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The Serial Squadron presents


Featuring Ben Wilson and Neva Gerber
(Hallmark, 15 Episodes)
Release Sponsored by
Henry Miyamoto
Restoration by Eric Stedman
Musical Score by
Kevin McLeod

Who is Monsieur X?

Finally you will be able to find out!

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Chapter 1: The Devil's Trademark

Mysterious eyes watch through the darkness -- the high priestess of a devil cult watches through her crystal ball -- a murderous ape man lurks and seven daggers, when inserted into a cliffside cave wall, will reveal the location of the ancient magic talisman with amazing powers called The Devil’s Trademark. Detective Carter Holmes tries to prevent it from falling into the hands of Asian mastermind Wang Foo or the mysterious masked Monsieur X. He is accompanied in his quest by Ruth Stonehouse, daughter of the man who discovered the artifact in a lost Egyptian tomb.

An astounding and sometimes surreal 1919 serial, one of few really good silent serials to survive in complete or near-complete form.

Transfer Quality: Transferred from the original 35mm archival print, very sharp, with full score and occasional color tints and audio effects.

Updated with new footage, including more of the aftermath of Stanhope's murder in Chapter 1, the formerly missing Chapter 9 reel 2 and the crucial and eye-popping scene in the final chapter in which the true identity of Monsieur X is finally revealed.

Contents: 14 Half-hour Episodes + 1 15-minute partially re-created Episode, about 7 hours. This is the longest serial ever offered by the Squadron. Playable in all Blu-Ray players.

This restoration has been delayed due to an interlacing error in the source material which did not show up in editing so unfortunately will require work some chapters to be done over. will begin shipping once the final proof has been approved.

Chapters will appear as they are completed in forthcoming issues of the SERIALFEST DVD MAGAZINE.

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