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Republic, 15 Chapters

Blu-Ray / DL-DVD Upgrade


D: John English, E. Clifton
This title has been upgraded 9/2019

A serial killer known as “the Scarab” drives former members of an archaeological expedition to suicide using “purple death” poison. Relentless District Attorney Grant Gardner decides he’s going to go after the fiend dressed as a comic book character, gets ahold of a Captain America costume missing its shield and boots and he and his trusted secretary Gail Richards work hard to put a stop to the Scarab's seemingly never-ending crime spree related to his quest for Mayan treasure.

Republic's most expensive serial, adapted from an unused script prepared by Republic Pictures for the Fawcett comics character Mister Scarlet. This serial gets random and crazy at times, with things like the Dynamic Vibrator (which destroys buildings), the Fire-Bolt, a remote control self-driving truck, a machine which brings people back to life, and a chamber which will fill with gas that turns one into a "withered mummy" all coming and going before you realize what's going on -- it is like a wild and sometimes completely off-the-wall golden age comic book brought to life.

This new set is a remastering of the original Squadron-produced transfer with complete, corrected chapter openings and closings (all in the right place now), fully stabilized, with improved sharpness, audio, damage/artifact removal, picture clarity and motion. Audio is full-volume and sharper than before but not perfect because the original tracks required a lot of hiss and hum removal.

Also includes a Captain America mini-documentary, cast bios, image collection, the re-release trailer, and a short subject on the Captain America collection at
Wade's Comic Madness.

Influenced: Captain America, The Avengers films

Extras: Stills/memorabilia/character and serial history slideshows with music, interview with Captain America collector Wade Shaw, Re-release trailer

Transfer Quality: From two 16mm prints, very good quality, fully stabilized shot by shot, restored audio; this is a major upgrade from the transfer many have copied and even posted online by surviving members of Dr. Maldor's gang. If you want something better, and to order it from the people who did the work, this is it.

NOTES: This is not a "perfect" studio release. It is the best that can be done, however, with the available versions of the original, nicely stabilized and superior in quality to any other circulating version of the serial (most of which are just unauthorized copies of the Squadron's version from 2003!) It is best viewed on medium-size TVs, not really big ones. Check the quality in the sample video, and get the real thing, from those who did the restoration work.


Image: 720 x 480, with improved motion quality & image smoothness (the DVD is a little grainier). Total 16+GB of data.

The CAPTAIN AMERICA Blu-Ray has been tested, however, and will play on:

Sony BDP-s390, BDP-s1200 and BDP-s3100 and
LG BPM-35 Blu-Ray players, Playstation 4, and XBox 1S.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Not all Blu-Ray players are guaranteed to play all BD-R disks, and some Blu-Ray players have been found to be unable to load this disk properly. Do not assume that because your player plays other Blu-ray disks that it will play this one in the same way or that if the menu will not load "there is a problem with the disk." Returns due to player incompatibility are no longer being accepted for the BD-R version of this title. You should only order if you have one of the players listed above or are willing to keep the disk and seek out a player which will play it and not return it.

If you
do not have one of the players listed above, please do not order the Blu-Ray of this title. Instead, please order the DVD version, which is a standard DVD, looks fine, and will play on all players.

ORDER THIS VERSION if you are not sure if your Blu-Ray player
will play the Blu-Ray edition.


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