The serials below were mastered from the best available sources, usually
16mm prints given new digital transfers.

Titles in bold blue type and underlined are complete and available now.
Titles in
regular blue type are being created, reprinted or converted and awaiting being linked in to the site.

Blu-Rays, Hybrid Blu-Rays, DL-DVDs , DVDs, DVD Sets, and Audio DVDs

Linked titles in bold blue type are complete and available now. Others are in production or currently unavailable.


\restorations burned in standard Blu-Ray format and will play in all players that can play BD-R media.

AF-B Adventures of Frank Merriwell
Adventures of Sir Galahad
AT Adventures of Tarzan
CA-B Captain America
The Crimson Ghost
DR-B Doctor Satan's Robot
Fighting Devil Dogs
Galloping Ghost
Government Agents vs. Phantom Legion
HH-B The House of Hate
KK-B The King of the Kongo

LP-B The Lost Planet
MM-B The Masked Marvel
Mysterious Doctor Satan
PC-B The Phantom Creeps
PHS-B Pirates of the High Seas
RMC-B Rocketman Collection
SC-B The Secret Code
SOG Son of Geronimo

SPY-B Spy Smasher
TO-B The Trail of the Octopus (Upgrade)


These are burned in standard Blu-Ray format and will play in the Sony BDP-s3100 and other players which can read the format. Please read the Hybrid Blu-Rays page before ordering disks in this format.

BF-B Beatrice Fairfax
BS_B Blake of Scotland Yard
CS-B The Call of the Savage
DW-B Daredevils of the West
DF-B Drums of Fu Manchu
DK-B The Desert Hawk
GW-B Great Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok
HD-B The Hope Diamond Mystery
JJ-B Jesse James Serials
LR-B The Lone Ranger Serial
PN-B Perils of Nyoka
PP-B The Perils of Pauline
PE-B The Phantom Empire
RBC-B The Rex Bennett Collection
RMC-B Rocketman Collection
ST-B The Secret of Treasure Island
SW-B The Spider's Web
TZ-B The Tiger Woman / Zorro's Black Whip


AF Adventures of Frank Merriwell
AG Adventures of Sir Galahad
BF Beatrice Fairfax
BA Black Arrow
BS Blake of Scotland Yard
BG Bruce Gentry, Daredevil of the Skies
CS The Call of the Savage
CA Captain America
CG The Crimson Ghost
DW Daredevils of the West

DA Darkest Africa
DD Deadwood Dick
DH Desert Hawk
DO Desperadoes of the West
DH The Devil Horse
DF Drums of Fu Manchu
FD Fighting Devil Dogs

FM Fighting Marines
FGR Flash Gordon Rarities
FG Flying G-Men
GG The Galloping Ghost

GB Gang Busters
GBD G-men vs Black Dragon
GP Government Agents vs Phantom Legion
GK Great Adventures of Captain Kidd
GW Great Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok
GA The Green Archer
GN Gunfighters of the Northwest
HW Heroes of the West
HO Holt of the Secret Service
HD Hope Diamond Mystery
JB The James Brothers of Missouri
JJ Jesse James Rides Again
JM Jungle Menace
KM King of the Mounties
KR King of the Rocket Men
KT King of the Texas Rangers
LD The Lone Defender
LR The Lone Ranger
LRA The Lone Ranger Rides Again
LCJ Lost City of the Jungle
LS The Lost Special
MA Mala
MI Manhunt of Mystery Island
MR The Masked Rider
MD Mysterious Doctor Satan
MN Mystery Mountain
MOR The Mystery of the Riverboat
MS The Mystery Squadron
PS The Painted Stallion
PN Perils of Nyoka
PP The Perils of Pauline
PE The Phantom Empire
RM Radar Men from the Moon
RR Red Rider
SCA Scarlet Horseman
SO SOS Coast Guard

SR Serial Rarities
ST Secret of Treasure Island
SSD Secret Service in Darkest Africa
SG Son of the Guardsman
SZ Son of Zorro
SW The Spider's Web
SPY Spy Smasher
TG Tailspin Tommy in The Great Air Mystery
TW Tiger Woman
UK Undersea Kingdom
VL The Vanishing Legion
VS The Vanishing Shadow
WS The Wharton Serials
WD The Wolf Dog
ZS Zombies of Stratosphere
ZR Zorro Rides Again
ZW Zorro's Black Whip


CM Clancy of the Mounted
DS The Desert Song
DR Doctor Satan's Robot
GR Graft
IW If Women Only Knew
ISG Isle of Sunken Gold
JH Jeep Herders
JP Jungle Princess
MY Mysteries of Myra
MT Mystery Trooper
PA Patria
SF5 SerialFest DVD Magazine #5
SFS Seven Footprints to Satan (Upgrade)
TF Tarzan the Fearless
ZU Zudora


SOTW The Sign of the Wolf


BBA Blue Beetle
TAC Tarzan Audio Collection
WAC World Adventurers Club

The Serial Squadron's mission is to restore and preserve rare serials and related or similar features, which are often last on the lists of larger film archives for preservation, in digital format, so they can be seen again and discovered, enjoyed and studied. The Squadron offers only copies of serials we have worked on and restored ourselves, usually from original film prints we acquire, and which have not been made commercially available by studios in any currently used video format. Some of the serials and related features listed on this page were not even preserved by the studios which made them and have not been made available by the original producers.

We do not copy any existing DVDs or VHS tapes and usually restore transfers of incomplete or damaged original film prints of serials shot by shot, translating intertitles when necessary, adding musical scores, stabilizing the image, noise-reducing sound and repairing credit sequences.

Donations related to these holdings and projects are used to help pay for new acquisitions to be restored and preserved.

For assistance on DVD disk replacement requests or other issues click

Section 108 of the Copyright Act permits libraries and archives to make certain uses of copyrighted materials in order to serve the public and ensure the availability of works over time. Among other things, Section 108 provides limited exceptions for libraries and archives to make copies in specified instances for preservation, replacement and patron access. Section 108 was enacted as part of the Copyright Act of 1976, then amended in 1998 by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and the Copyright Term Extension Act, and in 2005 by the Preservation of Orphan Works Act.

In accordance with current copyright law, no serials will be listed here unless the original works are public domain, legal orphans, and/or more than 75 years old or in their last 20 years of a copyright term and not currently available as a commercial video product by a studio or legitimately licensed rightsholder (if any). Copies of orphaned serials in which we have invested time and funds to preserve and restore are (legally) available to the public from this archive in accordance with Section 108 of the US Copyright law which states that “for preservation, scholarship or research, libraries or archives may reproduce, distribute, display or perform published works in their last 20 years of copyright if the work is not subject to commercial exploitation and cannot be obtained at a fair price.”

By ordering a copy of one of the restored public domain titles you agree to respect its copyright as a new version of a public domain work by the Squadron and not to copy or resell the DVD. In regards to orphaned (abandoned) titles, you agree that you are a writer, reviewer, historian, or library and research, review, or study is your purpose in requesting a copy of any of these films which we have taken pains to restore to as close to their original condition as possible.