stored. So your message may get lost. Write to Queen Azura and she will see if we can track down what's up with the order. She is the one who logs this information and that is the box where the email will be seen. Responses are not always immediate there either because the box does not usually receive a lot of inquiries. Send ONE contact request about the problem and do not assume that if it is not answered immediately you are being ignored. You aren't. The situation may be complicated and require some investigation before we can give you an answer and a replacement shipment may need to be made up. Please be patient and the response to such an email will likely be the shipment of the item and its being noted on the Orders Log.

Squadron book orders are not filled by the Squadron but processed by and these orders cannot be shipped in the same cart as DVDs. They must be ordered separately but can be combined with orders for other books.

Lulu usually ships orders within about 5 days from their receipt & their packing of books for shipment is excellent. Contact them with any questions about book orders.