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Daredevils of the West
The amazing long-lost Republic serial
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✦✦✦✦ (Republic, 12 Chapters)
Allan Lane, Kay Aldridge, Robert Frazer
D: John English

Cavalryman-on-special-assignment Duke Cameron offers to help lovely June Foster build a stage line through the Comanche Strip after her father is slain in a wagon train attack masterminded by crooked land baron Martin Dexter. Dexter and his henchmen Ward and Turner, and crooked lawyer Silas Higby relentlessly conspire and attack Cameron and Foster, who are forced to try and survive an exploding runaway stagecoach, a flaming prison, powder kegs in a runaway mine car, a plunge into a vat of flaming alcohol, being shot at the edge of a cliff, and tied up and thrown into a covered wagon to be set on fire.

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The Great Adventures
of Wild Bill Hickok

✦✦✦(Columbia, 15 Chapters) Bill Elliott, Robert Fiske D: Mack Wright

Wild Bill Hickok, marshal of Abilene, helps a cattle drive from Texas reach his town, despite many attempts of the Phantom Raiders to drive them back along the Chisholm Trail.

DVD Contents: All 15 Chapters; new digital transfer, restored credits, audio & picture

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Black Arrow
Brave Hero of the Navajo
Featuring Robert Scott, Charles Middleton,
and Kenneth MacDonald
Directed by Fred Brannon

When a young Navajo refuses to kill a kindly Indian agent accused of allowing a treaty to be broken, he is run out of his own tribe and ends up hunted by white settlers as well. A scheming carpetbagger who killed his father and started the trouble to begin with also wants to do him in, so the action never stops in this exciting 15-episode cliffhanger featuring a Native American character, Black Arrow, as the hero, who is supported by a good-humored and loyal Mexican friend, Pancho, and two women -- a pretty blonde concerned for his safety and a daring woman captured from his tribe by the Zunis who helps him escape his enemies.

Charles Middleton is featured in a rare "good guy" role as the kindly Indian Agent, and George J. Lewis plays Black Arrow's jealous rival Snake-that-Walks.

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A group of courageous ranchers under the leadership of Colonel Arnold and Ward Gordon, engaged in the cooperative project of drilling an oil well, is receiving fierce opposition from an unknown bandit gang. In fact, J. B. Dawson, a smooth-talking easterner, is the head of the outlaws. He is out to prevent the co-op from striking oil before its lease expires so he can secure the property for himself, although in town he positions himself as the representative of a local syndicate. He hires strong-arm men Larson and Hacker to commit a series of murders, including the co-op's driller, to prevent the completion of the well. Plenty of action follows as Dawson's men attempt to blow up a derrick and bullets from the outlaws detonate the dynamite . . .

View Chapter 1: "Tower of Jeopardy"

12 Episodes / Black and White
Excellent Quality Picture & Sound
Dual-layer DVD

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Jesse James Rides Again
Featuring Clayton Moore and Linda Stirling
with Tristram Coffin and Roy Barcroft
Directed by Fred Brannon

Though a fugitive from the sheriff of Clay County, Missouri, Jesse James helps the small ranchers of Peaceful Valley, Tennessee, resist the violent efforts of black-hooded raiders to drive them off their lands. Restored with excellent quality picture and audio.

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The James Brothers of Missouri
Featuring Keith Richards and Noel Neill
Directed by Fred Brannon

Frank and Jesse James, under a new set of aliases, are in Rimrock, trying to live honest lives. When freight-line owner Lon Royer, their benefactor, is murdered, Frank and Jesse set out to catch his killer, suspecting that it might be the rival freighter Ace Martin, or one of his gang, but unaware that friendly storekeeper Belle Calhoun is giving Ace his order. Restored with excellent quality picture and audio.

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King of the Texas Rangers
✦✦✦+ (Republic, 12 Chapters)

Sammy Baugh
as Ranger Tom King
Duncan Renaldo
as Sgt. Pedro Garcia
Neil "Commissioner Gordon" Hamilton

When mysterious foreigners using a zeppelin as a command post kill quarterback Tom King's father, he teams with Sgt. Pedro Garcia of the Mexican police to avenge the murder and put a stop to the "fifth columnist's" plans for sabotage and destruction. An action-packed classic serial originally conceived as a vehicle for Roy Rogers.

Transfer Quality: Excellent, stabilized, with restored picture and audio
DVD Contents: Complete serial

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Heroes of the West
✦✦+ (Universal, 12 Chapters)
Noah Beery Jr., Jacqueline Logan
D: Ray Taylor

Railroad man John Blaine, his son Noah and daughter Ann struggle to continue construction of the transcontinental railroad despite the attempts of crooks and hostile Indians to foil their plans.

