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King of the Texas Rangers
✦✦✦+ (Republic, 12 Chapters)

Sammy Baugh
as Ranger Tom King
Duncan Renaldo
as Sgt. Pedro Garcia
Neil "Commissioner Gordon" Hamilton

When mysterious foreigners using a zeppelin as a command post kill quarterback Tom King's father, he teams with Sgt. Pedro Garcia of the Mexican police to avenge the murder and put a stop to the "fifth columnist's" plans for sabotage and destruction. An action-packed classic serial originally conceived as a vehicle for Roy Rogers.

Transfer Quality: Excellent, stabilized, with restored picture and audio
DVD Contents: 2-DVD Set, Complete serial

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The Mystery Squadron
✦✦✦ (Mascot, 12 Chapters)
Bob Steele, Guinn Williams, Jack Mulhall
D: Colbert Clark/Howard

Near San Juan, New Mexico, a mysterious aviator known as the Black Ace and his squadron of phantom flame-throwing planes threatens to destroy a dam construction project and it's up to flying aces Fred Cromwell and Bill "Jelly Bean" Cook to track down the Mystery Squadron, infiltrate their mountain hideout and discover the true identity of the Black Ace before it's too late.

View Online Video: Chapter 3

Transfer Quality: Excellent with some occasional graininess, from 16mm, audio noise-reduced
DVD Contents: 2-DVD Set, Complete serial
Special Features: Amazing aviation stunt sequence from silent film

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The Fighting Marines
✦✦✦ (Mascot, 12 Chapters)
Grant Withers, Adrian Morris
D: B. Reeves Eason

The Tiger Shark is the nemesis of the two non-coms of The Fighting Marines, willing even to take on the Navy Dept. for possession of Halfway Island.

View Online Video: Chapter 1

Transfer Quality: Newly remastered on a Rank Cintel from an original print.
DVD Contents: 2 DVD set, black and white, with illustrated menus, chapter selection buttons, and scene markers within chapters.
Special Features: Theatrical trailer
Newsreel from 1938 featuring serial hero Sammy Baugh playing football, and a "real-life" Rocket-man!
"Puddle Pranks," a Flip the Frog cartoon by Ub Iwerks

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✦✦✦ (Wharton, 15 Chapters)
Irene Castle, Warner Oland, Milton Sills
D: The Whartons, J. Jaccard

Patria Channing, heiress to a fortune and a munitions factory, and Secret Service agent Donald Parr defend New York from invasion by the Japanese, as led by master spy Baron Huroki. (Oland’s first Asian character role) Reshoots and revisions were made to the serial when Woodrow Wilson suggested the invaders be identified as Mexican so as not to antagonize Japan, and in latter episodes the setting was changed to the American West. Milton Sills is the hero of the story, playing a US Secret Service agent. The serial also features Mike Rale, who played the sinister Master of the Black Order in
The Mysteries of Myra, as Huroki’s assistant Kato. Screen action takes place around Cayuga Lake and other recognizable Ithaca, New York locations.

View Online Video: Existing Chapters & Slideshow

Transfer Quality:
Excellent/Good, from 2 different prints
DVD Contents:
Restored episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, and 10; about 75 minutes; 2-DVD set, color tinted and with new musical score
Special Features: 6 1/2 minute Photo Gallery of ads & over 75 Stills & Behind the Scenes Shots

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Tailspin Tommy in
The Great Air Mystery
✦✦+ (Universal, 12 Chapters)
Clark Williams, Jean Rogers, Noah Beery Jr.
D: Ray Taylor

Tommy and pals fly to Nazil Island in the Pacific to help a group of honest businesspeople protect oil reserves from takeover. They get assistance from an undercover reporter and from a masked mystery pilot called both the Eagle and El Condor.

Transfer Quality: Excellent, digital transfer from excellent quality original 16mm print; audio restored
DVD Contents: Complete serial
Special Features: Serial Trailers

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The Master Key
✦✦✦ (13 Chapters)
Dennis Moore, Milburn Stone D: Ray Taylor

In the pre-World War II United States, a Nazi espionage ring--each member possessing a key to a headquarters control device--takes direction from an unseen leader, The Master Key. The focus of their efforts is Professor Henderson’s Orotron device, which can extract gold from sea water. Federal agent Tom Brant heads a spy-fighting trio that includes police detective Jack Ryan and reporter Janet Lowe. Who is The Master Key? An unknown foe or a false friend in disguise? You’ll have to wait until the final chapter (13) to find out for sure!

Transfer Quality: Very good, from 16mm
DVD Contents: 2-DVD set, black and white, complete serial
Special Features: National Anthem by Fred Waring and his Pennsylvanians, World War II Introduction: "The Rise of the Axis" (which sets the stage for the action to follow
Cartoon: “Daffy the Commando”

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