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Serial Squadron 2017 Membership Kit
Serial Squadron 2017 Membership Kit


Membership Kit Collage 2017-600


  • A 128 page paperback Squadron Member "Pocket Pal" Handbook which features an unprecedented list of all US serials, silent and sound, which are viewable on video, with concise descriptions of each and video recommendations. Directors, principal stars and chapter and studio info along with star ratings for serials are all also in the list. This will be an invaluable quick-reference for serial fans and cinema historians alike! The Pocket Pal (which may actually become your new best friend) also includes: Re-release and feature version titles, room to add addresses and contact information for your Squadron pals, a serial crossword, and the official Squadron Secret codes which will be necessary to decode secret messages that will appear here and on the website.

Pocket Pal 300

  • Your Official Squadron Membership Certificate suitable for framing
  • Your Official Squadron Membership Card
  • Your Official Squadron Pin

  • “I am a Spy Smasher” Classic Repro Button
  • Autographed repro photo of Tom Steele
  • Lobby Card reproduction from THE LONE RANGER Chapter 1
  • A beautiful color poster from FLASH GORDON’S TRIP TO MARS with enhanced color
  • The Serial Superheroes CD, including Buster Crabbe’s 4th portrayal of Flash Gordon!

And all rights and privileges due to Squadron Members including:

  • Access to Members-Only Pages (using your Squadron secret codes from the membership book) at the Squadron Website
  • Access to Password-Protected Members-only Online Serial Videos
  • Possible discounts on DVDs for sale or other special members-only offers
  • The knowledge your contribution helps encourage serial restoration & preservation

To become an official Squadron member, sign up for the Squadron Patreon (Membership) service and select your Membership Option on that page by clicking “Become a Patron.”

You can choose the following membership levels:

  • Thunder Rider
  • Co-Sponsor
  • VIP Video & DVD Subscriber
  • Basic Squadron Member
  • Squadron Cadet

Descriptions of the options are provided on the
Official Squadron Membership Page

(Click the Spy Smasher button below to open the page in a new window)

Once you have selected your Membership level on that page (there is no immediate charge for doing so) select your shipping option for the
Membership Kit below and click the ADD TO CART button on this page.

Spy Smasher button 250

Thank you for joining the Serial Squadron -- we hope to bring you many great new and long-unseen serials in the future!

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