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The Interplanetary Adventures of
Tristram Coffin, George Wallace, Judd Holdren, Leonard Nimoy, Dr. Vulcan, Marex the Martian
and Roy Barcroft as Retik the Moon Menace

36 Episodes / 3 Complete Serials
on 3 Dual-layer DVDs

All remastered and restored --
RADAR MEN with special color enhancement
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Extras include all 3 trailers, a mini-documentary "The Origin of Rocketman" and an interview with mega-collector Bob Burns, owner of the Rocketman costume

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King of the Rocket Men
✦✦✦ (Republic, 12 Chapters)
Tristram Coffin, Mae Clarke
D: Fred C. Brannon

Jeff King, security chief of Science Associates, aided by a newly constructed atomic-powered flying suit, battles the thieving and sabotaging agents of the shadowy Dr. Vulcan, who is one of the other principal associates in King's company.

Special Features: Theatrical trailer, includes the short subject/slideshow
The Origin of Rocketman

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Radar Men from the Moon
✦✦✦✦ (Mascot, 12 Chapters)
George Wallace, Roy Barcroft
D: Fred C. Brannon

Retik, ruler of the Moon bombards the Earth with atomic explosions in preparation for invasion. Commando Cody and friends set out in their rocket ship for the Moon to try to stop him. Clayton "Lone Ranger" Moore appears in this serial as Retik's head henchman/crooked representative on Earth.

Special Features: Theatrical Trailer, Restored & Enhanced with light color tone effects

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Zombies of the Stratosphere
✦✦✦ (Republic, 12 Chapters)
Judd Holdren, Leonard Nimoy
D: Fred C. Brannon

Martian sentinel Marex comes to Earth to collect uranium so he can blow Earth out of orbit and have Mars take its place. Larry Martin of the Interplanetary Patrol uses the Rocketman flying suit to try and counter the Martians' plans.

Special Features: Theatrical trailer, Interview with mega-collector and classic film enthusiast Bob Burns, owner of the Rocketman costume

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The Phantom Empire
✦✦✦✦ (Mascot, 12 Chapters)
Gene Autry, Frankie Darro
D: Otto Brower, B. Eason

When a radio performer discovers a strange underground city ruled by Queen Tika, who wishes to keep her kingdom secret from the “surface people” she despises, his two bumbling friends, young Frankie and Betsy and the Thunder Riders Club ride “to the rescue.”
Influenced: Star Wars, The Phantom Menace, The Empire Strikes Back

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Undersea Kingdom
✦✦✦ (Republic, 12 Chapters)
Ray Corrigan, Lois Wilde
D: B. Reeves Eason/Kane

Naval officer Crash Corrigan travels to the bottom of the sea in Professor Norton's mini-submarine to investigate emanations from the ocean floor. Sucked into a strange world, he and his party discover that the disturbances come from the divided kingdom of Atlantis, where dictator Unga Khan is bent upon raising his super tower to the earth's surface, to conquer or destroy the upper world.

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Rocket Ship (Flash Gordon)

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