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The Lost Serial Collection
Featuring Pearl White, Ruth Roland, Eddie Polo, Herbert Rawlinson, and many more

This special edition features clips, short sequences and even some full-length chapters from 35 extremely rare serials that may be lost forever, except for what you can see here, presented in chronological order.

Complete chapters are included of THE IRON CLAW featuring Pearl White and THE FLAME FIGHTER starring Herbert Rawlinson.

ZUDORA, THE HAZARDS OF HELEN, CAPTAIN KIDD, HAUNTED VALLEY, THE LIGHTNING RAIDER and others are represented by extended action scenes or condensed chapters

Extended scenes from a couple of rare but not completely lost serials, A WOMAN IN GREY and OFFICER 444 in sharp new transfers.

Trailers for ultra-rare titles THE SCARLET ARROW, A FINAL RECKONING, WHISPERING SMITH RIDES and KING OF THE JUNGLE are also included

All the included scenes and chapters are presented as they might have been originally shown, each with a new opening title and music, and no intrusive narration or explanations.

Stills and posters from some of the serials are also included. This is a collection no serial historian or collector can live without. The complete list of serial titles and running times are listed below. A great value -- a massive amount of serial history all in one set!
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The Wharton Serials
Featuring Grace Darling, Harry Fox, Jean Sothern, Howard Estabrook, Pearl White, Lionel Barrymore, Irene Castle, Milton Sills Mike Rale, and Warner Oland

In Production

All the surviving serials shot in Ithaca, New York by the Wharton Studio, 1915-1916

Beatrice Fairfax
The Mysteries of Myra
The Romance of Elaine
The Eagle's Eye
New Adventures of J. Rufus Wallingford

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SerialFest DVD Magazine #5

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The Best of
SerialFest DVD Magazine

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