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Drums of Fu Manchu
✦✦✦✦ (15 Chapters)
Henry Brandon, Robert Kellard D: William Witney/John English

A dacoit knife that nearly misses British investigator Nayland Smith's head tips him off that megalomaniac Fu Manchu and his evil Si Fan society are in California. Fu desires a scroll which will lead him to the tomb of Genghis Khan (whose sacred scepter will, he says, help him conquer Asia), and kidnaps Dr. Parker, a scientist who knows its location. The scientist's son and Dr. Petrie go in search of him, and Fu Manchu leaves no stone unturned as he terrorizes and destroys his enemies with poison darts, booby traps, assassins, ancient torture devices, and unseen, ominous drums which are a warning of impending doom.

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Transfer Quality: Excellent, from Jack Mathis' original print-down from Republic Pictures' negative, mostly stable, excellent sharpness and grey tones.
DVD Contents:
Complete serial
Special Features: Introduction by Fu Manchu author William P. Maynard

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The Desert Song
Featuring John Boles, Carlotta King, Edward Martindel, Johnnie Arthur, Myrna Loy. Directed by Roy del Ruth

The mysterious freedom fighter known as the Red Shadow is actually the son of the General sent to the region to seek out and destroy him. Feature film of stage operetta originally released in part 2-color Technicolor with sound on Vitaphone disks. 2 acts with intermission, 121 minutes.

Transfer Quality: Good to very good quality transfer from videotape of 16mm black and white TV print
DVD Contents: Complete feature, missing 30-40 seconds of picture in one musical number has been reconstructed from existing footage. Audio synch restored. 2-color Technicolor scenes as were present in the original are simulated & very light tones used on remainder of film, some of which was also originally released in color. Audio restored. Essentially complete and in good condition.
Special Features: Theatrical trailer.

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Lost City of the Jungle
✦✦ (Universal, 13 Chapters)
Russell Hayden, Keye Luke, Lionel Atwill
D: Ray Taylor, L. Collins

Secret agent Rod Stanton of the the United Peace Foundation and the resourceful Tal Shanto investigate problems in a lost city in the Himalayan nation of Pendrang, where Sir Eric Hazarias and his associates plot a future world war. When Rod and Tal Shan stumble upon segments of a hieroglyphic tablet, Hazarias uses their discovery to locate a store of Meteorium 245, which he needs to complete an atomic defense system.

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Transfer Quality: Excellent, from 16mm, best available
DVD Contents: 2-DVD Set,
Special Features: Memorabilia slideshow, Adventures of Tarzan chapter 2, Preview of Mala