Gang Busters


Gang Busters!

Kent Taylor
Irene Hervey
Ralph Morgan
Robert Armstrong

"Gang Busters is a real gangbuster of a serial. With driving theme music, a good cast that includes Kent Taylor, Robert Armstrong, and Ralph Morgan, and an interesting plot premise (a professor is able to revive apparently dead criminals and employ them as his own gang members to create a reign of terror in the city), the 1942 Universal serial has all the trappings of the best Republic outings. It looks very good indeed on its two-disc DVD-R release although I've only been able to watch the first four episodes so far. Assuming that image quality level is maintained throughout, my past recollections of the consistently high quality level of the plot execution is enough to commend it to all serial fans and even as the sort of serial worth using as an introduction to the format for serial novitiates." -- Digital Bits

Blazing headlines! Police sirens! Speeding car chases! Sidewalk shoot-outs! Hard-boiled detective Bill Bannister, his trusted assistant Tim Nolan, and two reporters investigate crimes seemingly committed by dead men -- little do they know that crazed scientist Professor Mortis in his creepy subway-tunnel hideout and sinister laboratory is creating an entire League of Murdered Men to do his criminal bidding!

A terrific sharp transfer from the original film, in glorious black and white. This serial is for tough guys only, and it's one of the most engaging and sure-to-please serials ever made! The non-stop action in this great serial looks and sounds fantastic in this new digital transfer! This serial is highly recommended especially for people who have never seen a serial before.

2-DVD set with all 12 chapters digitally restored (this is the best-quality existing version of this serial anywhere) illustrated menus, original theatrical trailer & cast bios.

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