From 16mm
Transfer quality: Very good-Excellent Rank Cintel transfer from 16mm original print

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The Sign of the Wolf
✦✦+ (Metropolitan, 10 Chapters)
Rex Lease, Joe Bonomo
D: Forrest Sheldon

An eccentric explorer discovers a pair of radioactive chains with the power to change sand to jewels in India, where he also acquires a puppy apparently marked by the Sign of the Wolf. Years later, he and his daughter are
endangered by criminals who would like to get their hands on them and a religious sect to whom the chains are sacred. Two helpful cowboys, Tom and Bud, help the beleaguered Farnums. Transferred on a Rank Cintel from a rare original print.

DVD Includes option to watch the serial with or without a musical score.

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Mystery Mountain
✦✦✦ (Mascot, 12 Chapters)
Ken Maynard, Syd Saylor, Verna Hillie
D: Otto Brower, B. Eason

Ken Williams, a railroad detective, is sent to catch the mysterious master of disguise called the Rattler, who is disrupting construction of a new railroad line, while also harassing the stagecoach company that the railroad will inevitably supplant. Excellent quality Rank Cintel transfer from 16mm.

View Online Video: Chapter 1: The Rattler

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The Vanishing Legion
✦✦+ (Mascot, 12 Chapters)
Harry Carey, Boris Karloff (voice)
D: Ford Beebe, B. R. Eason

Warmhearted Kit Cardigan and his energetic young friend Jimmie Williams (astride protean stallion Rex) struggle to save an oil field and Darro's father from the Voice, who gives orders to his ruffians via pocket radios. Excellent Rank Cintel transfer from a very good condition original 16mm print. Boris Karloff performs unseen as mystery villain "The Voice."

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The Red Rider
✦✦✦+ (Universal, 15 Chapters)
Buck Jones, Walter Miller
D: Louis Friedlander

A cowboy defends his trusted friend when he is wrongly accused of the murder of his sweetheart’s father, and tries to catch the real killer, who left behind a clue: a marijuana cigarette.

Transfer quality: Excellent

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The Rustlers of Red Dog
✦✦✦ (Universal, 12 Chapters)

John Mack Brown, Walter Miller, Harry Woods
D: Louis Friedlander

Three pals, Jack Woods, Laramie, and the Deacon, heading for the gold fields, arrive in the town of Nugget, which is being terrorized by a band of brigands led by the dangerous Rocky. Soon Jack, a former marshal, is given a badge by the citizens of Nugget as he leads the struggle to catch Rocky and disperse the Rustlers. Very good quality Bosch transfer from 16mm.

DVD Contents: All 15 Chapters, Theatrical Trailer, Cast biographies by R. W. Stedman
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The Painted Stallion
✦✦✦ (Republic, 12 Chapters)
Ray Corrigan, Julia Thayer
D: William Witney/Taylor

Scout Clark Stuart, sent to Santa Fe to negotiate a treaty with the newly established Mexican government, finds strong allies in the wagon train of Walter Jamison—Jim Bowie, Davy Crockett, and a youthful Kit Carson. Opposing Stuart is a large and powerful band of scoundrels headed by deposed Spanish governor Escomedo Dupray, who hopes to regain dictatorial powers in the new Mexican territory, but Stuart benefits from the repeated intervention of a mysterious war-bonneted warrior astride a painted stallion.

View Online Video: Chapter 1

Special Features:

- Chapter 1 presented in 3-color Malavision
- Western soundie "Git Along Little Pony" featuring the Wakely Trio


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The Devil Horse
✦✦✦ (Mascot, 12 Chapters)
Harry Carey, Frankie Darro, Noah Beery
D: Otto Brower

A “wild boy” witnesses a murder connected to the theft of a valuable race horse then befriends the victim’s brother and helps him track down both the killer and the “devil horse.” New transfer is a little soft but OK. Check the sample chapters for quality.

View Online Video:
Chapter 1: Untamed
Chapter 2: The Chasm of Death
Chapter 3: The Doom Riders

Chapter 4: Vigilante Law

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The Lone Defender
✦✦ (Mascot, 12 Chapters)
Walter Miller, Rin Tin Tin
D: Richard Thorpe

Is Ramon trying to protect the daughter of a murdered man or is he himself the notorious “Cactus Kid?” Features Walter Miller and June Marlowe, the female lead who played "Miss Crabtree" in the Our Gang shorts. First nationally-distributed all-talking serial. Opening titles reconstructed in high quality, new transfer is soft but restored; audio also restored.

View Online Video:
Chapter 2: The Fugitive