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Not all types of DVDs, DVD-Rs, Blu-Rays or BD-Rs play in all players. This may be because the player you tried to play it in:

1. Has not got the built-in protocol to be able to access the kind of disk you put into it and is
unable to play all types of DVD-R or BD-R recordable media. Players can only access disks they are programmed with the specific protocol to be able to read.

2. May need a
firmware upgrade or

For a technical reason which may involve memory or format compatibility, the player is just plain incompatible with the disk, like two people on a blind date who do not like each other, simply do not get along. Or a record player that has only 33 and 45rpm speeds and is not equipped to play a 78.

4. Is not reading the disk because it's got fingerprints on the bottom surface. Turn the disk over and rub it clean with a very soft cloth to remove fingerprints or anything else it's got on it.

What do you do about this?

First, try ejecting the disk then loading it up again to be sure there's not just a mechanical thing going on with the player warming up. Sometimes this is all the player wants, and will load the disk the second time for you.

1. If you have a Hybrid Blu-Ray which your Blu-Ray player can't access, you can
get a Blu-Ray player such as the Sony BDP-s390, BDP-s1200, BDP-s3100 or BDP-s5390 which we know will play the hybrid Blu-Rays and will be compatible with ALL Squadron DVDs and Blu-Rays. They sell for about $30 on eBay.

2. You can try
updating the firmware on your Blu-Ray or DVD player. If you bought it in 2011 and it's 8 years old it may not have the built-in capacity to play BD-Rs until you update it. Go to the website of the manufacturer of the Blu-Ray player and search the site on the term "firmware" or simply search on Google or another search engine on the model number of your player and the phrase "update firmware" and follow the instructions on the page you arrive at on how to update your machine and make it more compatible with different kinds of media.

3. If you have a Samsung player,
click MENU on the remote, and select PLAY ALL FORMATS.
Other players may have similar options.

4. If after you insert the disk the index to the files on it shows up as icons, go head and click on them and play the chapters on it that way. Your player will still play the tracks. It just for some reason doesn't like the menu and doesn't want to load it.

Order the DVD version of the Blu-Ray title instead, which will likely play in the player in which you want it to play.