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Squadron Blu-Ray BD-Rs have been tested and play in:
Sony BDP-s390, BDP-s1200 and BDP-s3100 / Samsung BD-F5100 / LG BPM-35 Blu-Ray players, and Playstation 4 and XBox 1S. We have had reports, however, that some players, including a 2011 Samsung BD-DS300/2500 player, will bypass the menu when trying to load CAPTAIN AMERICA and SON OF THE GUARDSMAN and load these as data disks instead, and some (usually older) players, which will play DVD-Rs, will not load some menus on BD-R disks properly or sometimes load them at all.

After much testing of Squadron BD-R disks in multiple types of players it appears that some especially older Blu-Ray players are simply not entirely properly internally equipped to load menus for all types of BD-R disks, which makes sense as BD-Rs or some BD-R formats may not even have even existed at the time some of these players were manufactured.

Requesting disk replacements will not resolve a disk loading issue as you will receive the same content you have already got, which your player may not be fully equipped to handle.
Please note that if your player bypasses the menu and your disk loads as a data disk, if you click on the VideoTS folder on the display you will still be able to play the files on these disks.

If you want to be able to load menus on all Squadron BD-Rs, you will need to either:

Upgrade the firmware on your player if it is not equipped to play the BD-Rs and see if that allows for more compatibility -- to do this, enter the model of your player and the phrase “update firmware” into a search engine online and follow the instructions on how to update your player’s internal software, or:

Purchase one of the Sony BD Blu-Ray players such as the Sony BDP-s3100 or other players listed on this page which will be sure to play them (The BDP-s3100 sells for about $35 on eBay or Amazon)

Order the DVD version of the serial instead, which will play on virtually all players.

If you have an older Blu-Ray player and do not want to upgrade its software or acquire a compatible player it is recommended that you order the DL-DVD versions of Squadron serials.